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We Are Green Man – a timelapse

Big thanks to our camera monkey James for putting together this lovely timelapse of Green Man this year, for our sister project We Are Green Man.

Bit nice, innit?

Don’t forget to check out all the We Are Green Man festival party people we featured this year

Also this lovely video, also made by James – Green Man in four minutes!



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We Are Green Man, 2015!

Towards the end of August, the We Are Cardiff fairies relocated to Crickhowell, to record the splendour and magic of the Green Man Festival, and its various inhabitants.

Here are some of the wonderful people we met. Click through to the We Are Green Man project to get a little closer to them, and everyone else there!

wearegreenman2015_ - 01 wearegreenman2015_ - 02 wearegreenman2015_ - 06 wearegreenman2015_ - 08 wearegreenman2015_ - 09 wearegreenman2015_ - 10 wearegreenman2015_ - 11 wearegreenman2015_ - 12 wearegreenman2015_ - 13 wearegreenman2015_ - 15 wearegreenman2015_ - 16 wearegreenman2015_ - 17

wearegreenman2015_ - 03 wearegreenman2015_ - 04 wearegreenman2015_ - 05 wearegreenman2015_ - 07 wearegreenman2015_ - 14 wearegreenman2015_ - 18


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Welcoming the Bone Yard … and the We Are Cardiff / We Are Cardiff Press office!

So, we’ve got big news. We’re pregnant!

Just kidding. Actually, we’ve got an office! Kind of. From this Friday onwards, We Are Cardiff Press and We Are Cardiff will be run from the mighty mighty Bone Yard, next to the Print Haus in Canton.

There’s going to be a launch party on Friday! Get down there to meet all the new residents of The Bone Yard (including us!)

boneyard launch

See you Friday!


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Green Man 2015 … in four minutes

Over the past few days, We Are Cardiff teleported to Crickhowell and morphed once again into the We Are Green Man collective, gathering photo portraits and a punter’s eye view of the festival for your enjoyment.

Did we meet you this year?? Head over to our We Are Green Man Facebook page to tag yourself in photos, which will be up imminently …

In the meantime, our cameraman James put together this very short film of the festival. Enjoy!

Interested in more WAGM stuff?

Here are all the revellers we met last year: We Are Green Wo/Men 2014

Here’s our festival review from last year: We Are Green Man 2014

More info about this year’s festival will be posted SOON!






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We Are Cardiff gets a sister site … meet We Are Chester!

Does this look a little bit familiar?

We Are Chester

It should do – it’s our first official sister site, over the border and up north, in Chester!

I met Angela Ferguson, who runs the blog, at a hyperlocal blogger / online journo event up in Wrexham a few months back. She’s a big fan of her hometown Chester, and felt like there wasn’t an online place that pulled together all the nice things that go on there.

This is Angela. Say hello!

Angela Ferguson, We Are Chester

And thus, We Are Chester was born!

Here’s what Angela says about setting up the site:
“I have always loved writing and meeting new people and was looking for an outlet to do that in the city that I am proud to call home – Chester. Through my day job as a journalism lecturer, I met the inspiring Helia from We Are Cardiff at a hyperlocal journalism workshop in Wrexham. At that point, I had been thinking about setting up a hyperlocal site looking at culture in and around Chester and meeting Helia and taking part in the workshop was a catalyst.

“I contacted Helia and she was extremely helpful and supportive, giving me her blessing to set up a sister site for We Are Cardiff, inspired by the great work it does. And so, We Are Chester was born! It gives me the perfect excuse to meet even more lovely people in and around Chester. I am thoroughly enjoying running the site and also writing for it.

“Chester is a beautiful city with an incredible heritage and a growing number of cultural events and activities. There are so many dedicated and passionate people and organisations working hard to make sure that culture thrives in our city. Through We Are Chester, I have met many lovely and truly inspiring people. We have everything from the nationally renowned Grosvenor Park Open Air Theatre organised by theChester Performs organisation to open mic nights for musicians, poets and writers. A new cultural centre is also set to open in autumn 2016.

