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The Book of Cardiff – launch!

So I was in my trapeze class yesterday and my lovely teacher Olga said that a photo of me was on Facebook, and it was going to be in a photography book! Intrigued, I reactivated my Facebook account to check it out…

Photo by Craig Kirkwood

In the most Cardiff fashion ever, I was photographed riding my bike through a lovely park, past Bryce Davies’s (aka graffiti artist Peaceful Progress) van. In serendipitous style, Bryce had also recently done my tattoo (you can see it poking out of my right sleeve). If that’s not Cardiff, I’m not sure what is – cycling everywhere, parks, graffiti, everyone knowing everyone and a gorgeous photo of the whole thing.

Anyway, it turns out that the wonderful photographer Craig Kirkwood has gone and made a photography book about Cardiff! It features loads of incredible shots of lots of our friends. It looks really amazing, so we had a chat with him to find out more….

The Book of Cardiff is a hardcover bound portrait of the city told through around 300 stunning photographs taken over a 12-month period.

You can see some of the wonderful shots below, or on the book’s Facebook page.

Foreword to the 1st edition

The Welsh capital is fast becoming one of the great post-industrial cities of Britain. Full of optimism, open spaces, and renewed foreshores, it’s taking its place beside so many urban centres which have emerged, finally, from the collapse of industry, manufacturing and mining that so brutally shook the Kingdom in the 1980s and 90s. It’s also a city that’s changing quickly as the industrial spaces disappear to make way for new retail, commercial and residential projects.
Craig says:
“This book covers about a year in the life of the city. As an expatriate Australian, I don’t pretend to understand the history of Cardiff in any detail. Nor do I have the cultural ties that would give me an informed, insider’s perspective. But I do bring the eye of a resident tourist still delighted with just how pleasant it is to live in a city that can be covered largely by foot or bicycle.
At the time of writing, I’ve lived in Cardiff just over a year. It’s not such a long time really but to delay this book any further would be to miss the opportunity of seeing the town as a fresh outsider.
As a photographer, it’s important to grab that ‘new car feeling’ and breath it in before the sights that seem fascinating become commonplace.”

About the author

Craig Kirkwood is an Australian-born photographer, publisher and entrepreneur. He moved to Cardiff in 2015 and immediately set about documenting both the landscape and the cultural life of the city, taking over 20,000 photographs of hundreds of festivals, events, concerts and everyday life in the city.
Prior to moving to Wales, Craig was the CEO of high- profile creative media consultancy, Fearless Media, which he founded in 1999. At the time, Fearless was the largest organisation of its kind in Australia with offices and facilities throughout the country. He was also a regional manager of the Australian Film, Television and Radio School and founded the renowned Flickerfest International Film Festival on Sydney’s iconic Bondi Beach which continues today in its 27th year.

Where to buy and launch party details

The book will be available from Waterstones and many other book and gift shops around town or can be purchased directly from the publisher’s online store The launch party is on Thursday 1 June at Little Man Coffee from 7pm, and our faves Maddie Jones and Sparkles Hoop Troupe will be performing.
Everyone is welcome to attend!

We can’t wait to see the finished book – best of luck Craig!!


Not too shabby, Tintern Abbey!

Tintern Abbey is just 50 minutes out of Cardiff, but the wooded, mountainous surroundings feel a million miles away from the city. We spent the afternoon testing out a new camera lens, so here’s a little photo blog for you! 

The present-day remains are a mixture of building works covering a 400-year period between 1131 and 1536. Very little remains of the first buildings but you will marvel at the vast windows and later decorative details displayed in the walls, doorways and soaring archways….

“No one wants to leave their life” – interview with Refugee Words

We spotted the #wearehumanjustlikeyou video on Twitter the other day, and wanted to find out more about the story and people behind it. We interviewed Kate Whiting of Refugee Words, a new project designed to encourage more people to see refugees as human, just like us. 

