Useful stuff for Cardiff residents

Welcome to Cardiff! It’s an exciting, friendly city with a whole LOAD of brilliant things going on.

Do you live here? Below are some useful links for residents.

Are you visiting? There are also useful links for visitors.

We have rain, by the way. There’s also some rain. Don’t forget that.

If you’re interested in finding out about particular neighbourhoods, you can click through the categories listed on the left hand side of this page. Alternatively, below are links to some sites of local interest. We hope you enjoy your stay.


FIND OUT WHO YOUR COUNCILLOR IS (they are your representatives on the council – make sure they are representing YOUR views!)

RECYCLING AND WASTE! (Find out when your collections are, order more caddy liners or recycling bags, bulk item collections, household recycling centres)

PARKING, ROADS AND TRAVEL (Order a parking permit, report a problem, pay a parking fine)

LEISURE, PARKS AND CULTURE (Find your local park, museums and galleries, children’s play, information about allotments, find your local leisure centre, book a fitness class)

SCHOOLS AND LEARNING (Local schools, further education services, adult learning)

HOUSING (Applying for housing, housing benefit, private rentals, living in council housing, information for the homeless or those at risk, sheltered housing)

LIBRARIES (find your local library, reserve a book online)


Living in Wales adds an extra layer of confusion onto the already slightly confusing split between services for citizens and who is responsible for them. In England, you have your local councillors and then you have your MP – and that’s it. (There’s also EU law on top of that, but we’ll forget about that for the time being).

In Wales, a bunch of stuff is devolved from UK Parliament to the National Assembly for Wales – that basically means Wales gets to make laws about some things for the people that live here (like education, health, and the environment). These laws are put into motion by the Welsh Government, who decide how the money here is spent. That’s sort of why we have a 5p tax on carrier bags in Wales (although that was actually a Westminster law that was passed sooner in Wales than England, but let’s forget that for the moment).

Want to write to your representatives about an issue? Don’t know who to write to? Try WriteToThem (by the MySociety people).


Local area blogs
Roath Cardiff
Pontcanna Hub
Radyr and Morganstown

Music / Arts
Swn Festival
Made In Roath Arts Festival
Chapter Arts Centre
NoFit State Circus
Mary Bijou Cabaret
Wales Millennium Centre


Cool places to shop

Cardiff Indoor Flea Market
Jacob’s Antiques
Catapult Records
Spillers Records
Cardiff Indoor Market
Wally’s Deli


Cardiff Blogs

Nature / environment / sustainability
Front Gardens of Cardiff
Green City Events
Cardiff Rivers Group

General interest
Welshnot blog (arts, history, Welsh interest stuff)
Pint of 45 (a drinker’s guide to pubs in the city)

A while back, we put together this Little Guide to Cardiff. It might be a wee bit out of date now, but still worth a look: The Little Guide to Cardiff

Have I missed anything off? Leave links should publish in the comments below!

3 thoughts on “Useful stuff for Cardiff residents”

  1. Hey beautiful Cardiff people,

    my sister and I visited Cardiff for the first time this year in October, and we absolutely loved it. When preparing for the trip, I stumbled over this blog and was really happy to get a feeling for the Welsh capital by reading through your texts and recommendations. So useful, thanks for that :).
    If you are interested, here is how our 4 day trip went. We mainly stayed in Cardiff, but we took one day to visit the Brecon Beacons, which was marvelous:


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