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Big Love Festival 2017 – bank holiday shenanigans in glorious surroundings

We’ve got a special message for you, direct from Gladys, aka the Big Love Entertainment Co-ordinator …

Hi-de-Hi Campers! 

The smell of summer is in the air and it’s only 2 weeks until we welcome you back to Baskerville Hall.

Now the warmer weather’s here, it looks like we’re going to sell out very soon, so don’t leave it too late to buy tickets if you haven’t got them already….
We’ve listened to everyone’s feedback and managed to reduce the ticket price to £75 while still keeping the weekend at 1000 capacity and an amazing, varied line up. And there’s loads of new stuff for 2017 too – the woodland disco carries on into the night, there’s a new stage, and even a micro cinema!

The team have been busy preparing the grounds, polishing the brass, mowing the front lawn ready for a spot of croquet, a G&T and disco yoga. The Head Gardener has been trimming my bush all week and it’s looking rather fine. The swimming pool has been cleaned and everything is looking jolly splendid for your arrival.

As head of entertainment I am thrilled to be bringing you over 100 of the finest musical acts on 7 stages (3 indoor, 6 covered); we’ve hip hop legend KRS-One, those naughty boys Horse Meat Disco, the trippy Flamingods, and a whole host of splendid party people. Just have a look at who’s playing.

My team and I have organised plenty of fun and games across the whole weekend, and if you don’t fancy anything by our cordenbluggggh hotel chef, we have delicious street food, a coffee truck and cocktail lounge on site with plenty of spaces to relax and enjoy the countryside.

I will as usual be walking the site, so please come and say Hi-de-Hi… and give me a Big Hug after all this is ♥ Big Love ♥


Gladys Pugh

Entertainments Co-ordinator
The Big Love Club House

P.S. a message to the couple we found naked swimming in the pool at 1am: We still have your trunks.

Big Love Festival 2017
Baskerville Hall, Hay-on-Wye, Wales
Early May bank holiday weekend
28.04.17 – 01.05.17


Cardiff’s Free For All Festival 2017! The Moon / Full Moon, 5 – 31 January

Is it over? Has it finally finished? Has someone finally dragged 2016’s lifeless body out to the garden and buried it under a mountain of Leicester City and Nigel Farage memorabilia? Great, well let’s all collectively repress our memories of 2016 together with Free For All Festival running from 5 January to 31 January at The Moon Club + The Full Moon. They have kindly put on a month of free events – so don’t worry if your pockets are empty like the rest of us – with bands and artists of varying descriptions, so give your eardrums a treat and pop down to The Moon Club + The Full Moon and support these artists.

The event runs from 5 – 31 January, so if you’re gagging for an all-dayer or fancy checking out some local talent see the array of events on below.


Tuesday 10 January, 8PM
Downstairs: 6foot7 + Paul Divers & support 8pm

Thursday 12 January, 8PM
Upstairs: Electrick Haze (EP launch) + KINGSON + Plasterscene + Lon Chaney 5 8pm
Thursday 12 January Facebook event

Friday 13 January, 7PM-10PM, 8PM-late
Upstairs: Electronic Music Wales showcase feat. Skeleton House & support 7pm-10pm
The Black Hole Of Womanby St feat. Samurai Cop + DJs til late
Downstairs: Monsterometer + Godbomber 8pm
Friday 13 January Facebook event

Saturday 14 January, 5PM + 8PM
Upstairs: Maddie Jones – Band + Lilygreen’s Sky Machine + Instructions + Tobias Robertson + Charlie Says 5pm
Downstairs: Mike Dennis + AcouMetal & support 8pm

Sunday 15 January, 7PM-10PM + 6PM

Upstairs: Staylittle Music presents Beth Goudie + Joe Bayliss + Matthew Frederick 7pm-10pm
Follow the event on Facebook
Downstairs: Timeless Promotions + Beast PR + HOPE not hate + Decidedly Records present Gareth Bonello (The Gentle Good) + Vinna Bee +Francesca’s Word Salad + Adwaith 6pm
Follow the event on Facebook

Tuesday 17 January, 7PM

Downstairs: Fountainhead + Naomi Rae (single launch) + Harri Davies Music + Dusty Cut 7pm
Follow the event on Facebook. 