Right now, there are 21 Syrian refugees living in Cardiff, relocated under the UK Government’s Syrian Vulnerable Persons Resettlement Scheme (VPRS). Another 1,372 people in the city (of many nationalities, not just Syrian) are living in limbo, awaiting the outcomes of their asylum applications, which could take years. They usually can’t work during this time, and they can’t claim mainstream benefits, instead living off the £36.95 a week given to them by the Home Office.

These are the people lucky enough to make it to the UK. The ones who couldn’t make it across the channel are living in camps such as Dunkirk – they include unaccompanied children, families, older and vulnerable people, and they are just like us. 

We chatted to Kate of the Refugee Words team to find out more about their time in the camp.

What’s your story? 

There are two of us that make up the Refugee Words Team. I’m Kate, I’m from Norfolk. I met my Welsh boyfriend (from just outside Cardiff) while living in London. I guess you could say that I moved to Cardiff for love! I’d spent a fair bit of time in Wales before though, and have now got stuck right in. Dwi’n dysgu Cymraeg!

Our other member, Jess, is actually from Cardiff originally, but we met in Brighton, where we were both studying to become actors. We are hoping to continue the Refugee Words project in order that we can make a theatre piece using the words collected.

How did you end up in the camp?

A friend of mine suggested it after a discussion we’d had about wanting to do something about the general state of the world. Seeing as the refugee crisis is the biggest of our life times, we started there. We had also thought of doing some theatre workshops at the women’s centre, but when we arrived we quickly realised that it was last thing they would have wanted.

There were lots of people coming in and out wanting to do things with the women, to greater and lesser success, but all they really wanted was for us to lend a hand in a practical sense and speak with them. We distracted the kids by playing games with them.

We did hair, make-up, got our eyebrows (and upper lip – shhhhh) tweezed, and most importantly took a shopping list from the women so that we could go to the local supermarket and spend the generous donations family and friends had given us on EXACTLY what they wanted. No one had thought to buy wax, as it’s not ‘essential’, but these women just wanted to feel human again. They are collecting knickers as hand-outs, they just want a bit of dignity and choice back.

What motivated you to make the film?

We decided to collect the ‘stories’ of the people in the Dunkirk camp on our second visit. When we talked about our time volunteering in Dunkirk, it quickly became apparent that people just aren’t aware of it. Everyone knows about Calais, but Dunkirk has gone practically unnoticed. So much so that the unaccompanied minors in Dunkirk were not even included in the measly number eventually brought over under the Dubs amendment.

At the time we didn’t know what we would do with the words/stories, we just knew that we wanted the British public to hear them and that it had to be something immediate. In the end it was Jess’s idea to make a film, we originally had in mind that we would do it with famous faces to increase the exposure, but it’s not so easy convincing known faces to do a film for a couple of unknown women in Cardiff!

How did you make the film? Did you conduct the interviews with refugees? How did you get people to participate in the film? What were the challenges?

I sent a sort of introduction to what we were doing, to be translated. It was translated in to Sorani Kurdish, which is what most of the camp’s residents, at that time, spoke. I also translated it into Arabic on google translate. I didn’t bargain for the fact that in copying it over onto word the font would change and become unrecognisable!! Most speak Arabic as well as their first language, so I knew that we’d reach more of the residents and not just the Kurdish ones, but sadly when we showed them the paper cut outs with the Arabic translation, there were lots of very confused faces!!

Luckily the Kurdish one did the trick, it basically said that we are theatre makers and interested in getting the story of their lives across to the British public, especially those who are unaware of their situation. We said that we hoped to put pressure on the government. For those that agreed, we gave them a dictaphone and invited them to tell their story into it in their native language. We stood away from them to give them the space they needed. There were many tears. We then got these translated back into English when we got home.

