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The Refugee Mobile Kitchen pop up at Oasis Cardiff – Friday 2 November 2018

Lia from Lia’s Kitchen is bending our ear about a new monthly Cardiff food pop up – with a difference. It’s truly international!

Something really tasty is going on in Splott on Friday 2 November, and on the first Friday of every month from now on! The Oasis Cardiff Refugee Mobile Kitchen is popping-up in the charity’s car park on 69b Splott Road to offer us authentic street food options from around the globe. All the food will be served from a beautiful food trailer and (mostly) by the same people whose recipes have been turned into the street food dishes you will be tasting.

For me the Oasis Refugee Mobile Kitchen helps redefine authentic, world food at our Cardiff doorstep. Its menus to date have showcased Korean, middle-eastern, Albanian and Iranian dishes (to name a few). Dishes on offer include the popular filo pastry pies with crunchy slaw, inspired by two characterful Albanian ladies often volunteering in the Oasis Kitchen, will be on the menu. Kookoo Sabzi, an Iranian frittata bursting with aromatic herbs, made its debut last month and was a great success. It is the favourite dish of one of the key members of the Oasis Cardiff kitchen team, Mohammed. Falafel wraps, inspired by the many cultures sharing their culinary identity, are delivered by Matt Davenport in a delicious recipe with homemade flat breads. Huda’s Sudanese meatballs, one of the most popular dishes of the kitchen so far, always made a return to my delight. And my Hibiscus lemonade, inspired by Reynette Roberts’ (Charity Director) love of hibiscus, is a staple you can always enjoy during those nights.

Kookoo Sabzi – one of many dishes offered on the changing menu

The menu of the Refugee Mobile Kitchen is inspired by the people, who work, volunteer and are supported by Oasis Cardiff.  It comes from its own kitchen, the heart of the charity and where a lot of the people supported by it, find solace, a warm welcome, hope, encouragement and appetite for their new life. I know this well as during the months of April and May 2018, I worked with some of these amazing people to record their recipes and create a menu for the Refugee Mobile Kitchen’s first outing at the Festival of Voice. The first trial event, which inspired the monthly Refugee Kitchen Pop-ups, took place back in May 2018 at the charity’s carpark and it was such a success it had to be follow up on a monthly basis. The process of identifying and showcasing foods of the wonderful team of refugees, asylum seekers and Oasis staff was life-affirming. We weighed, chatted, tasted and wrote everything down. But our work is much more than creating a catering menu. We are taking a snapshot of Cardiff’s existing and emerging culinary heritage.

One of the things that makes me happy about the Oasis Cardiff Refugee Mobile Kitchen is that it has consciously chosen to start its culinary adventure at home in Splott. Splott, unlike other areas of Cardiff, has not had a regular street food event for years. The reception of the pop-ups within the local community is heart-warming – in fact it was local community members who asked for it to be repeated. I am really proud of the legacy of my collaboration with Oasis Cardiff through the Festival of Voice – it is ethical to its core. I am proud that Oasis Cardiff is not just running immediately where the crowds already are, even though it will soon have to venture out to let even more people taste its delights and support its food venture. But most importantly, I am proud it is starting a new food event in an area of Cardiff often overlooked.  And in doing so it provides an engagement for many of the people it supports on a daily basis.

The Oasis Food Trailer Team at First Trial Event (C) Dan Green.jpg

So, as our beautiful city of Cardiff is compact and accessible, why not take a walk, jump on your bikes, share a lift and get your friends and family over to Oasis Cardiff’s car park. Join me to taste some amazing food, hang-out with great people, and speak to the people whose food you are eating and lives are helping change. The track will be at 69B Splott Road, CF24 2BW from 6.30 till 10pm. And if the weather turns bad there is shelter inside the charity so you really have no excuses! See you there.

