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Meet Cardiff band, Rainbow Maniac

Earlier this year we were on the panel helping choose the bands for this year’s BBC Gorwelion/Horizons project. We plan to do a post about all the bands participating very soon, but there were a couple of BRILLIANT, stand-out Cardiff bands that didn’t make the final 12, that we want to profile for you.

First up, meet one of our new favourite bands, RAINBOW MANIAC!

As you can see, Rainbow Maniac are proper good times psychedelic rock’n’roll – plenty of energy and catchy tunes. What more could you ask of your new favourite band? Conor from the band was even kind enough to do a quick Q&A with us. 

WE ARE CARDIFF. Please introduce the band!

RAINBOW MANIAC. Well, my name is Conor, I sing and write the songs. Louis plays the guitar, Gavin plays the drums and Laura plays bass.

We’re all from different South Walian valleys/towns, We all met in Bridgend College, only me and Gavin knew each other beforehand. That’s where the band formed, as we were the only four people in the class who weren’t into metal!

WAC. How did you end up in Cardiff?

RM. I studied a sound tech degree in Cardiff and then we all gradually found work and moved here.

WAC. Give us some local bands you’re into.

RM. Well obviously there’s The Socks, The Buzzards and The CVCs, but we’ve also got into some of the newer bands coming through like Al Moses, The Rotanas, The Pitchforks, and Carolines.

WAC. What’s your favourite Cardiff venue?

RM. Cardiff University Great Hall. We’ve seen a lot of our favourite bands there. I remember seeing Pete Doherty and Babyshambles gigs there before Rainbow Maniac were even a thing, and it had a big effect on me. We’d love to play there one day in the not-too-distant future.

WAC. What’s your favourite Cardiff boozer?

RM. It’s a difficult question because there are so many Wetherspoons to choose from, but would have to say The Gatekeeper, next to Moon Club. It’s a great place to get drunk before you go in to watch a band and are forced to pay over £3 for a can of Red Stripe. Until we get a call from Rough Trade, I will not be able to afford those prices.

WAC. What’s next for the band?

RM. We’re currently sat on a bunch of new recordings, so next we’re gonna shoot and direct our own music video with help from our friends at Mono. After that we’re just gonna work on the release, and try and cause as much of a stir in the music industry as possible, play some more shows, build some more friends, and fans. And have fun!

Our next show is at Tramlines Fringe Fest – Sheffield, 20 July. We also return to HUB Fest in Cardiff 25 August for what should be a great night.

Thanks Conor! Make sure you get along to see Rainbow Maniac at one of their upcoming shows and follow them in all the usual places …


HUB Festival ’16 – all the music you can eat in Cardiff this Bank Holiday weekend

August Bank holiday weekend in Cardiff promises a veritable smorgasbord of musical delights, as HUB Festival returns to Womanby Street with an extended selection of music, comedy and poetry!

HUB Festival 2016

Looks pretty incredible, right?? Tickets are a mindblowing £12 per day or just £20 for the full weekend!

Keep up to date with all news at the HUB Festival 2016 – Facebook event page

In the meantime, here are HUB Festival’s vital statistics …

HUB FESTIVAL 2016 – 200+ acts, 12 stages, 3 days – music, art, performance!

Tickets are £20 for 3 – days, on sale in Spillers Records, Diverse Music,Bristol Ticket Shop, WeGotTickets, SEE Tickets

THE STAGES: The Full Moon, The Moon Club, FUEL ROCK CLUB, Clwb Ifor Bach, Four Bars at Dempseys, Urban Tap House Cardiff, City Arms, Cardiff, Dempseys, Busker’s Revenge Pirate Ship and our Outdoor Stage!

The Wave Pictures, RICHARD DAWSON, Johnny Cage & The Voodoogroove, Junior Bill, Crinkle Cuts, Hipicat, Desert Storm, We’re No Heroes, Sigiriya, Cowboy and the Corpse, Climbing Trees, Maddie Jones,Featherjaw, Lacertilia, Quiet Marauder, A N i • G L A S S, Harri Davies Music, Fingertrap, Heil Zilla, GOAN DOGS, Clay Statues, Tendons,Roughion, Boris a Bono, Pizzatramp, MY NAME IS IAN, Rainbow Maniac,Tides Of Sulfur, Mumbleman, Tommy & The Trouble, Winter Coat, Shop Girls, Heavy Flames, Aaronson, Bryde, Luk, HVNTER, Matthew Frederick,The Marks Cartel, Meilir, V A I L S, HOMES, The Johnstown Flood,Kookamunga, Seas Of Mirth, Punks not dad, VAN-illa, Thee Manatees,Dave Morris and the Knock, HODAD, Grand Tradition, This Is Wreckage,Local Enemy, Esuna, OldSamuel, Dead In The Water, La Forme, The Irascibles, Sophie Lynch and the Special FriendsFountainhead, Soviets, Great Revelations, Nuclear Lullaby, Rozelle, Everything by Electricity, Keto,Chloe Foy, Joe Bayliss, Grace Hartrey, The Fused, Alex Stacey, Cameron Trowbridge, The Sonny Bonds Duo, Welcome Back Delta, Eleri Angharad,Ellie Parris, Capra Mamei, Ofelia, Think Pretty, Sam Fowke Music, Blood Lips, Matt Troy, Fran Murphy, Mark Curtis, Fran Smith, Fritz O’Skennick, Clive Oseman, Mario Fiorrillo Umberto, Terri Hoskings, Gareth Davies, Natasha Borden, Will Ford, Ellie Powell, Georgia Paterson – Singer/Songwriter, To Bear Sir

CURATORS INCLUDE: All My Friends, BlueBox Promotions, Bubblewrap Collective, Blue Honey, Electric Harmony, LUCKYMAN RECORDS, Pi and Hash Music, The Psychedelic Priests, Radio Glamorgan, Rockpie, Sound Affects PR, The Hold Up, Young Promoters Network

This year sees the addition of a beer festival featuring local craft brewers, a new street presentation with designers decorating the area, as well as musicians, poets, comedians, performing arts and street food.

