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Podcasts about Wales – learn as you listen

Looking for something to fill your brain while you take your seventeen billionth government-mandated walk of the lockdown? Hannah Pudner picks some of the best podcasts about Wales for you to listen to.

There’s a modest but high calibre range of pods about Wales – some funny, some informative, some both. I spent some time searching through and is a pick of the best. Whether you’re already a podcast fan or brand new to the medium, whether you’re on furlough with time on your hands or still taking that grinding commute… wherever and however you listen, settle in, and enjoy some great content about our fine country.

Shreds: Murder in the dock – this is an utterly gripping and incredibly well produced true crime series, outlining the notorious murder of Cardiff woman Lynnette White and the following horrific miscarriage of justice. It is all that, and so much more. Weaved through the story telling is the history of Tiger Bay and the changing identity of Cardiff – exposing the ugliness and brutality of police corruption and racism, and the warmth and power of community. Perhaps the most important podcast about Cardiff you could listen to.

Smart Welsh People – Cardiff neuroscientist and author Dr Dean Burnett took umbrage about stereotypes in mainstream media all too often showing the Welsh as a bit twp. So he decided he’d do something to counter that, and thus, this podcast was born. The premise is simple – Dean interviews ‘smart Welsh people’. He asks them what they do, why they do it and generally what they have to say. He’s talked to a wide varied of people, from comedian Dan Thomas, entertainer Carys Eleri, to Heath hospital ICU consultant Dr Matt Morgan. It’s funny, informative and not a twp in sight.

Welsh Music Podcast – listen to Neil and James talk all things Welsh music, from tunes you might hear on radio, to new and emerging, to the more obscure and delightful. Each episode features a big name from the world of Welsh music – writers, musicians, broadcasters and journalists. They share their stories, their passions and favourite Welsh albums. A whole lot of musical fun.

Hacio’r Iaith – this Welsh language pod brings big developments in the world of tech right to your doorstep. Whether it’s gaming, block chain, or the use of 5G on the A55, come here to listen to pals Bryn, Sioned and Iestyn chew the fat on tech developments from across the world and how they’re impacting us here in Wales. You certainly don’t need to be a tech expert to enjoy this pod, and it’s a lot of fun.

Flatten the Curve – “from Wuhan to Wales, and everything in between” this pod gives an insightful analysis to how the virus is uniquely and specifically impacting Wales. By interviewing experts in the field, discussions range from the disproportionate impact on our black and minority ethnic communities, the role of the media and how it talks about Wales, and the impact of our devolved politics. A timely, insightful analysis of the crisis, not often covered by UK wide media.

Welsh History Podcast – this pod does what it says on the tin, with 122 episodes and counting it is recounting the history of Wales from early Stone Age to modern day. Learn about how the country changed after the Romans left, who Llewelyn the Great was and why he was so great, and the damage done by the 1300s plague – and so much more. Have a listen and truly feel rooted in the history of our country. An interesting twist is that it’s hosted from Canada by Canadian Jonathan Williams, exploring his Welsh heritage.

Massive disclaimer alert – there are more excellent pods about Wales out there from rugby, food, to politics. If this has fuelled your interest then just have a browse for other podcasts on Wales and let us know what you find! If you’re brand new to podcast listening and not sure where to start, try this step by step guide published by the Guardian: How to listen to podcasts: everything you need to know.

Hannah Pudner is Global Director of External Affairs for United Purpose, a Cardiff based international development charity that works with three million of the world’s poorest people in Malawi, Mozambique, Ghana, The Gambia, Senegal, Nigeria, Cameroon, Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Guinea, South Africa, India, Bangladesh and Brazil. Hannah is from Neath and has lived in Cardiff for seven years. Follow her on Twitter @hannahpudner.


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