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The Big Lunch is in Cardiff (and everywhere) on Sunday 1 June 2014. Are you ready?

This Sunday millions of people across the UK will come together for The Big Lunch, the annual get together for neighbours.  It’s a simple idea from the Eden Project, made possible by the Big Lottery, to get as many people as possible across the UK to have lunch with their neighbours once a year in a simple act of community, friendship and fun.

There are loads of Big Lunches taking place in and around Cardiff this weekend, from small, private events in streets and back gardens to big, public events like the Shelley Garden Food Festival in Roath, so make sure you get involved if there’s one happening near you.

It’s also not too late to organise your own Big Lunch. FREE resource packs are still available from http://www.thebiglunch.com or by calling 0845 850 818.  The pack is full of useful resources and a sprinkling of inspiration and all the materials are undated, so if 1 June is a bit too soon or doesn’t suit no worries, have it on a day that suits you and your community best.

Get your mates together, meet your neighbours, celebrate the diversity of our lovely city or simply share a beer and a bite to eat with those closest to you.  #TheBigLunch

For more information, contact Gwion Thorpe, 029 2078 6192 or 07801227288
www.thebiglunch.com / www.yciniomawr.com 

Cardiff: my personal geography, by Gwion Thorpe


In Cardiff, home is…

Canton with the wife, kids and the coolest 3-legged dog in Wales.

Favourite Cardiff eatery

Hangfire Smokehouse at The Lansdowne

Ideal first date in Cardiff?

Fry up at Saffron, boating on Roath Lake, watch Wales beat England (again!) at the stadium, pints at Tap House, curry at Purple Poppadom, early night 😉

Tell us something that most people don’t know about you

I have the longest tongue in Wales (unofficial)

Earliest Cardiff memory

Watching Paul Bodin miss THAT penalty at the Arms Park and seeing grown men cry

What was the last film you saw?

Frozen (for probably the 20th time this week)

Favourite Cardiff shops

Rules of Play, Riverside Market

Best Cardiff-based leisure activity

Chilling in the park (take your pick). Simples.

What was the last book you read?

The Prodigal Daughter, Archer.

Biggest ambition

For my children to be proud of me and not to have any regrets on my death bed

Best Cardiff pubs

Urban TapHouse and The Lansdowne

Favourite Cardiff discovery

The New York Hoagie

Last album you listened to

Gipsy Kings, self titled (instant sunshine).

If you had friends coming to Cardiff for a weekend, what would you recommend they do?

Take me out on my ideal first date (minus the early night)!

Your ambitions for the future?

No regrets and make my children proud

What do you want to achieve this year?

Four million people taking part in The Big Lunch on June 1st!! 

Gwion Thorpe is involved in a number of social / community projects in Cardiff / Wales. Current day job is social marketing for The Big Lunch, a wonderfully simple campaign to help strengthen communities and spread a bit of happiness by encouraging people to have lunch with their neighbours annually on the 1st Sunday in June.  Also proudly a Director for Cardiff’s award-winning RCMA Social Enterprise (home of the Riverside Market) and a (very) part-time blogger at inspiringcardiff.com, sharing the stories of awesome people doing really cool things across the city. Cymro Cymraeg!

Gwion was photographed at The Lansdowne by Adam Chard