Lia Moutselou runs Lia’s Kitchen, an ethical food venture inspired by sustainability, Greek cuisine and world flavours.  Her pop-ups, cooking classes and recipes have gained traction in Cardiff Wales since 2013. Lia’s recipes and food focus on seasonal, ethical and nutritional food, whilst the projects she works on showcase world flavours and global food cultures spreading a message of integration. Lia helped set up and deliver their first Oasis Cardiff Refugee Mobile Kitchen at Festival of Voice 2018.  Follow Lia’s Kitchen on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for recipes, pop-ups and food stories.

Oasis Cardiff is an organisation that aims to help Refugees and Asylum Seekers to integrate into their local community in Cardiff. The charity provides daily lunches for refugees and asylum seekers, women only sessions, craft sessions and language classes as well as a range of other activities. It celebrated its 10th birthday on 2 October 2018. Follow Oasis Cardiff on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for regular update of all their food and other ventures.

Find out more about Oasis Cardiff Refugee Mobile Kitchen and the charity’s other food ventures, including how to book catering by Oasis by contacting Matt Davenport, matt@oasiscardiff.org, 07814090614.

Volunteer at the Oasis Cardiff Kitchen to help the team deliver their daily kitchen lunches which feed approximate 150 people every day. To express your interested contact Matt, matt@oasiscardiff.org, 07814090614.


The man who ate Cardiff

Lee Eynon of Füüdblog tells us how he ate Cardiff.

It all started as a terrible mistake.

The novelty of Man Vs Food hadn’t worn off yet, and me and Pete thought we could handle the (now defunct) North Star pub’s giant burger challenge.

It was a very, very big burger. The size of a dozen quarter pounders.

After half an hour of glumly shovelling room temperature grey mince into our mouths we finally realised how wrong we were. While our respective other halves tried not to dwell too much on the terrible relationship choices that had led them there, I came to a realisation; food can be funny.

That’s how Füüdblog was born. I wrote about the experience of debasing myself with that sofa-cushion-sized behemoth of a burger to get a laugh – and it worked.

Cut to four years later and it’s been a bit of a ride. I’ve found myself invited to restaurant openings, quoted on WalesOnline, judging a sandwich competition, becoming embroiled in the odd Twitter barney and even helping brew a beer.

I’ve also experienced a new side to the city I call home, and I’m grateful for that.

People can be a bit down on the Cardiff food scene. It’s true that we’ll never be a London – we won’t even be a Bristol for a few years yet; there are too many boring chains in the city centre, we don’t have a Michelin Star standard restaurant and yes, we’re all a bit tired of new burger places.

But our food scene does have passion, guts and an incredible collaborative spirit.

Maybe it’s born of being such a small city, but everywhere I look I see small Cardiff food and drink businesses working together, pooling their skills and knowledge and trying out new things, whether they’re breweries, bakeries, butchers or bars.

Meeting the people who make up this amazing, ballsy, giving community is by far the most rewarding thing about food blogging in Cardiff.

Our local food and drink industry is full of people literally living their dreams – people who have had the courage to quit a relatively safe, comfortable 9-5 lifestyle to pursue something they love.

Not that I’m trying to romanticise it – speak to anyone in the business and they’ll tell you it’s a daily battle. From exorbitant business rates to no-shows and fake TripAdvisor reviews, there’s no shortage of obstacles to making a living feeding and watering others.

But you know what? Speak to Phil from Dusty Knuckle, Rhys and Adam from Crafty Devil, Shauna and Sam from Hangfire or a dozen others and I guarantee that they’ll tell you it’s been worth the blood, sweat, tears, burns and heartache.

And that’s why I think it’s worth writing about what they do.

My Top 5 Cardiff Eats

Picking my five favourite things to eat in Cardiff is like trying to pick my five favourite songs – basically impossible. But if I absolutely HAD to choose, then in no particular order:

  1. Blas-Y-Mor, Dusty Knuckle, Canton

Its name may mean ‘taste of the sea’ but it’s just as much a taste of Wales – the Dusty Knuckle team are obsessive about using the best quality Welsh produce on their wood fired  Neapolitan-style pizzas. This cockle, bacon and samphire crowned masterpiece will have you on your feet blasting out the anthem after a couple of bites.

