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Empty Walls exhibition at the Abacus – photo review

Although there’s a couple of weeks until the Empty Walls festival is finished, its exhibition at the Abacus has now been taken down. We sent photographer Benjamin Blyth along to take some snaps of the exhibits, showcasing work from some of the artists involved as well as some amazing local talents.

The show featured  Andy Fung, Gar Jon Day and Tom Kitchen, creating site specific murals within the gallery as well as hosting a collection of paintings drawings and prints from the likes of Dale Grimshaw, Rae, Elinor Evans, David De La ManoEkstraternek and more.

Empty_walls_abacus_ben_blyth - 01

Empty_walls_abacus_ben_blyth - 02

Empty_walls_abacus_ben_blyth - 03

Empty_walls_abacus_ben_blyth - 04

Empty_walls_abacus_ben_blyth - 05

Empty_walls_abacus_ben_blyth - 06

Empty_walls_abacus_ben_blyth - 07

Empty_walls_abacus_ben_blyth - 08

Empty_walls_abacus_ben_blyth - 09

Empty_walls_abacus_ben_blyth - 10

Empty_walls_abacus_ben_blyth - 11

Empty_walls_abacus_ben_blyth - 12

Empty_walls_abacus_ben_blyth - 13

Empty_walls_abacus_ben_blyth - 14

Empty_walls_abacus_ben_blyth - 15

Empty_walls_abacus_ben_blyth - 16

Empty_walls_abacus_ben_blyth - 17

Empty_walls_abacus_ben_blyth - 18

Empty_walls_abacus_ben_blyth - 19

Empty_walls_abacus_ben_blyth - 20

Empty_walls_abacus_ben_blyth - 21

Ben Blyth is a first year photojournalism student studying at the University of South Wales. Previously he lived in Newark On Trent near Nottingham before making the move last month to Cardiff. In the last year, he’s been mainly been working for Notts County Ladies FC as their official photographer and have also been working for The Newark Advertiser and The Nottingham Evening Post. He’s excited about working on live briefs whilst studying in Cardiff and getting to know the area whilst gaining experience as a photojournalist. Find him online: Twitter @PhotoJ_BenBlyth and


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