In terms of actually getting people involved in the film when we got home, that’s a whole other story! I’ll try to keep it brief! We made a flyer inviting people to film themselves (on their smart phones) saying the words we had collected as if they were their own. We put the flyer up on social media and sent emails, and 70+ people responded. Including Guardian journalists Owen Jones, Gary Younge, and Nisreen Malik. We feel so lucky to have so many people involved. We then edited all the films together for maximum impact. Sadly we couldn’t include everyone’s videos in the final edit, but we hope to continue the project and release a longer version of the video in the near future. 

What do you hope is the effect of the film?

We hope that the effect is to humanise the camp’s residents. To make British people, particularly those who wouldn’t usually think about the refugee crisis, realise that this could be them. These people are just like us. In the words of the residents “we are all human”, “all humans deserve a life”, “we are human, just like you”. 

Our biggest hope is that if we can get this film seen by lots of people, they will join us by putting pressure on the UK Government to rethink their current position on allowing refugees to enter the UK. 

Please like and share across social media sites with our hashtag #wearehumanjustlikeyou

And visit our website for further information

Get involved, get informed

To volunteer your time or skills to refugees and asylum seekers in Cardiff, get in touch with the Oasis Centre, Asylum Justice, the Trinity Centre, Oxfam Cymru or Welsh Refugee Council.

More information about volunteering your time or donating money, goods or food is available on the HelpRefugees website.

The National Assembly for Wales’s cross-party equality committee is currently undertaking an inquiry into the support for refugees and asylum seekers in Wales. It will be publishing its findings and recommendations next month. You can see all the written and oral evidence here.


Celebrate International Women’s Day 2017 in Cardiff!

It’s International Women’s Day on Wednesday 8 March! In case you’re wondering, IWD is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity.

You might think that gender equality isn’t an issue in a developed country like Wales, but recent research from the National Assembly for Wales (yep- I admit, written by me), demonstrates that while women outnumber men in the Welsh population, they are healthier, live longer, and are better educated, they still earn less, are more likely to be economically inactive, and are far less likely to be in the top positions in politics and business.

You can see the full dataset at the end of this post, but here’s a little round-up of the events going on in Cardiff to celebrate IWD 2017 this week (let us know in the comments if we’ve missed anything):


Women’s Equality Network and Fizzi Events presents International Women’s Day 2017 – Sunday 12 March, Wales Millennium Centre, 3-10pm

This event sounds super exciting. Loads of inspirational people will be sharing their stories and taking part in the exciting programme, including: BBC all round hero Bethan Elfyn, Young Person’s Laureate  for Wales Sophie McKeand,  musicians Della Lupa and Swansea’s Sanctuary of Song, spoken word artists Hanan Issa and Durre Shahwar, young circus performers, comedians, athletes, firefighters, youth drama and school groups.

It includes Bethan Elfyn’s pocket guide to music, radio and blogging, which sounds bloody GREAT.

Audiences will be asked to pay a suggested £10 ticket fee or Pay What You Can towards the event. Bethan’s pocket guide is £5.  You can find more info here and here.


EMBRACE the documentary – Thursday 9 March, 6.45pm, Odeon Cardiff

When body image activist Taryn Brumfitt posted an unconventional before-and-after photograph in 2013, it was seen by more than 100 million worldwide and sparked an international media frenzy.

In her forceful debut, Brumfitt continues her crusade exploring the global issue of body loathing. She travels the world to interview an impressive range of women about their attitudes to their bodies, including: Mia Freedman, the youngest ever editor of the Australian edition of Cosmopolitan; Adelaide researcher Professor Marika Tiggemann; UK talk show host/photographer Amanda de Cadenet; body image blogger Jess Baker (a.k.a. The Militant Baker); and motivational speaker Turia Pitt. More info here.

International Women’s Day Concert,  8 March 2017 ,19:30 – 22:00, Wales Millennium Centre

Wales’ only national symphony orchestra performing at their home BBC Hoddinott Hall, at the Wales Millennium Centre. Tickets: £11.50 – £13.50 – more info here. 


