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Patterns of Cardiff, January 2016: a photo essay by Adam Chard

Designer / photographer / zombie lover Adam Chard is actually one of the co-founders of this site. Yes! Way back in 2010, on a quiet Friday afternoon, he and I hatched a plan to change Cardiff, the only way we knew how: BY THE POWER OF BLOGGING! Many of the wonderful portraits of Cardiffians that exist on this blog were taken by Adam.

These days, Adam can be found writing for the We Are Cardiff Press, doing artwork for Darkened Rooms, or hanging around Cardiff with his camera, taking pictures of everything. He took some dashed nice photos of the city (in between the rain) recently, so I took the opportunity to grab him for a quick Q&A too.

Adam_Chard_Cardiff_January_2016_ - 08

Adam_Chard_Cardiff_January_2016_ - 02

Adam Chard profile pic

Hi! My name’s Adam Chard and I work as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator under the name Croatoan. You might also see me at Chapter Arts Centre in Canton where I work a few days a week as part of the marketing team.


I bought my first camera shortly after Helia and I set up the We are Cardiff blog in the summer of 2010. We were both working at the National Assembly for Wales at the time and we had an idea about getting people to write about their experiences in Cardiff and taking photos of them in locations that mattered to them – by the time I got home from work that day Helia had
already set up the blog, so I knew I had to get started.
I bought a starter-level Nikon SLR and went out on a couple of shoots with the excellent Simon Ayre before taking the plunge on solo missions – having assignments helped me get to know my camera really quickly.
I really love capturing a split-second, un-posed moment, whether that’s a Tiger Bay Brawler in mid-air at the roller derby or a band member jumping into the crowd during a gig at Clwb Ifor Bach. I also love to go on little missions armed with a specific fixed-length lens, seeing what I can shoot with that enforced restriction.
This set of photos is the result of a wander round Cardiff on a pretty grey Monday. I’d just watched and loved the trailer for Ben Wheatley’s film adaptation of JG Ballard’s High Rise, which is what inspired the retro-futuristic shots of the tops of buildings around town.

Adam_Chard_Cardiff_January_2016_ - 03 Adam_Chard_Cardiff_January_2016_ - 04 Adam_Chard_Cardiff_January_2016_ - 05 Adam_Chard_Cardiff_January_2016_ - 06 Adam_Chard_Cardiff_January_2016_ - 07

Adam_Chard_Cardiff_January_2016_ - 01Adam_Chard_Cardiff_January_2016_ - 09 Adam_Chard_Cardiff_January_2016_ - 10 Adam_Chard_Cardiff_January_2016_ - 11 Adam_Chard_Cardiff_January_2016_ - 12 Adam_Chard_Cardiff_January_2016_ - 13 Adam_Chard_Cardiff_January_2016_ - 14 Adam_Chard_Cardiff_January_2016_ - 15 Adam_Chard_Cardiff_January_2016_ - 16 Adam_Chard_Cardiff_January_2016_ - 17 Adam_Chard_Cardiff_January_2016_ - 18 Adam_Chard_Cardiff_January_2016_ - 19 Adam_Chard_Cardiff_January_2016_ - 20 Adam_Chard_Cardiff_January_2016_ - 21

Adam_Chard_Cardiff_January_2016_ - 22 Adam_Chard_Cardiff_January_2016_ - 23 Adam_Chard_Cardiff_January_2016_ - 24 Adam_Chard_Cardiff_January_2016_ - 25 Adam_Chard_Cardiff_January_2016_ - 26 Adam_Chard_Cardiff_January_2016_ - 27 Adam_Chard_Cardiff_January_2016_ - 28 Adam_Chard_Cardiff_January_2016_ - 29 Adam_Chard_Cardiff_January_2016_ - 30 Adam_Chard_Cardiff_January_2016_ - 31 Adam_Chard_Cardiff_January_2016_ - 32




I work as a designer and it’s really good to be able to offer photography in with any graphic design work that requires it, but I love it as a hobby. It’s a great way of expressing yourself and your interests. As with a lot of my design and illustration work, I like brightly-coloured, eye-popping things and lots of
angular or geometric patterns in my photography.
This photoset of the Zombie Walk in Toronto in 2012 is probably the perfect storm of all of my interests!
I have a website for my design work at croatoandesign.co.uk – I post my photos on Flickr (Adam Chard: Flickr) and you can find me on Twitter at @croatoandesign.
See a set of my favourite photos on Flickr here: Adam Chard favourite Flickr pics.
Thanks Adam! And see you all soon …

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