Letters from Cardiff in lockdown: Zoë John

Today’s instalment for the Letters from Cardiff in lockdown series is a tasty treat from Zoë John. We’re looking for your contributions, so please send your bits in to Letters from Cardiff in lockdown!

Lockdown has been extended in Wales, and with it continues this weird way of life. The age old question of ‘what’s for tea?’ is by far the most frequently asked question in my house, and is asked now, more pressingly than ever.

With the monotony and tedium of lockdown wearing us thin, the thought of our evening meal seems to get us through the day. Luckily we’ve been truly feasting during this time, and being in the
kitchen aids my sense of normality.

However, time goes on…lockdown continues… as does the endless stack of washing up…even tea options becoming seemingly dull.

Pining for the buzz of a restaurant setting, and a sense of occasion, I held a Taco Friday feast, fuelled by Margaritas, Mexican tunes and the lowest and slowest of pulled porks.

Inspired by cinco de Mayo, I decided to, quite literally, spice up our Friday night.

I made margaritas, classic and grapefruit, low and slow pulled pork, buckets of guacamole and garnished the tacos with hot pink pickles, and spicy jalapeños.

Regardless of cuisine, ‘family style’ is always my favourite way of eating. Sharing, styling and customising each taco only adds to the fun, then, scoffing them down very unglamorously.

I laid the table with the brightest of table-cloths, Mexican playlist on, and we ate and drank alfresco in Costa de ‘Diff…Less Tulum…but equally delicious.

I really recommend making the effort for a stay in feast. Who knows what cuisine will transport us somewhere exotic next?

The Lockdown Lollies!

For those working in hospitality, we’re used to high pressure and living fast. It’s part and parcel of the trade. When feeling over worked, I often dream of a slower lifestyle, and a healthy routine. When that slower lifestyle is dumped on us, however, with no definite end in sight, it can feel very overwhelming.

So, how should we keep occupied and entertained during lockdown?

…personify Ice lollies into ‘The Lockdown Lollies’!

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