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After hours at Techniquest … featuring NoFit State Circus!

Unleash your inner child! You know, the one that wants to run away with the circus. Join Techniquest for their next After Hours evening, featuring the wonderful NoFit State Circus!

After Hours Techniquest


TIME: 18.30 – 22.00

COST: JUST £3 ENTRY…  less than the price of a posh coffee! 

After Hours – Facebook event

There’ll be plenty to entertain you, including…

Matt Hennem is a dancer. Matt Hennem is a juggler. Matt Hennem is a taker — of your breath away. In a show that is being described as ‘rare magic’ by the Telegraph, ‘beyond awesome’ by Derren Brown, and ‘elegant’ by the Spectator (!), Matt Hennem will be doing what he has confirmed are some things with a ball. Be there.

Cardiff’s own No Fit State Circus has very kindly offered to bring their stilts down to Techniquest and show the After Hours crowd some of the greatest busking on Earth. You can expect close hand magic, balloon modelling, hat juggling, stilt walking and the appearance of No Fit State’s very own practical magician, Alf — all five feet of him. Rest assured, we are giddy with excitement.

£1.30 per person
With a British Astronaut taking his very human body up to the ISS later this year, we can’t be the only ones asking the big question: how exactly do you go about voiding your bowels out there in the void? Pooping in space, some say, is the great scientific how. Fortunately, our very own Rhys will be running a talk with all of the answers you do, and don’t, want to hear.

£1.30 per person
Space is really interesting, you guys. Find out more about some familiar constellations, the planets, how stars are born and how they die. Our Digital Planetarium can take you through space for a close up look at some of nature’s most beautiful sights such as distant galaxies and exploded stars.

£1.30 per person
It’s okay. Don’t feel ashamed. In winter and in summer; with snowballs and with golf balls; we’ve all given it a go, and we’ve all discovered that juggling is really quite difficult and angry-making. Well think such a way no more, because No Fit State are committed to getting the adult contingent of Cardiff on its juggling feet with a wonderful workshop run by the inimitable, and juggle savvy Craig Quat.

Do you want to be impressive? Are you of the opinion that the total recall of stored, innocuous trivia and factual tat are the measure of greatness? Do you like competing with other people that have that same opinion? Then you’re in luck. Sure, doing things is impressive. But do you know what’s more impressive than doing things? Knowing things.
(Warning: this activity may contain things that if you don’t know then you can actually just Google later, making it all seem rather pointless.)

But wait… there’s more… FULLY LICENSED BAR!
With no kids around, we can offer beer, cider and wine for purchase… will that glass of wine make the puzzles even more difficult to solve?

Please note that After Hours is only for those aged 18 and over. After Hours is a very popular event and entry is subject to a maximum capacity. Spaces for all special events are allocated on a first come, first served basis subject to availability and popular events will sell out quickly, so please arrive early to minimise the chance of disappointment. Some events may incur a small additional charge to attend. A ‘Challenge 21’ policy is operated for admission and at the bar, so please bring ID with you if you are lucky enough to look under 21!


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