Women Business Owners: How to make it work for the long haul – March 31, 10-2pm

This is a collaborative event run by the Women’s Entrepreneurship Hub, University of South Wales with FSB Wales, Chwarae Teg and SFEDI/IOEE. The speakers who have extensive experience as women business owners themselves will address the question ‘How do women sustain their businesses over time?’

During roundtable discussion sessions, we’ll be looking at and dismantling popular myths and stereotypes about the nature of ‘business success’, we’ll ask the question of whether growth is the only way forward, we’ll consider the potential of sustainability as an alternative strategy and we’ll discuss how motivations, barriers and aspirations change over personal and business lifecycles.

And, we’ll be celebrating the achievements of women business owners across the globe! The event will be held from 10am to 2pm in a Central Cardiff hotel close to the railway station.

There is no charge for participation. For information or to book, please email

27743-385Networking event and afternoon tea – Around the World Bar, Wood St, Cardiff CF10 1LA, 12-2.30pm

Join us on Wednesday 8th March to celebrate International Women’s Day by taking part in our networking afternoon tea in aid of homeless charity Llamau.

Wear bright colours and for those feeling even bolder take part in our 5 minute speaker session to share with others what you do. Network with like-minded women whilst enjoying bubbly and our afternoon tea treats.

£2.50 from each ticket goes to helping Llamau and there will also be a charity raffle as well as fashion and beauty stands for those who fancy some shopping too! Cost: £13.68 More info here.


A cocktail reception at Handsome Jack’s with networking group Sorelle and Breast Cancer Care – 8 March, Handsome Jack’s, St Mary Street.

Sorelle has teamed up with Cardiff’s newest bar Handsome Jack’s to bring you our 2nd annual International Women’s Day celebration. The event will support Breast Cancer Care Cymru with fantastic prizes to entice you throughout the night.

2 FOR 1 cocktails! To register please email Danielle: If you would like to donate towards the raffle please email or More info here.

What does the gender gap in Wales look like? Take a look at the National Assembly’s gender equality indicators:





Dancing isn’t the only thing that prosecco can power this Christmas!

It’s party time! But do you ever wonder how much power is generated by recycling? Angela from Recycle for Wales is here to tell us how to use your waste for good this season!

The #RecycledBeats Christmas campaign claims that recycling just one bottle of prosecco could save enough energy to play the entire Super Furry Animal’s Radiator and Fuzzy Logic albums on a home stereo 13 times each and power a spinning disco ball for five and a half days.

Prosecco power doesn’t stop there either. Playing a gig at the Tramshed on 20th December, Welsh singer and green queen, Charlotte Church said:

“Every little effort we make to recycle more can enable us to do more of the things we love without harming the world around us. If I recycled one prosecco bottle, I could save enough energy to power both the guitar and bass in my Late Night Pop Dungeon show for the full hour. That’s amazing!”

Everyday non-party items also provide a range of opportunities for recycling – from all types of drinks bottles to toilet roll tubes and wrapping paper.  Recycling one aluminium deodorant can saves enough energy to power a home stereo for 32 hours – that’s 480 plays of Mariah Carey’s All I want for Christmas is you.

Whether going out or staying in throughout party season – your energy saving recycling can take place before, during and after the party and throughout the year at home.

Getting ready- Good tunes are an essential part of ANY pre-party preparations. Whilst you’re singing into the shower head at home, remember that one hairspray canister could save enough energy to play three of your favourite albums on your home stereo, back to back.

The party- Who needs a band? Recycling just one wine bottle saves enough energy to power a home stereo for 24 hours. You could also provide the disco magic by recycling just one tube of toilet roll, which saves enough energy to keep the disco ball spinning for two whole hours.

The clean up- The party is over and everyone is asleep, and yet the empty cleaning products still have a lot of energy. That one bleach bottle used saves enough energy to power a guitar amp for two gigs, the deodorant bottle- nine gigs! That’s enough for all of next year’s parties too!

