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How to help Cardiff’s homeless people: Christmas 2017 edition

Over the past couple of years, the incredible Project Shoebox has gathered hundreds of boxes from you generous people to gift during the cold winter months. This year Project Shoebox isn’t running again, HOWEVER, some charities that support homeless and vulnerable people are running their own collections. So you can still donate and support. Also big thanks to Mali who has tirelessly pushed Project Shoebox in the city. Much respect.

There’s plenty to show the number of homeless people in Cardiff and across the UK is increasing. The Wallich publish figures of the number of people they support on a monthly basis, and while this isn’t an absolute figure, you can see the rough trend.

You can find out more and donate money to the Wallich here: https://thewallich.com/donate/

If you would like to donate money to Women’s Aid, you can do so here: https://www.justgiving.com/cardiffwomensaid

You can also donate directly to The Huggard Centre: http://www.huggard.org.uk/how-you-can-help/donate/

Llamau are collecting gifts and care packages. Gifts can be dropped off at the Llamau office Mon-Thur 9-5 and Fri 9-4.30, with a cut-off date around the 11th December.

Llamau head office address: 23 Cathedral Road, Cardiff, CF11 9HA (029 2023 9585)

Here’s what’s on Llamau’s Christmas wish list: feel free to buy other things, if you think they would be suitable. Llamau support men aged 16-24, women of all ages, and children up to age 16.

  • Sweets/chocolates/biscuits
  • Watercolour painting set
  • Adult colouring books
  • Stationery/pens/pencils/folders/colouring pencils
  • Calendars/diaries
  • Cook books
  • Hairdryer/brushes/hair accessories
  • Men’s toiletries
  • Perfume/aftershave
  • Women’s Toiletries/bath fizzers
  • Make up/nail varnish
  • Socks/beanies/scarves/gloves/umbrellas
  • Pyjamas/slippers
  • Headphones
  • Purses/wallets/backpacks
  • Hot water bottle
  • Soft furnishings/cushions/photo frames
  • Small alarm clock
  • Cookware
  • Children’s toys/ books/pyjamas/games/puzzle books

Maybe get some inspiration from this homeless care package:

If you have any other details of ways people can support homeless and vulnerable people this Christmas, please leave a comment below and share this article.




El Paso’s Pay it forward – help pay for a meal for the homeless

Political uncertainties got you down? Why not ‘do a good thing’ and donate towards hot meals for homeless people.

The lovely people at El Paso’s Grill on City Road are running a scheme where you can add £3 on to the price of your food to help fund meals for homeless people: El Paso’s Pay It Forwards.

The number of people sleeping rough in Cardiff has more than doubled in the past few years. Cardiff charity The Wallich reported there were 31 people sleeping rough this April, compared to 12 people per month in 2013.

El Paso’s are currently providing 10-15 meals a night to the homeless. They say there has been a huge response to their project, and all those that have benefited have been very thankful.

They are now reaching out to the wider public to help support them in ensuring everyone has at least one hot meal a day.

Please consider donating to their GoFundMe page, and sharing their campaign on your newsfeeds, and emailing your friends, families and colleagues.

El Paso’s Pay It Forward campaign

El Paso’s Grill on Facebook

Photo by Ben Blyth Photography, from his Behind the Streets project
Photo by Ben Blyth Photography, from his Behind the Streets project

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