  1. Steak and Chips, Asador 44, City Centre

You can get steak and chips in Wetherspoons for about a tenner. You can also do this at Asador 44 with their lunch menu. One will be a tasteless slice of shoe leather. The other will be a thick, juicy slice of heaven on a plate that you’ll want to eat in silence with your eyes closed. You can probably guess which is which.

  1. Pit Boss Plate, Hangfire BBQ, Barry

Remember when you were a kid and you wanted to have all the variety pack cereals at once but you weren’t allowed? Well imagine finally being able to do that, only with meat. The PBP is a taste of everything that has quite rightly made Hangfire Southern Kitchen famous – barbecue, cooked low and slow the way it’s meant to be. Their restaurant may be in Barry, but the Hangfire ladies cut their teeth in The ‘Diff and they pop-up here enough that I reckon we can still call them our own.

  1. Chocolate Brownie, Pettigrew Bakeries, Victoria Park

“A chocolate brownie can’t be that good can it?!” – try saying that after eating one from Pettigrew’s. You won’t be able to. Partly because your mouth will be stuck together with the gooiest, richest, most magnificently chocolatey lump of loveliness you’ve ever tasted, but also because you’ll realise just how wrong you were.

  1. Chicken Curry (Off the Bone) and Chips, Dorothy’s, Caroline Street

(photo from TripAdvisor)

Better than any kebab and surprisingly palatable while sober, this is a true Cardiff staple. You have never truly tasted life in the Welsh capital until you’ve sunk one too many pints of Brains on match day, meandered your way up to Caroline Street and devoured a polystyrene cartonful of this glorious stodge.

Follow Füüdblog! @FüüdblogFüüdblog website

Big thanks to Lee for this great round up of his best Cardiff eats! Now who fancies a trip down Chippy Lane??


Feast Fest is here!

Cardiff is slowly but surely becoming street food city, quite literally, and Feast Fest is one of our favourite ventures to be launched this year!

Feast Fest is launching a colourful outdoor ‘feastival’ on Womanby Street, with five weekends of street food, farmers market, music, vintage clothing, vinyl sales, skate competitions, DJs, craft beers, art exhibitions and much more.

Feast Fest – Facebook event page

The top street food traders in Wales, along with local food producers will be offering kerbside dining every Saturday and Sunday from July 29 to August 26.

Womanby Street is the city’s alternative heartland, just a two-minute stroll from the Castle and five minutes from the central train station. The street has some of the best loved music venues, bars, restaurants, indie shops, tap and ale houses in the city, and is often where we end up after a long night of hard drinking and fast dancing.

The bars and venues will be opening to provide daytime entertainment, craft beers, wines and much more. Award-winning street food chef Jamie O‘Leary of Jols Food Co, who is spearheading the event, said:

“As a chef I’ve grown to love the street food experience – the reward is seeing the customer’s face light up as they watch their meal cooked and handed to them moments later. With ‘Feast Fest’ I intend to put the street food experience back where it should be – on the street. And Womanby Street is such a rich, cultural and vibrant location in the capital – with the recent Save Womanby Street campaign it became apparent that this is a street that the citizens of Cardiff are proud of and therefore an ideal location for a summer-long food market.”

The market will be open at weekends between 12-7pm. Traders appearing on rotation at Feast Fest include Annand George Tuk Tuk, Jols Food Co, Rule of Tum Burgers, Dusty Knuckles Pizza Co, Mr Croquewich, Rackdogs, Shwarmarama, Ffwrnes Pizza, The Bearded Taco, Science Cream, Dixies Vintage Ice creams, The Pork Society, Mighty Soft shell Crab, Shelly’s, EL Chilango and Got Beef.

For full details on trader line up, farmers market and weekly entertainment keep an eye on the website www.feastfestcardiff.com and Facebook @feastfestcardiff 


Viva Vegan Festival Cardiff

Have you been to one of Cardiff’s seemingly endless array of vegan festivals yet? We sent student Maika Wagner along to Viva Vegan to dish the dirt. Not literally. The food actually sounds totes delish there.