“These are exciting times for the city. Indeed, there is so much going on that I hope to get more people on board to write for We Are Chester in the future, so that we can spread the word about this great work. I’d like to develop the site by hopefully recruiting some keen photographers to record cultural events in the city and more writers keen to go out and dig out stories about what is happening. I’d also love to feature examples of people’s work, eg writing, poetry, short films, music. We’ve got so much to shout about and celebrate in Chester. If We Are Chester can play a small part in that then it’s all worthwhile.”

In addition to raising three children and running We Are Chester, Angela Ferguson is a journalist, writer, guest blogger for Chester arts organisation Chester Performs, programme leader and lecturer in journalism and media communications at Glyndwr University in Wrexham and a communications and PR consultant. She currently lives in Chester.


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We Are … Changing!

We Are Cardiff is five years old. Can you believe it?? In that time, we’ve published over 400 articles, racked up nearly 300,000 views and we have 30,000 followers on social media.

The Guardian chose us as one of the best city blogs in the world. We won the People’s Choice Award at the Wales Blog Awards. We made a film. We made a radio documentary. We’ve had exhibitions and a stage at Swn festival. We even have an official sister site in We Are Chester.

Now, we are changing …

We’ve already mentioned that we’ll soon be launching a small press called We Are Cardiff Press. Based on that, we thought we’d try and refine what we’re doing a bit. So here’s what we’ve decided!

The We Are Cardiff site will be split into four brand new, easy to see categories:

  • The People: featuring the personal stories that we’ve been documenting for five years;
  • The City: historical and documentary posts about the city, and local campaigns;
  • The Arts: reviews, interviews and all the news on music, art, photography, performance and film: and
  • What’s On: ever-popular events listings and previews of upcoming awesome things.

The site will continue to feature factual, ‘people-powered’ blog posts with minimal editorial oversight. We will aim to commission more work, but focused around these four categories. Helia will pretty much be in charge of all of this stuff, and Hana will still be running the Twitter feed.

The We Are Cardiff Press will publish beautiful, collectable books to showcase new creative work from Cardiff, which could be literature, art, photography or personal storytelling. It will have a stronger editorial influence to ensure that the quality of the physical end product is incredibly high. Content from the books will not be available online, only in the limited edition books, bought online or in selected retailers in the city. Hana is running the Press, which will be announcing its first publication very, very soon…

We are so excited about the future, and looking for MORE writers, photographers, historians, artists, campaigners, citizens, musicians, businesses, performers, experts and EVERYONE ELSE to feature on the site or in our books, films and everything! If you want to be featured on the website, get in touch on, and if you have any questions about the Press, contact

We can’t wait to fill the next five years with Cardiff stories.

Big love

Helia and Hana xx

Photo by Simon Ayre
The We Are Cardiff joy monkeys, photographed by the wonderful Simon Ayre

We Are Cardiff’s most viewed posts of 2014: in review

This blog was viewed about 130,000 times in 2014. If it were an exhibit at the Louvre Museum, it would take about 6 days for that many people to see it. And that’s a FACT.

The busiest day of the year was December 10th with 1,758 views. The most popular post that day was Cardiff Indoor Flea Market.

Check out our most viewed posts of 2014!

NUMBER ONE: Street Food Cardiff – food pop ups every weekend from now to Christmas!


The top of our list was the post about the pop-up food hall that totally occurred on Dumballs Road between October and Christmas. We went along to the preview night, which was epic, even though they ran out of squid ink burgers JUST before we got there, sad face. Looking forward to new big things from the creative crew behind this in 2015!

NUMBER TWO: Cardiff hidden gem – Rose Street flea market


At number two, it was a Cardiff ‘hidden gem’: Rose Street Flea Market, tucked away on Rose Street in Roath, and only open a couple of days a week. One of the best places in Cardiff to pick up your secondhand goods from!