Wednesday 18 January, 7PM

Upstairs: Pilgrim + Fireroad + Twisted Illusion + Stone Theory 7pm
Follow the event on Facebook. 

Thursday 19 January, 7:30PM

Upstairs: Radioactivity electronic night 7.30pm feat Conformist / Music live + Sound Affects PR DJs

Follow the event on Facebook. 

Downstairs: PJNB presents Young Black Americans + Heavy on the Ride + Jimmy Watkins (The Vega Bodegas) 7.30pm

Follow the event on Facebook.

Friday 20 January, 8PM + 10:15PM

Upstairs: We’re No Heroes + Tarsiers + Saccharyn & support 8pm

Downstairs: Mumbleman 10.15pm

Follow the event on Facebook

Saturday 21 January, 2PM + 9PM

Upstairs: 8 O’clock Spot Alldayer feat: VAN-illa + Nuclear Lullaby + Soviets+ Handsome Ape + Boris a Bono + Silent Forum + Fingertrap + Rainbow Maniac + Grand Tradition 2pm

Downstairs: Run Logan Run 9pm

Follow the event on Facebook. 

Sunday 22 January, 2PM
Upstairs: RecRock Youth Music Project showcase 2pm (Ages 14+)
Downstairs: Pi & Hash Music alldayer feat:
Them By There + The Sam-Antonio Freeway + Thee Manatees + Siblings Of Us + Charlie Says + Canada Road & support. 2pm-11.30pm

Wednesday 25 January, 8PM
Upstairs: Project + Beatbox Hann + Turna Phrase & support. 8pm

Thursday 26 January, 7:30PM

Upstairs: Aeddan – Music + Ofelia + Eädyth 7.30pm

Follow the event on Facebook

Friday 27 January, 7:30PM-10:30 PM + 9PM 

Upstairs: Bubblewrap Collective stage feat. MY NAME IS IAN + Ivan Moult Music Band & more TBA 7.30pm-10.30pm

Downstairs: Happy Fun Time Game Band + Nightmares from the Discotheque 9pm

Follow the event on Facebook.

Saturday 28 January, 4PM

2-floor alldayer! Tibet + Junior Bill + The Chalk Outlines + M I L K + Shop Girls + Them Dead Beats + Nevsky Perspective (solo – performing the works of Britney Spears) + Thom Bentley & more TBA. 4pm

Follow the 2-floor alldayer on Facebook. 

Sunday 29 January, 2PM
Forté Project // Prosiect Forté showcase – 2 floors! 2pm (Ages 14+)
Showcasing the 10 acts announced as part of the Forté Project scheme.

Monday 30 January, 8PM
Upstairs: CitySound Publications – magazine launch night feat. CHROMA & support 8pm
Downstairs: Anonymous Iconoclasts + Capra Mamei & support 8pm

Tuesday 31 January, 7:30PM + 8:00PM 

Upstairs: LUCKYMAN RECORDS closing party! 8pm
LUCKYMAN RECORDS closing party on Facebook
Downstairs: Amy Grindhouse + Twisted Ankle + Heil Zilla + HODAD 7.30pm
Amy Grindhouse, Twisted Ankle, Heil Zilla and HODAD on Facebook

That’s all the free music and events you can partake in at The Full Moon + Moon Club this month, so be sure to get on down there and support your local scene. Even when your pockets are empty and the January cold bites a little harder than you remember, there’s still a way to support your local scene and – most importantly – your city. Be sure to check out some of these events as they are putting a lot into Cardiff, so it’s only fair for us to give back.

Oh, and have a fun, crazy, challenging and memorable 2017.