My interest in veganism is personal, as I became vegan for health reasons about four years ago. In between I had a stretch of being vegetarian. It wasn’t until later that I started to think about the treatment of animals etc. I think it’s important to promote veganism in a peaceful way instead of the militant way some vegans go about it. It’s important for people to see that it is not as hard as they think to be vegan and that one person can make a difference with their diet, not just to the animals, but also for themselves and their health.
My neighbours had a stretch of being vegan back in 2012, and at first I thought it was quite extreme, because I did not get the motivation behind it. At some point I was looking at weight-loss diets and found this one book by Attila Hildmann. My neighbour had it, so I tried the 30-day challenge and stayed vegan afterwards, as during that time I had read up on all the animal cruelty and it just didn’t sit right with me.

There have been many vegan festivals going on in Cardiff throughout the last year, this most recent one looked like it might be the biggest one yet: The Viva Vegan Festival.

Having been held at the City Hall this Saturday, the Viva Vegan Festival attracted quite a few people who were interested in veganism or were already vegan. The entry fee of two pounds seemed reasonable enough for passers-by to give it a go. Being held in City Hall gave it a more official feeling than other vegan festivals in the city that I had been to. For £14 pounds, you could even have booked a VIP ticket in advance and get a goody-bag and also, most importantly, jump the queue.

If you didn’t fancy splashing out, there were some food trucks outside City Hall so you could have a taste of what was inside.

viva_vegan_festival_city_hall-02 viva_vegan_festival_city_hall-03 viva_vegan_festival_city_hall-04 viva_vegan_festival_city_hall-05

The stalls featured at the festival were very diverse, ranging from different foods, over bath accessories, skin care, makeup, clothing, art etc, all the way to animal rights activists. Most of the stall-holders were not Cardiff based, but can be found online.

My personal favourites were Solkiki, Bohemian Chic Minerals, chaaboo and Flavour Fusion. However, the all-time favourites with the masses are Mr Nice Pie and The Vegan Bakery.

Solikiki is the most amazing raw chocolate (my favourites are his white chocolate salted peanut and white chocolate hazelnut). The chocolates are Fairtrade and it is ensured that a large amount of the profit goes directly to the farmers.

Bohemian Chic Minerals makes mineral makeup for extremely sensitive skin. Every product is hyper-pigmented, so a even though the tubs are small, they will stretch for quite a while.

Chaaboo makes amazing, cold-pressed, hand-made soaps. There are different scents and two different sizes, which allows one to buy a small hamper of test-soaps as a cute, cruelty-free gift. My favourite scent is the green-tea soap. Many people don’t realise that soap is often made from animal fat and it is nice to have an alternative without having to check the label.

Flavour Fusion is a sort of ‘vegan parmesan’, made from almonds and spices. You can either sprinkle it on top of food or mix it with some olive oil for a dip or pesto, for some amazing flavour.

viva_vegan_festival_city_hall-06 viva_vegan_festival_city_hall-07 viva_vegan_festival_city_hall-08 viva_vegan_festival_city_hall-09 viva_vegan_festival_city_hall-10

Apart from the stalls, there were also a variety of vegan talks and vegan cooking-demonstrations going on throughout the day, such as Jane Easton’s baking demonstration. She is the author of the Viva vegan cookbook and gave some great tips on baking, while also doing some myth-busting along the way.

I was born in Cambridge, but raised in Hamburg, Germany. Hamburg was probably one of the first cities to have a completely vegan supermarket. A lot of the vegan foods found in the UK are currently being imported from either the US or Germany, so it’s funny to be in a store here and start reading out german labels. There’s a district in Hamburg called Schanze. It’s the hip, young district and has a ton of vegan options, including a vegan ice-cream shop, which is amazing. But you’ll usually find vegan stuff even in normal supermarkets, although more limited than a health-food store. Also, many of my close friends in Germany are vegetarian or vegan, so it’s really easy when going out or going round each other’s houses.

