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Cardiff Alms – re-inventing the blue plaques writing workshop, Sunday 19 October 2014

A few months back, Jodie Ashdown wrote a piece for We Are Cardiff about some forgotten Cardiff places that she used to frequent. She picked out The Cabin, The Monaco, The Bandstand and Rhiwbina Infants as parts of Cardiff that contained personal pieces of history for her.

Read that piece here: Jodie Ashdown – Cardiff Alms


This Sunday as part of Made In Roath festival, Jodie will be running a free creative writing workshop at the Poet’s Corner Pub on City Road, where you’re invited along to encourage you to think about lost city landmarks in a new way. Remember a pub which you used to frequent but is now a bank? Your childhood home knocked down for flats? Here is the place to put pen to paper and pay homage to Cardiff past. See you there, right?

Cardiff Alms Facebook event

Art Car Bootique, Chapter 25 May 2014 – review by Jodie Ashdown

We sent writer Jodie Ashdown along to Chapter’s Art Car Bootique to brave the rain and enjoy the arts on offer this year. Were you there?

Art Car Bootique by Jodie Ashdown

On Sunday, 25 May, was held the visual, olfactory, gustatory and auditory feast that is the Art Car Bootique. Held in the car park of Chapter Arts Centre in Canton, the bootique is a day for the entertainers, musicians, food stall holders, artists, trinket creators, jewellery makers and illustrious illustrators of Cardiff to show us their mettle.

art car bootique by jodie ashdown art car bootique by jodie ashdown art car bootique by jodie ashdown

Described as a ‘psychedelic village fete’, the event is perfect for the whole family – children’s entertainers absorb and delight the little ones, along with kid’s tables and activities, while the slightly older folk can sneak off for a meander into the selection of German beer and other such sparkle-inducing beverages.

Art Car Bootique by Jodie Ashdown Art Car Bootique by Jodie Ashdown Art Car Bootique by Jodie Ashdown Art Car Bootique by Jodie Ashdown Art Car Bootique by Jodie Ashdown

You can make your perfect partner through the medium of sock puppet, sing your heart out in the ‘car-e-oke’, make bubbles on a bike, create music with a flyer, knock Putin off his shy, pick up a lovely illustration of boobies, have a song sung about you, tuck into tapas, snag yourself a vintage bargain and become a photo booth star – all in an afternoon’s work.

Art Car Bootique by Jodie Ashdown Art Car Bootique by Jodie Ashdown Art Car Bootique by Jodie Ashdown Art Car Bootique by Jodie Ashdown

With food, music and drinks into the evening, the bootique did its very best to stand in the face of the downpours and cloudy skies and say, ‘Screw you rain, we’re Welsh, we don’t need sunshine to have a good time’ and laughed raucously. Manically, perhaps.

It’s a bloody good day out and highly recommended. Get yourself there next year!



Thanks Jodie! Were you at Chapter on Sunday? Did we see you there?? Until next time…


Snapped Up Market – Furry Little Creatures at the Printhaus

Contributing writer Jodie Ashdown popped along to the Snapped Up Market at the Printhaus to have a go at some activities. Here’s what she got up to!

Printhaus Snapped Up Market

Sitting just off the main street, nestled in between closed hairdressers and Sunday drinkers is a special little place. A place that throws open its doors to the public so that they can print, shop, sew, hammer and drink craft beer to their heart’s content.

And this place is called the Snapped-Up Market.

Occurring quarterly, the Snapped-Up Market is a hands-on experience with activities suitable for adults and children and an overarching theme unique to that particular market. This time the market, which took place on the 6 April 2014, was focused around the theme ‘Furry Little Creatures’. Previous themes have included ‘Heroes & Comix’ and ‘Circus’.

Taking place in the Printhaus workshop on Llandaff Road, the market is a chance for local artists, artisans and generally artistic people to come along and show their wares, as well as giving us less-creative folk the chance to try our hand at making something awesome.

Printhaus Snapped Up Market

Printhaus Snapped Up Market

We are Cardiff headed down on the day to try out a few of the crafts and sample one, maybe two, of the beers.

Snapped Up Market

The atmosphere is immediately uplifting, even in the dreary rainfall of a cloudy April Sunday. Everyone is friendly and relaxed, not just the stallholders and artists but also the customers who meander, coffee in hand, through the workshop under crisscrossed bunting surrounded by original art. The graffiti artwork adorning the outer walls is an accurate indication of the creative hub inside. We decided to have a go at a few of the activities on offer.

First up was Alys from www.thepocketpirate.com. Aside from selling, among other things, handmade cushions, fabric purses and bags, Alys provides you with the opportunity to make a leather purse. The procedure is pretty simple: you choose your leather, cut, mark, stick, sew, chat and then you’re done. A simple but effective project, all for £7.

Jodie at the Printhaus

Next was Lydia who will guide you through making your own silver ring. It’s a satisfying process involving a hammer, acid and a blow torch. For obvious reasons, you have to be over 16 years old but it’s a pretty unique way of hammering out your frustrations and turning them into something beautiful. Lydia also has an array of silver jewellery on sale at the market and also does bespoke designs. Here’s her website: www.niziblian.com.


The printing part of the market came next. The Printhaus ( www.theprinthaus.org ) have a good stock of printing equipment which the team (Nigel, Tom, Jude and Rob) bought after some pretty solid fundraising, which can be used to put designs on all manner of things including t-shirts, tote bags and tea towels. They run courses on site and there’s an option to become a member, meaning that after training and induction you can use the facilities whenever you want for a small fee. They’re a not-for-profit organisation who want to help bridge the gap between school or college to starting a business by providing an art space and all the necessary equipment.


I began my printing escapades with Helen of www.nellystreasures.com who took me through putting a design onto a tea towel. Helen also had a clothing rail and other pretty special knitted items for sale as well as being a dab hand at screen printing. Next to Helen is the kids table where the little ‘uns can get in on the action, I don’t know what they were doing but it definitely sounded like fun.

Snapped Up Market teatowel

Furnished with my special new tea towel, I headed over to the Print Haus guys to pick out a design for my t-shirt and tote bag. The guys will guide you through everything, even the oddly satisfying act of seeing your newly printed t-shirt drop all nice and warm out of the end of the tunnel dryer, it’s slightly akin to freshly baked bread. T-shirts are just £10 including printing and the tote bags are £5.

Snapped Up Market

And there were other activities I didn’t even get round to, not to mention the many stalls and craft tables set up. It is a creative and friendly environment with a real sense of community with an admirable ethos; provide an accessible and open environment in which anyone can learn everything about printing and create one off designs. And not only that, the opportunity is offered to become a member and then display your wares at the Snapped-Up Market. The project is a breath of fresh air from the big brand, high street take over and is one which definitely deserves to be supported.


Run by locals, for locals, supporting locals and good fun for kids and adults. It’s a sweet initiative and something which Cardiff could really do with more of.

The next market is on 6 July – keep an eye on the Printhaus Facebook page for updates – and the theme is Wrestling. I’ll see you there.

Printhaus outside

Printhaus Snapped Up Market

For more information about The Printhaus and all the excellent things they do there…

The Printhaus website

Printhaus Facebook

Snapped Up Market Facebook page – next event 6 July for a wrestling-themed day!