The following day- Baby its cold outside! If you’re staying at home on the sofa with your duvet, recycling four beer bottles could save you enough energy to power your favourite Christmas classics, including Home Alone and Love Actually.

Angela Spiteri, campaign manager for Recycle for Wales said:

“Partygoers often forget you need energy for more than just dancing; the power for the party can come from simply taking the time to recycle your drinks bottles. It can take up to 95% less energy to make products from some recycled materials compared to creating materials from scratch.

#RecycledBeats highlights how this translates into actual energy to power all things musical – from bands and DJs playing across Cardiff this festive season.”

To find out more about #RecycledBeats, visit

A very Cardiff Christmas – gift guide!

We accidentally went to four Christmas craft fairs yesterday, so here are some lovely, local independent artists and businesses where you can find super special Christmas pressies this year. We’ll keep adding to this post as we find new stuff! Leave us a comment if you have an idea!

Nelly’s Treasures – gorgeous homeware, gifts and accessories.

Katherine Jones art – beautiful intricate prints of Cardiff and beyond.

Claire Hill jewellery – a favourite of ours. Claire makes beautiful, lightweight jewellery in her studio in Canton and sells it for incredibly reasonable prices!

The Power of Greyskull  – another one of our faves. Quality Cardiff-made leggings that DON’T FALL DOWN, even during aerial circus acts (certified by us).

Emily England designs – papercut prints, cute cards and beautiful books- the wonderful Emily has got you covered.

Penylan Pantry’s Christmas hampers – whether your weakness is cheese, chocolate, coffee or quite simply, damn good food, the Pantry girls have it covered in the different ranges available.

Screenprinted t-shirts from the Printhaus – print your own at the Snapped Up market this weekend!

Hula hooping wonderfulness from Elliecopter Hoops – keep fit and fun at the same time! Ellie runs classes all over Cardiff and sells her homemade hoops for a tenner.

Wonderful homewares from Anna Palamar – another maker who will be selling stuff at the Snapped Up market…

StitchCity – super nice map-based homeware and gifts!

Waterloo Tea 6 month subscription – the gift that keeps on giving!
Art prints from the SHO Gallery– such a great selection of local art at reasonable prices!

Ceramics for Everyone – Welsh tableware

Jade Fisher – unique, beautifully designed cards

High end fashion with Kiti in Pontcanna

Make an upcycled gift with a Green City event workshop – the bike tyre earrings are BANGING!

In Rainbows – quirky crochet and knitted taxidermy! The giraffe head went down a storm with my niece last Christmas…

Flow Knitting – lovely unique knitted necklaces.

Nomadic Me – minimalist style

Handmade Baby Bear – gorgeous knitted baby clothes.

I Loves The ‘Diff – always a hit!

And if all else fails…..

Aerial circus classes at NoFit State Circus – our Hana has been attending trapeze classes for years and it still makes her happy!

Afternoon tea at Wyndham Tea – not to be scoffed at (scoffed, yes)!

Chapter Friends membership – discounts on food, drink and ticket!

Gift vouchers for Nine Yards – prosecco, cheese and pastry! Our new favourite place in town.



Mark, Odd Jobs Cardiff: “I’m fed up with people being ripped off”

We don’t usually promote businesses on We Are Cardiff. But Mark (aka @oddjobscardiff) is our exception.

Processed with Snapseed.

Mark pitches himself as an ‘honest man for hire’, and both of us at We Are Cardiff have been super impressed with him and his work. In a Facebook post, he describes his frustration at seeing people being ripped off for odd jobs, and vowed to provide a better service to the people of Cardiff:


He provides window cleaning, gardening, gutter cleaning, hedge trimming, airport pickups, power washing, house painting, home security… basically anything!

Mark’s unique business operates on a pay what you want policy – ie. you give him whatever you feel is appropriate. He doesn’t quote for jobs, and he’s really honest about payment. He spent 4 hours clearing my garden and trimming a huge hedge – when I tried to pay him he gave me half of the money back ‘because it was too much’!