Maika Wagner is 21 years old and was born in Cambridge, UK, but moved to Hamburg, Germany when she was five. From 2010 to 2011, she was on an exchange year in Lecce, Italy, learning the language and getting to know the people there. She moved back to Cardiff to study and is currently on her third year of Contemporary Music Performance at the Atrium.

Milgi Market – grand opening and FREE lunches, Thursday December 1st

Who said there’s no such thing as a free lunch?? Roath-based good food institution Milgi are opening a new branch in Cardiff Indoor Market, and to celebrate they are giving away 50 free lunches on Thursday 1st December from 11am – first come, first served!


The MILGI MARKET menu will consist of seasonally inspired – wholefood bowls, one pots, sushi wraps, hot and cold elixirs and conscientious sweet treats – you’ll even be able to add extra superfoods.

You will also be able to pick up everyday essentials, dry store goods and Christmas stocking fillers to kickstart your plant based living at home. Bespoke small batch food and lifestyle products will be coming in the new year.

Gabrielle Kelly Milgi Market owner says: “Our ambition is to become the go-to option for anyone looking for a quick bite in the city centre. We’ll be serving a range of delicious seasonal and natural fast food all lovingly made at the kiosk. We’re all about making everyday delicious, wholesome food that makes you feel great inside and out.”

The kiosk is number 15-16 and used to be a butcher’s shop, opposite the new Penylan Pantry Cheese counter!

If you can’t make into the market you can use Deliveroo for all office lunchtime deliveries within Cardiff region.

Find out more:

MILGI Market Grand Opening Facebook event

MILGI Facebook page



Get your nom on! Street Food Circus back for the August Bank Holiday Fiesta!

Does anyone else feel like this year has been a crazy indulgent mess of a year so far?? This morning I seriously considered getting myself one of those calorie-counter apps … until I realised:

a) it’s the weekend

b) Street Food Circus is on


So I’m just going to forget about it and stuff myself until you guys need to break down the wall of my house to lift me out with a crane.

Anyway, on with the show … the Street Food Circus is BACK in Sophia Gardens this weekend, for their Bank Holiday Fiesta! Open Thursday – Monday this weekend (details at the bottom of this post) in Sophia Gardens, Bute Park.

EAT THE STREET! Introducing the Street Food Circus’ £5 taster menu!

Here’s what you’ll be able to scoff this weekend …
Bearded Taco
Gin & Tonic Tempura avocado taco topped with honey and lemon slaw and chipotle aioli served with salted tortilla chips and homemade salsa (v)

Brother Thai
Thai Roti – A freshly cooked soft and flaky paratha with your filling of choice, Thai herbs and salad slaw with pickle dressing. (vo)

Brulee Bar
Madagascan Vanilla creme brulee with fresh strawberries, a scoop of vanilla ice cream and shortbread biscuit. (v)

Big Fish Little Fish
Crab flatbread smothered in garlic butter served with crispy sweet chilli slaw

Cheese Truck
Fondue fries – Three Cheese fondue sauce over golden fries (v)

Shawarma lamb with mint yoghurt and roasted butternut squash

Dirty Bird
Dirty Posh Buttermilk Fried Chicken with Parmesan, Truffle oil, Chives and Pickled Celery

Dusty Knuckle
Deconstructed pizza with ferment’s, pickles and slaws (vo)

Early Bird Bakery
Mini brioche doughnut bites with Halen Mon salted caramel, banana cream & candied walnuts (v)

Ffwrness (on rotation)
Snacking Salami & Bruschetta (vo)

Gopals Curry Shack
Pakora Chaat salad box-mini pakoras, Masala dhal, jaipur slaw, mint & coriander chutney, yogurt, chaat Masala & pomegranate, red onion and coriander garnish (v)

Got Beef
PBNBJ- Peanut butter, beer jelly, American cheese, bacon, Welsh black, secret sauce and crispy onions.

