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Marconi’s first wireless message transmitted over sea, from Flat Holm to Lavernock Point

Today in 1897, 22 year old Italian inventor Guglielmo Marconi successfully transmitted the first ever wireless messages to go over the sea, from Flat Holm to Lavernock Point.

The morse slip, that read “Are you ready?”, was sent on 13 May 1897, and signed by Marconi and his assistant, George Kemp.

They were accompanied by William Preece, Chief Engineer of the General Post Office who was also a Welshman.

Below is a photograph showing British Post Office engineers inspecting Marconi’s wireless telegraphy equipment, during a demonstration on Flat Holm island. Pretty neat, eh?

British Post Office engineers inspect Marconi's wireless telegraphy equipment

Happy anniversary, birth of radio telecommunications!

And to think it happened right on our doorstep. Why don’t you go learn some more about Flat Holm island, while we’re chatting about it?

Flat Holm and Steep Holm

(photo by Noel Reynolds)


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