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Catch this family friendly Cardiff Christmas show, made by feminist theatre pioneers: The Giant Who Had No Heart In His Body

If you’re looking for some heartwarming, family friendly theatre to warm your cockles before the big C hits this year, head to Chapter on Friday 22 and Saturday 23 December! Likely Story Theatre’s newest work – The Giant Who Had No Heart In His Body – includes grand tales of adventure, once forgotten fables, and that anecdote your uncle always tells at Christmas. No matter what they are about, stories can’t just be told – they have to be caught. Thankfully story catchers Agi and Dot are doing just that. Watching from their home in the clouds, they scout the sky for stories and catch them before they float away on the wind. Now the pair face something they’ve never faced before: telling their own story. Will they be able to pull it off? Only time will tell…

This is a lovely Christmas show that takes on an Norwegian fairytale using a magical mix of puppetry, live music and humour. GET YOUR KIDS THERE (grown up ones too!), THEY WILL LOVE IT.

Friday 22nd December, 6pm (British Sign Language interpreted performance) &
Sat 23rd December, 11.30am and 3.30pm.
Chapter Arts Centre, Market Rd, Cardiff, CF5 1QE Tickets: £5 / £17 family ticket (4 tickets including at least 1 child)
Info: www.likelystory.org.uk
Tickets: www.chapter.org


This heart-warming show was created by Likely Story’s founders Hazel Anderson and Ellen Groves, with the help of their young children.

“We were developing a piece with my son Toby in the room,” Hazel explains, “we were playing with ideas and getting really excited when Toby started to cry because we’d left him, our audience, behind. We did the piece again but, this time, we built up the energy more slowly and bought him with us. It meant we created a scene with a completely different feel.

“It was a good reminder that the audience wants you to play with them, not just for them.”

Motherhood hasn’t just had an effect on this particular show, however, as Likely Story acts as a flagship company that demonstrates how creative organisations can foster the talent of mothers, and how people can create theatre as a family.

“In a professional setting you so often feel like you need to apologise for your kids being in the room,” says Ellen “now we’ve changed that from being seen as a burden, to being a gift.”

With both kids and grown-ups helping to shape The Giant Who Had No Heart In His Body – and with tickets only £5pp or £17 for a family of four – the entire family can see a show that is just as funny and fascinating for the over 70s as the under 7s.

“In the mix of a very commercialized Christmas, this is a show that aims to bring families closer together with play, love and lightness. It’s a show that is created with a lot of everyday objects, so that families can play and recreate it at home” says Ellen.

Hazel explains: “It’s a show that kids will laugh at, adults will laugh at, and they will both laugh at each other laughing.”

Likely Story Theatre was founded in 2006 by likely ladies Hazel Anderson and Ellen Groves. It was created on the simple philosophy that the women shared: the belief that storytelling is magical and that stories are best brought to life through the imaginative use of ourselves and everyday objects.


Dancing isn’t the only thing that prosecco can power this Christmas!

It’s party time! But do you ever wonder how much power is generated by recycling? Angela from Recycle for Wales is here to tell us how to use your waste for good this season!

The #RecycledBeats Christmas campaign claims that recycling just one bottle of prosecco could save enough energy to play the entire Super Furry Animal’s Radiator and Fuzzy Logic albums on a home stereo 13 times each and power a spinning disco ball for five and a half days.

Prosecco power doesn’t stop there either. Playing a gig at the Tramshed on 20th December, Welsh singer and green queen, Charlotte Church said:

“Every little effort we make to recycle more can enable us to do more of the things we love without harming the world around us. If I recycled one prosecco bottle, I could save enough energy to power both the guitar and bass in my Late Night Pop Dungeon show for the full hour. That’s amazing!”

Everyday non-party items also provide a range of opportunities for recycling – from all types of drinks bottles to toilet roll tubes and wrapping paper.  Recycling one aluminium deodorant can saves enough energy to power a home stereo for 32 hours – that’s 480 plays of Mariah Carey’s All I want for Christmas is you.

Whether going out or staying in throughout party season – your energy saving recycling can take place before, during and after the party and throughout the year at home.

Getting ready- Good tunes are an essential part of ANY pre-party preparations. Whilst you’re singing into the shower head at home, remember that one hairspray canister could save enough energy to play three of your favourite albums on your home stereo, back to back.

The party- Who needs a band? Recycling just one wine bottle saves enough energy to power a home stereo for 24 hours. You could also provide the disco magic by recycling just one tube of toilet roll, which saves enough energy to keep the disco ball spinning for two whole hours.