Hang Fire (Fri/Sat Only)
Louisiana Red Gumbo served in a bread bowl

Ice Green
The Lemon Meringue Waffle:
1 waffle with lemon curd vegan ice cream and crushed meringue pieces. (v) (gf)

La Ffogga
Original Raclette, Grilled Cheese avalanched over a bed of new potatoes with gherkins and pickled onions (v)

Little Bao Peep
Red Pulled Pork, Wasabi Mayo, Pickled Cucumber, Peanut & Oreo Powder

Lola’s Wings
Bleu cheese fries topped with a saucy wing

Meat & Greek
Keftedes – Greek Cypriot meatballs handmade and deep fried served with a lemon wedge.

Mighty Soft Shell Crab
Soft Shell Crab Tempura with sweet chilli sauce

Mr Croquewich
Petit Croquewich served with potato croquettes, reblochon cheese dipping sauce and sweet pickled vegetables (v)

Deep Fried beef shin and Gruyere bites

Pickled Brisket
Salt Beef glazed brioche slider x2 with choice of pickles and cheese.

Pork Society
Confit belly bites, Asian veg and chilli soy dressing.

Purple Poppadom
Slow cooked beef brisket two ways with aromatic spices, homemade leavened bread, pickles, chutney and gram flour vermicelli

Pregos Street Food
Griddled Chicken Piri Piri and grilled pepper wrap

Science Ice Cream
Handmade ice cream malted chocolate chip sandwich (v)

Sea Dogs
Seaside Popcorn, Crispy Mussels, cockles and fish with pickled slaw. Chilli vinegar and cornish seaweed salt (BSFA winner 2015)

Slowpig (on rotation)
Nduja Scotch Egg / Lettuce wrap (pork or lamb) / Charcuterie plate, pickled rhubarb
Scratchings, pickled apple / Pig’s head nuggets, pickled blackberries / Albondigas

Spanish Buffet
Vegan Paella with seasonal veg, rice and beans (v)

Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen
Spiced vegan bean stew with jollof rice and caramelised plantain chips. (v)


Opening hours:

Thursday: 5pm – 11pm
Friday: 5pm – 11pm
Saturday: 2pm – 11pm
Sunday: 12pm – 6pm
Monday: 12pm – 6pm

* 20 of the tastiest independent street food traders
* £5 taster dishes from every trader
* Craft cider, beer and ales
* SFC Margaritas
* Circus Big Top Dining
* Singha Street – Asian food area
* Easy Parking
* Guest DJs and busking bands
* Milgi Pop-Up Restuarants
* Feast Clwb Thursdays

A festival vibe in the heart of the Cardiff! More taste, More Flavour

Location: Sophia Gardens
We’re next to the National Express Coach Station, follow the River Taff and look for the BigTop.

For more info visit www.streetfoodcircus.co.uk



Lunch at The Pilot: venturing out of Cardiff

Just south of Cardiff lies the sleepy, seaside town of Penarth, which forms a nice stop off if you’re hiking the Wales Costal Path, or just want a slow-paced day out from Cardiff. There are plenty of nice eateries there, one of which is a pub that got a mention in this year’s Michelin Guide: The Pilot.

Today, it’s a bright and breezy boozer, part of the Knife and Fork group (that also own The Conway in Pontcanna), and sports white, wooden panel walling, and nautical themed details dotted around the place. There’s a restaurant area, a lounge, and tables outside for those brief moments when the sun’s out.


A few years ago, before it was taken over by The Knife and Fork I used to live just up the street from The Pilot, when it was a very different beast: full of surly locals, dark and dingy inside, and with the vague sniff of waccy baccy as you’d wander past, keys in hand (just in case, like). I only dared go in for a drink once, and it was the fastest pint I ever drank.

Today the place couldn’t be more different: it’s friendly and welcoming, and the day I visited, it was full of “ladies doing lunch” (any TV execs reading this – you should immediately be preparing for the ‘Housewives of Penarth’, right?), along with a couple of hikers and cyclists who had stopped for refuelling on their way. The restaurant area has a cosy wood burning stove and beautiful views over Cardiff Bay. What’s not to love?