NUMBER THREE: Cardiff Indoor Flea Market


Another post about a flea market – this time, Cardiff Indoor Flea Market over in Tremorfa. It’s a bit out of the way (unless you live just off Newport Road), but well worth the journey down there.

NUMBER FOUR: The Gower Pub, Cardiff 1895 – 2014. RIP

Gower Pub by Jon Pountney

A sad post about one of Cathays’ best pubs, closing its doors for the last time in 2014. Photographer Jon Pountney went along to document the closing.

NUMBER FIVE “Malaysian – Cardiffian – a harmonious fusion between two cultures, two cities and two lifestyles” – Zainah

zainah by jon pountney

This one is a bittersweet entry in the top five, because a couple of months after we posted this story, KL Canalog was forced to close. Boo! I only went there to eat ONCE before it closed down, which is a CRIME against my belly, because frankly their mie goreng with a fried egg on top was one of the best things I’ve ever tasted.

And that’s our top five posts of last year! Hope you’re enjoying January and it’s not been too hard on you so far.




LISTEN! We Are Haunted: a guide to the spirit city

Did you catch us earlier on Radio Cardiff? If not, no matter – you can listen back at your leisure … below!

I realised after listening back I wasn’t very good at saying what the songs were, so in order, they were as follows:

(the last three aren’t available on Spotify – other music streaming services are available – but I’ve linked through to where you can listen to them in full, if you are so inclined)

And are YOU headed to a Halloween party this weekend? The soundtrack will probably suck, so you should also check out Helia’s Halloween playlist. You are WELCOME.

BIG THANKS to the following people for making We Are Haunted possible:

Gareth Jones (aka Fireproof Giant, for composing all the original music and making the freaky sounds)
Jim Cowan
Kylie Ann Smith
Adie Delaney
Reverend Lionel Fanthorpe
Hannah Johnson
Ellie Pilott
Jon Pountney (for this amazing Cardiff Before Cardiff Facebook post where everyone in Cardiff told me about ALL the ghosts they had seen)
Bleddyn Preece
Mark Williams

You ROCK, kids! See you next time…

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We Are Cardiff – watch our film – online!

Well hello there neighbours! Happy new year.

Why not celebrate by watching the film we made about Cardiff last year? We Are Cardiff – Portrait of a City is NOW AVAILABLE TO WATCH ONLINE!

Check it out:

See how the film was put together on the blog: We Are Cardiff – Portrait of a City

Background to the project is below.

So. We Are Cardiff is a website that invites residents of Cardiff to share their stories about living in the city. We’re kind of a hyperlocal site, but rather than choosing what news to share, we let the residents speak.

The website was created as a response to the endless barrage of negative news we saw on TV and in national newspapers about Cardiff – programme after programme and story after story about how Cardiff is the drunk capital of the UK, full of nothing but hen and stag parties, and with little else to offer apart from a stadium and more pubs per square mile along the stretch of St Mary Street.

For the people who live in Cardiff, while this version of the city might be true (between the hours of 10-2am on Friday and Saturday nights), for the other 160 hours of a typical week, Cardiff is quite a different place. It boasts lots of amazing independent businesses, some fantastic coastline, hugely redeveloped areas and a bunch of great artistic and cultural communities. Plus we have more parks-per-person than any other major UK city.

We’re super proud of our city, which is why we started the website. We don’t censor what people write on there – residents are encouraged to write their ‘true’ stories of living in the city, be they positive or negative. But the point is there are multiple points of views and many different sides to a city like Cardiff besides the tiny portion that might catch the news.

We started up the We Are Cardiff website to provide an alternative view of the city. And the film we’re now making is a logical progression of that. We want to show you what it’s like to spend a year in the city if you aren’t on a stag do, nor interested in ‘booze-cruising’ up the main drag of St Mary Street … there are many brilliant things happening here. We want you to spend a year with us enjoying them!