Too many artists for you to keep up with? HUB have made a handy Soundcloud page, giving you a ‘greatest hits’ of this year’s bands. Put it on and let the music wash all over you!

See you down the front


HUB Festival 2015 – Cardiff’s August Bank holiday live music blow out!

If you can squeeze this in beside the Butetown Carnival also taking place over the Bank Holiday weekend, HUB Festival is once again taking over Womanby Street with a BILLION bands, loads of beers, and more boogying than you can possibly manage!


Here are the deets:

HUB FESTIVAL CARDIFF 2015 Facebook event
Womanby Street | Cardiff | CF10 1BR
Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th August 2015

<<< 200 Acts – 12 Stages – 2 Days – 1 Wristband >>>

£10 Day-Tickets / £15 Weekend-Tickets: Buy tickets

HUB Festival returns this August Bank Holiday Weekend with a whole host of great music and performers!

===== LATEST LINE UP =====


Josephine and the Artizans – Tree House Fire – Kookamunga – Grand Tradition – Public Order Act

SPECIAL GUESTS – JaJa OK – Baby Brave – Rainbow Maniac – Love Bazaar – Tarsiers – Recluse

Fingertrap – King Tut’s Revenge – Hipicat – The D Teez – Kinky Wizzards – Paint Happy – Milpool – Ukulele Nights

Tides Of Sulfur – Vails – Gung Ho – Haast’s Eagled – Buff – Mind Factory – Clarity As Arson – Your Protected

Quiet Marauder – Harri Davies Band – The Gentle Good – Mike Dennis – The Migrant – Matthew Frederick – FUR – Dot’N Bang

Mixalydia – Homes – Denim Snakes – Ofelia – Local Enemy – Willo Wonder

A Girl Called Ruth – Owain Whatley – Dead In The Water – Grace Hartery – Lee Blackmore

Captain Accident (Solo) – Aled Rheon – Arfur Bone – Joe Kelly – Kirk Morgan

Cotton Wolf – Nico Reuben – Will Ford – Mike Johnson & Maddy Read – Ingrid Lagounel – Fara Allibhai – Nightmares From The Discotheque – Fritz O’Skennick 0 Mark Curtis – Des Mannay – Johnny Giles – Terry Hoskins – Ceri Sian – Julie Croad – Maggie Nash – Dave Daggers – Nia David – Laz Lazarus – Martha Shitpeas – Ade Jones – Lee Prosser – Christina Thatcher – Ffion Wyn – Aisling Tempony

DJ Jaffa – DJ JB – Double Cee – DJ Alkemy – Turna Phrase – Sythe & Jomez – Culture Vultures – Conrad Lott – Inner City Cypher – Skunkadelic – Rob Wax – Ill Lit – Chew & Dex


Johhny Cage & The Voodoo Groove – Smokey Bastard – Railroad Bill – Screamin’ Miss Jackson & The Slap Yo Mama Big Band – Featherjaw – The Brwmys

Howl – Lacertilia – Thorun – Wight – Morass of Molasses – Attercopus – Tradish – Wall

Junior Bill – Poor Old Dogs – Third Party – Iron Eye – Maddie Jones Band – Shop Girls – Ohhimark – Tomos Lewis – Sean O’Brien

Hogslayer – Chaos Trigger – Ten Cent Toy – Intensive Square – Bismuth – Water – Mwstard

Jnr Hacksaw – The Lash – The Johnstown Flood – Rhodri Brooks Band – Them Deadbeats – Bella Collins – The Higher Bells

SPECIAL GUESTS – Baby Queens – Lionface – Why We Love

Skunk-Boy Project – Calling All Heroes – Eleri Angharad – Tobias Robertson – Jaymee Summers – Danny Saben – Kim Campbell & Sam Griffiths

Howlin’ Lord – Jack Cookson – Doozer McDooze – Brooks, McManus & Capper – Siobhan McCrudden – Josh Evans – Eady Crawford

Sion Russell Jones – 5th Spear – Rye Milligan – Andrew Paul Regan – Zac White – Glocal Now – Luke Bennett – Jacob Nico

DJ Killer Tom – DJ Brave Toaster – Joe Dirt & Ral Duke – Chubbs & Jpegg – DJ Veto – Dope Biscuits – Project – Magi – DJ Jaffa

On the street over the weekend you will also find:
Street Food Warehouse
The Busker’s Revenge
Art & Visuals from The Abacus
Lindy Hop Cardiff
Hub Radio with Big Scott

With still a load more to announce …





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Glastonbury travel from Cardiff. Not going? Glasnost Festival at The Moon!

For those Cardiff people who are heading to Glastonbury this year (which includes me for the first time ever!), First Great Western have put up some information about public transport by train to the festival. Great news for those wanting to travel green; if only train tickets were cheaper, maybe more people would do it! But there we go, that’s what happens when things are privatised. Big thanks to the Conservatives of many years ago for that one. But I digress …

For those Cardiff people NOT going to Glastonbury this year, every year The Moon and The Full Moon on Womanby Street put on Glasnost;  a full few days of festivities, all arts and music related. Ideal for those who aren’t heading to the big G but still fancy getting their jig on. This year’s Glasnost looks better than ever – five days of bands, DJs, cabaret – and a five day pass is only £15!

glasnost 2014