Happy New Year! What can you do to help your community in Cardiff in 2022?

Hey you guys … a big happy new year from all of us here at We Are Cardiff!

Just a quick note for any of you looking for ways to help out in 2022, check out the following …


Cardiff and Vale UHB are are currently accepting applications for Mass Vaccination Centre Meet and Greet Volunteers and Ward Befriender Volunteers. The Mass Vaccination Centres need you! (We’ve volunteered at the Jabs-R-Us in the Bay, so if you see us down there do come over and say hi!) More info: Cardiff and Vale Health Board – volunteering opportunities during COVID


Is giving in your blood? There are currently empty slots at multiple donor sessions across Cardiff through January and February – plenty of locations from central (City Hall, Cardiff Uni) out to locations throughout the wards. More info: Welsh Blood Service – donor sessions in Cardiff


The Cardiff Volunteer Centre has HUNDREDS of organisations that need volunteers – from drivers for delivering food and medicine, to admin support, to retail volunteers for charity shops. Find a way to make a difference in 2022! More info: Cardiff Volunteer Centre – volunteering opportunities 2022

If you’re a charity or community organisation reading this and you want to advertise any ways people can volunteer, please post in the comments!

Keep masking up Cardiff, you look absolutely fabulous.

Biggest love from all of us

We Are Cardiff crew x

One thought on “Happy New Year! What can you do to help your community in Cardiff in 2022?”

  1. Hi,

    First of all happy new year to all involved with we are cardiff and all the people of cardiff, hope this year is better for you all.

    I live in Blackburn, Lancs UK, so I really apologise, but I have interests in your city, for a music shop named Catapult Records that sadly went out of business a few years ago was it? I used to buy loads of music from this shop with the online site. Would of liked to of visited personally, but due to transport issues and ill health, was never able too.

    I am wondering if you could get in touch with a lady who worked there named Poppy Rae for me if possible? To enquire how she is doing, but more so about a CD I bought, that was stolen from me during a bad spell homeless at the end of 2018.

    Billy Nasty – The Acceptable Face of Rioting. I did like it, but it was an odd sort of miss and hit CD, but I seriously believe that this CD, not sure how many got sold, is a very important CD or release at that! The title of this album says it all.

    Can someone please ask anyone related with this music shop, if the artist was called Billy Nasty please? It was under the Drum and Bass genre, but was really eclectic dance I personally believe myself, in my total and extensive honest musical knowledge view. I hope this producer is doing very well, but is he the same Billy Nasty, if he was called that, that does techno DJ sets? I do not think he is, but I could be wrong.

    Many thanks if anyone in Cardiff can help me with contacting Poppy or anyone else to do with Catapult Records ,or even better, the man whose album it was, to say it was important musical piece and album title. If I could get that CD back, I show people why I think it was important, no matter how many copies got sold.


    Chris Baldwin 35 Swallow Drive Blakewater Blackburn Lancs BB1 6LE

    MOB: 07951715790


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