The clean up- The party is over and everyone is asleep, and yet the empty cleaning products still have a lot of energy. That one bleach bottle used saves enough energy to power a guitar amp for two gigs, the deodorant bottle- nine gigs! That’s enough for all of next year’s parties too!

The following day- Baby its cold outside! If you’re staying at home on the sofa with your duvet, recycling four beer bottles could save you enough energy to power your favourite Christmas classics, including Home Alone and Love Actually.

Angela Spiteri, campaign manager for Recycle for Wales said:

“Partygoers often forget you need energy for more than just dancing; the power for the party can come from simply taking the time to recycle your drinks bottles. It can take up to 95% less energy to make products from some recycled materials compared to creating materials from scratch.

#RecycledBeats highlights how this translates into actual energy to power all things musical – from bands and DJs playing across Cardiff this festive season.”

To find out more about #RecycledBeats, visit www.RecycleforWales.org.uk/RecycledBeats.

A very Cardiff Christmas – gift guide!

We accidentally went to four Christmas craft fairs yesterday, so here are some lovely, local independent artists and businesses where you can find super special Christmas pressies this year. We’ll keep adding to this post as we find new stuff! Leave us a comment if you have an idea!

Nelly’s Treasures – gorgeous homeware, gifts and accessories.

Katherine Jones art – beautiful intricate prints of Cardiff and beyond.

Claire Hill jewellery – a favourite of ours. Claire makes beautiful, lightweight jewellery in her studio in Canton and sells it for incredibly reasonable prices!

The Power of Greyskull  – another one of our faves. Quality Cardiff-made leggings that DON’T FALL DOWN, even during aerial circus acts (certified by us).

Emily England designs – papercut prints, cute cards and beautiful books- the wonderful Emily has got you covered.

Penylan Pantry’s Christmas hampers – whether your weakness is cheese, chocolate, coffee or quite simply, damn good food, the Pantry girls have it covered in the different ranges available.

Screenprinted t-shirts from the Printhaus – print your own at the Snapped Up market this weekend!

Hula hooping wonderfulness from Elliecopter Hoops – keep fit and fun at the same time! Ellie runs classes all over Cardiff and sells her homemade hoops for a tenner.

Wonderful homewares from Anna Palamar – another maker who will be selling stuff at the Snapped Up market…

StitchCity – super nice map-based homeware and gifts!

Waterloo Tea 6 month subscription – the gift that keeps on giving!
Art prints from the SHO Gallery– such a great selection of local art at reasonable prices!

Ceramics for Everyone – Welsh tableware

Jade Fisher – unique, beautifully designed cards

High end fashion with Kiti in Pontcanna

Make an upcycled gift with a Green City event workshop – the bike tyre earrings are BANGING!

In Rainbows – quirky crochet and knitted taxidermy! The giraffe head went down a storm with my niece last Christmas…

Flow Knitting – lovely unique knitted necklaces.

Nomadic Me – minimalist style

Handmade Baby Bear – gorgeous knitted baby clothes.

I Loves The ‘Diff – always a hit!

And if all else fails…..

Aerial circus classes at NoFit State Circus – our Hana has been attending trapeze classes for years and it still makes her happy!

Afternoon tea at Wyndham Tea – not to be scoffed at (scoffed, yes)!

Chapter Friends membership – discounts on food, drink and ticket!

Gift vouchers for Nine Yards – prosecco, cheese and pastry! Our new favourite place in town.




Stress-free Christmas shopping at the Ethical Cardiff Night Market

Fancy visiting Cardiff’s first ever ethical night market?

Picture the scene – in the build-up to the festive season the magic and excitement of Christmas quickly disappearing as you navigate through crowded department stores with terrible Christmas music played over tinny shop speakers and the worry that the products you’re lovingly picking out have been made in less-than-ethical conditions.

What Christmas shopping really needs is a stress-free cosy atmosphere, ethical local brands (and maybe a glass or two of mulled wine).

This December will see Cardiff’s first ever Ethical Cardiff Night Market, and it’s going to be a Christmas special!



When: Saturday 10th December

Where: Cardiff Speaker Hire, Dumballs Rd, Cardiff CF10 5FF

Tickets: Free (advanced booking required)

This alternative market – organised by environmentally friendly letting agent Green Valley Moves – will be popping up in Cardiff Speaker Hire on Dumballs Road on Saturday 10th December. It will include stalls filled with eco-friendly products, delicious veggie and vegan food and lovingly handmade crafts.

ethcial-cardiff-night-market-christmas-2016-7 ethcial-cardiff-night-market-christmas-2016-5

All of the vendors have a passion for sustainability and are providing products that are good for people and the planet. The stallholders include independent coffee and vinyl venture Outpost, natural male grooming product makers Old Faithful and vegan-friendly coffee and juice experts The Moos.

