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Grow your own beer in 2015 – join Cardiff Hops!

Ever fancied growing hops to brew your own beer? If you never knew where to start, Cardiff Hops are here to help…

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Cardiff Hops was started in 2013. The group was started to grow hops in a city and create the group’s own Green Hop Ale – one that you couldn’t get from a large commercial brewery. The group teamed up with Simon (the owner of PIPES in Pontcanna) and over the last two years he has crafted the Taff Temptress from the group’s hops. Each year it evolves into an easy drinking green hop ale that the group is part of!

Last year Pipes produced 400 litres of the beer and had Chapter serving it. This year the plan is to hit a  full 1000 litre brew!

The group are looking for your help – the more growers there are, the more hops there will be at harvest time, and the more local beer can be brewed.

To join, order your hop pack from the group. Pay upfront by 15th March and then pick it up on the 21st or 22nd March (the Hop pack costs £20).

The hop is a dwarf hop that only grows around 2m in height and is easy to handle unlike traditional hops.
You get all you need to get it off to a good start, plus twine and help and guidance from the group.

As a perk, hoppers get a discount on the beer when it’s ready and first dibs on the bottles when the rest is bottled up. Bonus!

For more information on hopping in 2015, join the Cardiff Hops 2015 Facebook event and help brew Cardiff’s own ‘co-operative’ beer – made from hops grown all over the city!

Cardiff Hops Facebook group

Calling all homebrewers – Cardiff Hops needs you!

Sam Holt stops by to talk about a Cardiff based homebrewing project that you should get involved in…


Cardiff Hops is a fun new project that started in March 2013 to get more people growing hops in the City. Following on from success with Brixton, Cardiff Hops will support interested parties to source, plant, grow, harvest and use the hops.

Cardiff Hops have teamed up with local micro brewery Pipes –  having turned 2013 crop into 100 litres of green hop ale, The Taff Temptress!

To join Cardiff Hops, join the Cardiff Hops Facebook group or send Sam Holt of EggSeeds an email, sam@eggseeds.com.

Introductory hop packs are on sale for £20 for the first introductory pack, which contains all that is needed to get growing your hops off to a good start. Cardiff Hops will guide you through the whole process. Even if you don’t have much room, a 50cm container or a patch of land one foot in size can hold a dwarf hop plant (that grows only two-three metres in height). There’s a green hop ale revolution that has started in Cardiff – get on board!

Last day to sign up for orders March 9th 2014 – distribution and gathering, March 15th 2014.

The Cardiff Hops Map has just started and will be populated shortly, sharing pictures, stories and information.

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