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7 responses to “Get in touch

  1. Hi loved your story about The Clark’s Pie Shop my family have been buying them for years. My nephew Tim had them as a breakfast iten before his Wedding!!!!!! Thanks for the memory.


  2. I have just discovered this site and really enjoyed reading Mary Sullivan’s memories of Newtown as I lived in Ellen Street (the former Duke of Edinburgh pub) from 1953-57 and though I was very young I can relate to so much of what she expressed about its friendliness, humour and generosity. My mother loved the time she lived there, and the people around her, and never forgot the laughs she had with them. What a tragedy it was swept away – bet it wouldn’t be allowed these days. If anyone does remember Val, Bill and Sandra Llewellyn please get in touch. And please keep posting to keep its memory alive.


  3. Your video of Splott adventure playground 1972. I’m the blonde girl siftin through the fire which melted my shoe haha. Also in the video is Bernard Massay , Gary pemberton. Raymond Joseph, Dorothy hicks. Brilliant video. Brought back good memories xxx


  4. Anyone remember the plane that crashed on North Road in May 1959? It landed outside the Jehovas Witness building that is still there today, on the stretch of North Road almost opposite Maindy Stadium. It was a light aircraft with four people on board, they were all killed.


  5. I was born in Canada Road and have many memories of the area in the late 50s/60s. One of my favourite haunts was the Regal snooker Hall at the junction of Western Avenue and North Road (Before the flyover). I have so many memories of growing up in Canada Road and the rest of the Colonies streets as they were known, any other residents of the time who’d like to share them?


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