There is more than just stalls, however, as the night will also include a bar, live music (championing local female musicians) and a pottery workshop by Cardiff Pottery Workshops.

The event was created by Green Valley Moves founder, Cat Woods, to provide people with a more relaxed shopping experience.

“I’m prone to anxiety” Cat explains, “and Christmas shopping, with all the crowds, is something that puts a strain on me. So when I decided to organise the Ethical Cardiff Night Market I had mental health in the front of my mind.”

Cat Woods of Green Valley Moves

Cat reached out to other people who find Christmas shopping nerve-wracking to see what she could do to help. The whole event has been designed with these suggestions, meaning the market will have calming acoustic music and staggered entry so that it doesn’t get overcrowded.

There will still be a strong sense of festive magic, however, as Cat continues: “We have lots of things planned – including a snow machine!”.

Green Valley Moves Facebook page

Green Valley Moves is an ethical Landlord/Letting Agent, based in Cardiff, with a passion for sustainability and the environment. They provide sustainable lettings services for landlords and help tenants save money by giving them the knowledge and inspiration to live healthier, greener lives.

Founded by Cat Woods, Green Valley Move’s profits create and support local community eco projects.

The Ethical Cardiff Night Market was created to champion ethical and eco-friendly producers in Cardiff and South Wales, as well as provide a low-stress shopping alternative for those who find Christmas shopping anxiety inducing.



Crazy Christmas Cabaret is coming to the Depot!


Get your Christmas cabaret on! A collective of international circus and cabaret artists famous for their thrilling, immersive performances is coming to the DEPOT warehouse at the end of this month.

On the 29 / 30 November and 1 December, guests are invited to dress in their craziest Christmas clobber and head to the DEPOT for an evening of wintery cabaret, circus tricks and ‘dodgy Santa comedy’ – courtesy of Mary Bijou Cabaret and Social Club’s ‘Fairy Tale Christmas’!


Having previously performed sell out shows at the Wales Millennium Centre, Edinburgh festival and around the country, The Mary Bijou Cabaret & Social Club are critically acclaimed for their immersive and intimate performances which are driven by playfulness and good fun.

Tickets for the Mary Bijou Fairy Tale Christmas are priced at £15 and available from depot.eventcube.io/events. Fancy dress is warmly encouraged!

 For more info see DEPOT’s social media pages, or search @themarybijou


Facebook.com/ Mary-Bijou-Cabaret-Social-Club







Come out to play at the cabaret….

12240368_954165074650091_203533163751962782_o (1)
It’s that time of year when Mary Bijou Cabaret get their baubles out for everyone! Yay!

This year’s performance, the usual mix of circus, comedy, sketches, music and lots of other kinds of ridiculousness, did not let us down.

The show began with a sultry rendition of Joni Mitchell’s River, followed closely by a playful Chinese pole act from Kate McWilliam. Trailing a bouncing silver balloon behind her, she flipped around the pole with a massive smile on her face!

Co-founder of the cabaret, George Orange, who we interviewed a couple of years ago, entertained the crowd between acts, drawing attention to the cock-ups in the customary Mary Bijou way. After finishing her own, special rendition of Silent Night, ‘Maxine’ (aka Paul Evans) got stuck suspended in mid air dressed as an angel. It took a good minute or so for the crowd to realise that it wasn’t part of the plan…

Other highlights included the bizarrely hilarious Austrian ski dance to a techno version of Vogue (I can’t explain it any better that that), George’s slackline, Kitsch n Synch‘s little sandman ditty, Catriona and Ben’s furious sketch about Christmas (“IT’S ONLY JUST BEGUN, ARGHHHHH!!”
), Maxine’s powerful static trapeze routine, Olga and Hannah’s silks act, where they transformed from toy dolls into real women to a Beastie Boys soundtrack and, of course, the finale – Eric’s unbelievable straps performance.


Mary Bijou shows have a warm, social vibe where everyone ends up dancing at the end of the night and acts are so close to the audience that you can feel their breath. The performers are a motley gang of incredible talent, and you always feel as if you’ve just dropped in on a house party where someone decided to hastily arrange a talent show, in the best possible way. Their shows are edgy, socially conscious, experimental and rib-achingly funny.

Oh, also a special shout out to Ernie Sparkles’ set design, which according to him included 4 tonnes of glitter….

If only they were doing more than two shows! Guess you’ll just have to wait until next year…We made a little video for you too – see below.

Han x