Alongside his great attitude to business, he’s reliable, punctual, fast, clean, works in any weather, very scrupulous and thorough in his work. Check out his Twitter account for examples of great before and after photos.

If you want to hire Mark, get in touch with him on Twitter or phone him on 07801 432 863 – you won’t be disappointed!

Cooooontenders, are you ready?! Celebrate Gladiators THIS Friday!

Well, kinda. Splatch, the wonderful company that ran the Y Mor circus show in August on Penarth Pier, and Platform Cluedo, are celebrating the 90s TV show Gladiators this Friday 11th November!

Fluidity Freerun Academy and Splatch care coming together to explode the idea of cabaret, with fierce challenges, audience games and contemporary circus.  The event is being run to raise money for the wonderful organisation Performers Without Borders, which teaches performing arts to vulnerable children in countries of high child poverty.

Here’s Esther from Splatch to tell us more… 
We’re celebrating the nostalgic Gladiator TV show using the newly opened freerun academy as a platform to create a high adrenaline night with circus spills and thrills, extreme athletic challenges and classic games. Bring your comfy shoes ready to move around and dance your tootsies off after. It runs 8pm until late with a DJ and drinks. 
And it’s all in aid of a charity that’s close to our hearts …..
Two Nofit State performers, Sam Goodburn and Esther Fuge will be sharing, teaching and creating the life changing experience and skills of circus with vulnerable and poverty stricken children in Nicaragua. They will be joining a team of 8 performers for a three month tour around schools and community groups to build confidence, develop empowerment and overcome social barriers.
Tickets are only £5. What a bargain! Get them here:
However there are £10 and £15 tickets available if you an afford a larger contribution to donate to the cause. 
We recommend printing or sending a ticket to your mobile (at no extra cost) to be checked at the door.
Under 18’s must be accompanied by an adult.
Check out the Splatch Facebook page for more info: 

Super secret giant guerilla cross-stitch street art is landing in Cardiff…. intrigued?!

Oh, this is very exciting! With needles, thread and grand ambitions at their disposal, cross-stitchers of Cardiff have been plotting a super secret street art project that they plan to unleash at this year’s Made In Roath arts festival……


Whether you are cross stitch crazy, mad about the arts or just looking for something different at the Made In Roath week, look no further! All kinds of cross stitch lovers from the local community have been working hard behind-the-scenes to bring a new and exciting project to the streets called Crossing Paths.

The Crossing Paths team have been meeting regularly in secret, in order to create a series of giant cross stitch street art that will appear overnight just in time for Made In Roath Festival.

As Becca Clark at Green City Events explains:

“We had no idea that so many people wanted to create street art and it seems we have found a really accessible and unique medium – giant cross stitch! Plus, I think the secretive, guerrilla style group was a factor!”

Every piece has been made by a member of the community using different recycled materials such as t-shirts, tights, naturally dyed sheets and even old bicycle wheels. The aim of the project is to bring colour and art to the streets of Roath and Adamsdown using the resources within the community. It aims to create awareness of the beautiful community gardens in the area that can sadly be overlooked at times.

People from all different backgrounds and parts of Cardiff have joined forces and contributed their own personal pieces of art. Ten year-old Osian Allsopp explains why he wanted to get involved:

“I wanted to learn a new way of sewing and I had good fun experimenting. I can’t wait to tell people; I’ve been very good at keeping this a secret!”.

On Saturday 8th October, everyone involved in the project will come together to cross-stitch ‘bomb’ the Plasnewydd and Adamsdown community gardens and surrounding streets. There will be an array of designs that all relate to what you may find in a garden; plants, wildlife, garden tools and maybe even a Pokémon or two!

The guerilla stitchers tell us more:

How did the Crossing Paths project idea originally begin?