Some wonderful local community groups helped us with the project, including:

–       Swn Festival

–       Riverside Community Allotment Project (part of RCMA)

–       The National Theatre of Wales

–       The Tiger Bay Brawlers roller derby team

–       The Welsh Burlesque festival

We really love our city and hopefully made a film that showcases how wonderful, creative and supportive a place to live it can be.


We Are Cardiff: Portrait of a City film screening at Made In Roath festival!

Right then you horrible lot – you might remember that earlier on this year we had a couple of screenings of the documentary film we made about Cardiff based on the We Are Cardiff blog. The lovely folks at the Made In Roath festival are doing another screening of the film, so you get the chance to see it again!

Get this in your diaries:

We Are Cardiff: Portrait of a City documentary film screening
Made In Roath Festival
Wednesday 23rd October 2013
8:30pm (following the Roathbud shorts screening) at G39, Oxford Road, Roath

oh – and it’s TOTALLY FREE TO SEE! So get your butts down there, you hear?

visit the Made In Roath website
want to know more about the We Are Cardiff film? Read all about it on the We Are Cardiff: Portrait of a City project blog

We’ll post up another reminder nearer the time. Until then, as Jerry Springer would say … take care of yourselves, and each other.

Helia x

Check out the AMAZING print that Adam Chard aka Croatoan Design made for the film. BUY IT FROM HIS WEBSITE! Perfect for the Cardiff lover in your life


How things change … and plans for a second screening!


Three years ago we launched this blog.

Last year we won Best Blog in Wales.

And yesterday, we premiered the documentary we made about Cardiff at Chapter Arts Centre.

It was a brilliant day and a great event – thanks to everyone who came along and also to: Claire and all at Chapter for supporting our event, Cardiff Uni for sponsoring the film, Tom Betts for being on  hilarious compere duties, everyone who helped out on the day (Adam / Alice / Simon / Leanne).

Adam and his pretty posters at the launch yesterday….

Adam at the launch

Cinema One – from the rear!

Cinema one - from the rear!

I did a little Q and A with Tom Betts (who very ably introduced the film and facilitated afterwards….). Director Dave (who made an AMAZING film) hid at the back, but I still forced him to stand up and wave. He made a great film!

We Are Cardiff - Helia Q and A

A photo of the crowd! (sorry to everyone who was missed off the edges!)

Audience in cinema one



(sorry for the lo-fi photos, they were all off our phones!)

We really hope everyone who came along enjoyed themselves. If you have any comments about the film, please feel free to leave them in the comments space below.

Due to the number of folk who couldn’t make it yesterday, we’re doing another screening! This Thursday night (11 July), 7.30pm at Porter’s (on Bute Terrace, next to the Big Sleep Hotel and opposite the CIA). No tickets necessary – just turn up and roll into their cinema room!

We Are Cardiff – Thursday 11 July screening Facebook  event 

Thanks again for making the event something really special – and hopefully see some of you on Thursday night!


Reminder: We Are Cardiff’s film is premiering at Chapter Sunday 7 July – last chance to get tickets!

A reminder that our lovely film about what it’s like to live through a year in Cardiff is PREMIERING at CHAPTER ARTS CENTRE this SUNDAY 7 JULY at 12.30 MIDDAY!

We’re creeping towards capacity, so if you need tickets get them here from Eventbrite

Facebook event with more info here

Adam Chard will be selling limited edition prints of our lovely city of Cardiff that he’s designed for the special price of TEN POUNDS at the launch on Sunday! Total bargain. Check out his pretty A3 print below!

It’s available pre-order on his BigCartel page here. It’s an edition of 50 hand-numbered and signed 420x297mm prints on 350gsm silk card.

You can either order to collect at the We are Cardiff documentary premiere at Chapter Arts Centre on Sunday 7 July, or for dispatch on Monday 8 July – remember the preorder price is reduced so place your orders before midnight on Sunday!