There’s a special lunch menu, which mostly consists of baguettes / sandwiches for around a fiver (perfect if you’re just stopping for something quick), or you can order from the main a la carte menu. There are also daily specials. As we weren’t in a rush, we went for three courses (sharing the starter and pudding).

For a shared starter, we picked the squid and prawn with Asian slaw.


Looks delicious, right? It really was. The squid was soft and tender, and the prawns grilled to perfection.

For mains, there was a wide selection on the a la carte menu (salmon, lamb, and beef) but we picked the duo of pork and the beetroot risotto (obviously to eat sharesies). We also asked for a recommendation of wine to accompany the pork (I let my dining partner deal with this, as I’ve never been a wine drinker).

Duo_of_pork_The_Pilot_Lunch Beetroot_risotto_The_Pilot_Lunch

The duo of pork was a big winner: particularly the belly pork, which was cooked to perfection (especially the crackling …).

The risotto was a sweet main, with torn chunks of goat’s cheese to cut through the sweetness. Also some beetroot crisps on top. It was delicious (so if you’re a vegetarian, you’re in good hands in The Pilot!).

I could bang on about how nice it was (and it really, really was very nice), but it’s probably easier to just show you:


I did wonder whether we’d manage to stuff in anything else after that, but obviously there’s always space for pudding, right?

I was tempted by the Earl Grey creme brulee, but the bread and butter pudding was recommended so we picked that instead. I hadn’t eaten the old bnb since school (and didn’t have great memories of it from then), but it was light and fluffy, and served with some insanely good vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce. If you can imagine me doing a Homer Simpson style face drool, that’s what happened here.


We just about managed a couple of coffees before falling into a food coma. Luckily, The Pilot is right on the top of the hill on the northern edge of Penarth, overlooking the Bay and Cardiff beyond it.


Photo by Ben Salter

If you’ve got a healthy appetite, you’re in luck here: the portions are generous, the food is delicious, the service is friendly, and it’s a lovely location to while away some long hours in the afternoon.

So if you’re on the Wales Coastal Path, just wandering vaguely across the Barrage, or looking for somewhere to get out of Cardiff, The Pilot comes highly recommended as a place for food or just drinks. They have a different ale on tap everyday, as they support a local Vale of Glamorgan brewery.

They do plenty of offers that chance on a weekly basis (for more info, check @ThePilotPenarth Twitter feed). Steak Wednesdays? Six Nations burgers? Yes please!

To see The Pilot’s latest menu, see The Pilot’s Blackboard

The Pilot, 67 Queens Road, Penarth CF64 1DJ

Have a mezze Christmas with Meat and Greek!

We popped along to the Meat and Greek pop-up restaurant in the Corys building on the corner of Bute Street last night. It was super special for a couple of reasons….


The building is grade II listed, and was built in 1889 for the Corys Brothers & Co. The business included ship’s chandlery, brokerage and the sale and export of coal. Ever since I’ve lived in Cardiff, this building has been boarded up, seemingly derelict.

4 5

The ever-wonderful Meat and Greek, who are a local Greek Cypriot family, have lovingly painted and cleaned the lobby of the building, and built an absolutely gorgeous inside garden, made of wood and pallets and fairy lights. This is not your usual thrown-together pop-up. They must have spent days and days making this place look so beautiful.


The second reason it’s such a wonderful experience is the food! The menu is tastefully short – offering one starter, two platters (one meat, one veggie) and one dessert. Platters comes with decent sized portions of pork, beef, halloumi, stuffed peppers, Greek salad, potatoes, aubergines, spanakopita (a savoury pastry), hummus and tzatziki….

The service is fast, everything is reasonably priced, and the staff are incredible. It’s only open for the first three weekends in December, so don’t miss out on this extra special pop-up!

There’s more info on their Facebook page.

Hana xx



Street Food Cardiff presents The Street Food Circus! Throughout May and June 2015 – get your eat on!

There is something VERY exciting happening through May and June – Street Food Cardiff are BACK, and bringing you a whole bunch of street food choices with a particularly circus vibe!

Behold – the Street Food Circus!


