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Spread the news- we have a new good news editor!

We have a new writer and editor over here at We Are Cardiff! The wonderful Cat Johnston is going to be curating our good news, seeking out the goodness in our community and spreading it around like melted Nutella.

10897036_1082703905079654_5102542298178946618_nSo that referendum happened, and the result came out, and a whole lot of reaction came after it. There has been so much hate and anger, from both sides, and we want to change that. Whether people voted leave or remain, whether they regret their decision now or stand by it, is irrelevant compared to that reaction. The media has not helped, with negative and sometimes spiteful and hate-inducing stories dominating our screens. In an age where news stories and peoples’ opinions are so readily available through multiple outlets, whether we want to hear them or not, that negativity can feel overwhelming.

There is so much more good going on in the world though, and right here in Cardiff. We want to claim back that good, we want to claim back nice (a massively underrated word) and we want to share it.

We don’t want to be overwhelmed by the negative: we want to highlight the uplifting, inspiring and heart-warming, and if we can inject a bit of humour in along the way then all the better! Whenever there is something bad in the world, look for the good: it’s always there. Look for the helpers, they are always there but not always seen. Look for the people who are turning the situation into something positive. Look for the love. If you can’t find it, then be that good yourself.

This blog is about us being that change, sick of all the negativity and wanting to focus on the more important things. We want to bring you wonderful, amusing, joyful stories of goodness, niceness and humanity (and sometimes animality!). In our own small way we will be fighting this negativity and hatred, through smiles and togetherness. We are together, We Are Cardiff!

For today, it seems like a good place to start our sharing of good news stories on the positive outcomes people are bringing from this referendum, irrespective of how they voted. The Cardiff for Europe event in town on Tuesday 28th June is a brilliant example of this. This was not a protest at the result: it was a positive celebration of Europe and our togetherness. The event included speakers from a variety of organisations talking about the impact of the referendum and sharing the message of hope not hate. A glance around the crowd that had gathered in The Hayes was inspiring: from the young to the older; fluWP_20160628_18_46_50_Proent Welsh-Speakers to those who felt the need to clap along even though they didn’t understand the language; commuters who had joined on their way home from work, to people who had planned to be there; French, Polish, and no doubt many other nationalities, all listening to messages of positivity, of hope, and of cohesion. All there for a common goal: to celebrate our differences as much as our commonalities.

In true Cardiff style, the rain joined in the party with vigour, but that didn’t deter people. It was like an urban Glastonbury, minus the mud and face paint. There was even a performance from Gruff Rhys from the Super Furry Animals, but the real musical treat was a spontaneous burst of Mae hen wlad fy nhadau by the crowd at the end as people started leaving, proving the Welsh really are all beautiful singers!

The entire event was put on at the last minute by a small group of impassioned people who wanted to do something good and positive and to share that message. We are going to continue to share good news stories like this with you, but also letting you know what you can get involved in Cardiff, to create your own good news. We’ll be keeping this page updated but if you have a story you want to share, or something you’d like us to write about, then let us know.

Before we go though, here’s a lovely uplifting video to give you the serious warm and fuzzies today. Hope it makes you smile and be thankful for all the good people and animals in the world making their tiny corner of it that much brighter. This is, after all, the point of our good news initiative.