“After a trip to Valencia where the streets were just bursting with colourful art I thought it would be fun to brighten up our own streets back home. A couple of weeks and a sneaky Facebook group later we had gathered a group of keen cross stitchers to make our dreams a reality!” – Becca Clark, Green City Events.

What do you hope to achieve from this project?

“We hope that people stumble across our unique pieces of street art during Made in Roath and maybe see a part of their everyday surroundings in a new light. For those keen to see them all, you’ll find a map on the Green City Events website, you can follow the path of plants and wildlife and in turn discover three beautiful community gardens. We hope this is just the start of a new community project and that others are inspired to create random acts of art!”

What do the crossing paths team think of the giant cross stitch street art?

“The perception of cross-stitch needs to taken out of the parlour and onto the streets; nothing like a bit of subversiveness to challenge the every-day!” – Dorcas Frazer

“As a prolific stitcher, I was thrilled to be part of Crossing Paths. Not only was it a great opportunity to meet other Cardiff Creative types it was so much fun stitching up giant cross stitches” – Charlotte,Twin Made

Why will Crossing Paths be a great addition to the Made In Roath week?

“The made in roath festival is all about bringing art out into the community, be that in schools, on street corners, in community gardens, and anywhere else we can find. CDF Cross Stitchers & Green City Events have done just that, with the unexpected element of stumbling upon their work whilst we wander the streets we think we know so well. We can’t wait to discover what’s on our doorstep!”


On display from Sunday 9th October – Sunday 16th October

Mackintosh Community Gardens – 38 Keppoch St, Cardiff CF24 3JW
Plasnewydd Community Gardens – 5 Shelley Walk, Cardiff CF24 3DX
Adamsdown Community Gardens – Moria Terrace, Adamsdown, CF24 0EJ
And the surrounding streets.


Date: Saturday 8th October 6.30pm

Location: Secret meeting place – please contact Becca at Green City events to get involved.

And the winner of Cardiff’s worst cycle path is……

We recently conducted an entirely un-scientific poll to ask our 40,000 followers to choose one bit of cycle path in Cardiff that needs to be repaired.

The overwhelming choice was …. FITZHAMON EMBANKMENT!! This bit of pavement is probably one of the most used paths in the city, but the surface is nearly unrideable to all but mountain bikes. It’s incredibly dangerous to brake on the loose gravel, and the endless deep potholes mean that you have to constantly swerve to avoid pedestrians and holes! The road next to it isn’t much better, and it’s only one-way. In the autumn when the leaves drop, it’s even more dangerous….

So please, Cardiff Council – we know you don’t have much money but please prioritise this bit of cycle path so people aren’t put off cycling in our beautiful city!! 

Second choice was the tiny, inexplicably un-paved bit of path down the Taff near Sophia Gardens:

Another popular choice was the North Road bike path:

Any other suggestions? Let us know below!

Get classical with the Welsh Proms this summer

The 31st season of Wales’ National Classical Music Festival is happening in Cardiff in July! 

Founded by Owain Arwel Hughes CBE, the Welsh Proms takes place in Cardiff’s St David’s Hall.

The festival – which celebrates its 31st season in 2016 – annually features some of the world’s top orchestras, soloists and and additional artists, and continues to be a major focal point in the cultural calendar of the Welsh capital.

The 2016 Welsh Proms Cymru will run from July 16 to 23 and feature the world renowned Welsh National Opera Orchestra, Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, The Cory Band & Massed Male Choir, and London’s Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

Full details of the 2016 programme of events, all conducted by Welsh Proms Artistic Director Owain Arwel Hughes CBE, are now available here.
July 16th-23rd St David’s Hall, Cardiff
Tickets priced £7.50 – £30.50 can be purchased from St David’s Hall Cardiff, tel: 029 2087 8444
16.7.16 Verdi Requiem with an all Welsh cast – WNO orchestra, 3 Cardiff choirs and
Welsh soloists
19.7.16 Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra perform Holst’s The Planets; the world
premiere of a newly commissioned work to commemorate the Battle of the
Somme by Paul Mealor; and For the Fallen by Karl Jenkins.
20.7.16 An evening of favourite classics ending with the 1812 Overture performed by the
Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra.
22.7.16 The Cory Band and two Male Voice Choirs performing choruses and hymns.
23.7.16 The Last Night featuring two world premieres – Aberfan by Chris Wood and Mr
Dahl by Bernard Kane plus Gareth Wood’s Songs of Wales where the audience
joins in the singing and flag waving.

