Film and radio production


We Are Cardiff documentary film

See how the film was put together on the blog: We Are Cardiff – Portrait of a City


We Are Haunted: a guide to the spirit city (broadcast on Radio Cardiff, Halloween 2014)

Background to the film

This was our mission statement when we set out to make the film.

So. We Are Cardiff is a website that invites residents of Cardiff to share their stories about living in the city. We’re kind of a hyperlocal site that lets residents speak. This site was created as a response to endless negative news we saw in national media about Cardiff – programme after programme and story after story about how Cardiff is the drunk capital of the UK, full of nothing but hen and stag parties, full of benefit scroungers and general wrong-uns.

For the people who live in Cardiff, while this version of the city might be true, for the other 160 hours of a typical week, Cardiff is quite a different place. It boasts lots of amazing independent businesses, some fantastic coastline, hugely redeveloped areas and a bunch of great artistic and cultural communities. Plus we have more parks-per-person than any other major UK city.

We’re super proud of our city, which is why we started the website. We don’t censor what people write on there – residents are encouraged to write their ‘true’ stories of living in the city, be they positive or negative. But the point is there are multiple points of views and many different sides to a city like Cardiff besides the tiny portion that might catch the news.

We started up the We Are Cardiff website to provide an alternative view of the city. And the film we’re now making is a logical progression of that. We want to show you what it’s like to spend a year in the city if you aren’t on a stag do, nor interested in ‘booze-cruising’ up the main drag of St Mary Street… there are many brilliant things happening here. We want you to spend a year with us enjoying them!

We have some wonderful local community groups involved with the project, including:

–       Swn Festival

–       Riverside Community Allotment Project (part of RCMA)

–       The National Theatre of Wales

–       The Tiger Bay Brawlers roller derby team

–       The Welsh Burlesque festival

We really love our city and hopefully made a film that showcases how wonderful, creative and supportive a place to live it can be.


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    1. The film is being shown again as part of Made In Roath Festival – information available on the website soon. There will be a link to the film up after that and we’d love it if you put it on your website!


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