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Cardiff – on film!

Well well. We’ve only gone and released the third trailer for our film: We Are Cardiff – Portrait of a City! Watch below:

Looking pretty nice, eh? Thanks to Sweet Baboo for letting us use his lovely music.

To follow the progress of our film, visit the Portrait of a City blog. We’re still looking for people to invest in the film! You can give us anything from £3 upwards – and you get great rewards like hugs, t-shirts and posters in return! Visit our film fundraising page for more information.

There have been a whole bunch of lovely film-related things about our fine city of Cardiff online recently. Some of these are older too. Here are some of the pick of the bunch:

I love watching music videos and short films and spotting Cardiff locations. What are your favourites? Have we missed any out? Leave us links to ones you liked watching and perhaps we’ll do another Cardiff on film roundup post soon…