All the concerts are conducted by Owain Arwel Hughes CBE.
Full details on

Spread the news- we have a new good news editor!

We have a new writer and editor over here at We Are Cardiff! The wonderful Cat Johnston is going to be curating our good news, seeking out the goodness in our community and spreading it around like melted Nutella.

10897036_1082703905079654_5102542298178946618_nSo that referendum happened, and the result came out, and a whole lot of reaction came after it. There has been so much hate and anger, from both sides, and we want to change that. Whether people voted leave or remain, whether they regret their decision now or stand by it, is irrelevant compared to that reaction. The media has not helped, with negative and sometimes spiteful and hate-inducing stories dominating our screens. In an age where news stories and peoples’ opinions are so readily available through multiple outlets, whether we want to hear them or not, that negativity can feel overwhelming.

There is so much more good going on in the world though, and right here in Cardiff. We want to claim back that good, we want to claim back nice (a massively underrated word) and we want to share it.

We don’t want to be overwhelmed by the negative: we want to highlight the uplifting, inspiring and heart-warming, and if we can inject a bit of humour in along the way then all the better! Whenever there is something bad in the world, look for the good: it’s always there. Look for the helpers, they are always there but not always seen. Look for the people who are turning the situation into something positive. Look for the love. If you can’t find it, then be that good yourself.

This blog is about us being that change, sick of all the negativity and wanting to focus on the more important things. We want to bring you wonderful, amusing, joyful stories of goodness, niceness and humanity (and sometimes animality!). In our own small way we will be fighting this negativity and hatred, through smiles and togetherness. We are together, We Are Cardiff!

For today, it seems like a good place to start our sharing of good news stories on the positive outcomes people are bringing from this referendum, irrespective of how they voted. The Cardiff for Europe event in town on Tuesday 28th June is a brilliant example of this. This was not a protest at the result: it was a positive celebration of Europe and our togetherness. The event included speakers from a variety of organisations talking about the impact of the referendum and sharing the message of hope not hate. A glance around the crowd that had gathered in The Hayes was inspiring: from the young to the older; fluWP_20160628_18_46_50_Proent Welsh-Speakers to those who felt the need to clap along even though they didn’t understand the language; commuters who had joined on their way home from work, to people who had planned to be there; French, Polish, and no doubt many other nationalities, all listening to messages of positivity, of hope, and of cohesion. All there for a common goal: to celebrate our differences as much as our commonalities.

In true Cardiff style, the rain joined in the party with vigour, but that didn’t deter people. It was like an urban Glastonbury, minus the mud and face paint. There was even a performance from Gruff Rhys from the Super Furry Animals, but the real musical treat was a spontaneous burst of Mae hen wlad fy nhadau by the crowd at the end as people started leaving, proving the Welsh really are all beautiful singers!

The entire event was put on at the last minute by a small group of impassioned people who wanted to do something good and positive and to share that message. We are going to continue to share good news stories like this with you, but also letting you know what you can get involved in Cardiff, to create your own good news. We’ll be keeping this page updated but if you have a story you want to share, or something you’d like us to write about, then let us know.

Before we go though, here’s a lovely uplifting video to give you the serious warm and fuzzies today. Hope it makes you smile and be thankful for all the good people and animals in the world making their tiny corner of it that much brighter. This is, after all, the point of our good news initiative.