So here’s the deal: Throughout May and June, the Street Food Circus will be bringing you the best local food on Fridays and Saturdays, 5pm – 11pm and Sundays, 2pm – 10pm.


Sounds good, yeah? There will be street food trucks, craft ales and beers, cocktail bars, and pizza wars!

If you’re wondering what the whole circus thing is about – check out the big top that’s going up outside the NoFit State Circus HQ on John Street …


(photo by Chris Price)

The big top will be doing double servings, as NoFit State bring Bianco back to Cardiff in June (we’ll be posting about that soon!), and also as the central focus point of the Street Food Circus!

On weekends throughout May and June, get yourselves down there to enjoy.

Cardiff Street Food: Meet the traders! (Wales Online)

Join their Facebook event to keep up to date: Cardiff Street Food Circus!


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Dolma-licious! Learn to roll dolma with Lia’s Kitchen, Saturday 18 April 2015

We’ve long been supporters of Lia’s Kitchen here at We Are Cardiff – she champions great food and has fed our hungover heads many times.

And on Saturday 18 April, Lia is running her first workshop! It will cover rolling Dolma, vine leaf rice wraps. The half day workshop between 11am and 2pm includes lunch, drinks and refreshments and your own takeaway dolma. Tasty!

This is Lia. Read the interview we did with her last year: Invite to Lia’s Kitchen

As a special We Are Cardiff treat, we’ve got a discount code for our readers who’d like to attend the dolma workshop! Go through the booking link below and use the code MATESRATES

We hope you enjoy the class! Bring us back a dolma, would you?


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“Cardiff Food Project has changed the way I think about food, photography and of course, Cardiff” – Lauren


I grew up in the Vale of Glamorgan, Penarth to be exact, and although it was a great place to grow up in, as I got older I started to feel disconnected, and longed to live somewhere else. When I finished school at sixteen, I decided to skip sixth form and head straight to Coleg Glan Hafren. I still – to this day – believe this was one of the best decisions I have ever made. It got me out into the world and gave me a chance to make new friends. In fact, it was at Glan Hafren that I made friends for life. All my friends there grew up and lived in Cardiff, and most of them still do.

After college, many of them went off to university and I stayed around to work, do some travelling and generally trying to figure out what I wanted to do. At some point, I needed to start making some decisions and one I really needed to make was the choice to go to university. I knew that economically it would make sense to study in Cardiff, I had job security and all my friends were here, so I moved to Roath and went back to college. Then at the grand old age of 23 (believe me, when the majority of your classmates are 18, 23 feels really old) I started university and never looked back.

Now, I am about to embark on my third and final year, I had one more decision to make – do I stay here after university? Or do I sail off into the sunset and see where the wind takes me? It was a tough decision, but I have spent my first 25 years of life here, so I think it is time to sail for a bit. However, I needed to remind myself of what Cardiff has given me over the years, and I wanted to create something that could represent that.

So this led me to creating a project that I could really connect with. I spent a few weeks going over ideas and came up with the Cardiff Food Project. I wanted this to be a blog that offered people a chance to find a new market or a new little corner of Cardiff they may have never knew existed. Through the blog, I have found new places and opportunities, and it has changed the way I think about food, photography and of course, Cardiff.

I’ve learned so much in the two months I’ve been running it, and I know I still have a lot more to learn. It has provided me with the confidence to try my hand at new things. I have set up a supper club, and am working on a new photography and travel website, and I hope to continue my writing. I have also become more aware of what is going in and around Cardiff and my local area. It has opened up my world to new possibilities and new connections, and really the only thing I have to thank for that is Cardiff.

I still have plans to head off in other directions, plans to work and live in different parts of the world. However, no matter where I go, Cardiff will always be home.

Lauren Mahoney is currently an event management student, often dodging the ‘typical’ students of the Roath area on her way to work. When she is not doing any of those three things, Lauren is working hard on her blog cffoodproject.blogspot.co.uk and her new travel and photography website (not yet launched) and getting involved in as many food, travel and photography projects as she can.

Lauren was photographed at Gelynis Farm by Ffion Matthews