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Invisible Soldiers – Jessica Ventura

Last year, Brazilian photographer Jessica Ventura settled in Cardiff for a few months. We were lucky enough to have her shoot a couple of events for We Are Cardiff. Recently she sent across images of a project called “Invisible Soldiers”.

These photographs were taken here in Cardiff in the (very) early mornings.

Invisible Soldiers 1 Invisible Soldiers 2 Invisible Soldiers 3 Invisible Soldiers 4 Invisible Soldiers 5 Invisible Soldiers 6 Invisible Soldiers 7 Invisible Soldiers 8 Invisible Soldiers 9

Jessica says: “In the end, the series is about the people that work to get the city ready for the next morning, and also the appearance of the centre of city when most of the people are still in bed and not even left their homes yet. This was the basic concept of my project.”

“I used to enjoy a lot to go out walking around to figure out what there was in different places in the city. I loved the arcades and the cosy coffee shops you can find in them. I also loved Bute Park – that was my favorite place in the city.”

“Another thing I liked about Cardiff was the fact that even being a capital with so much going on, it was still a calm place to live in.”

Big thanks to you, Jessica. We enjoyed having you here in the city!

Jessica’s other posts for us:



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