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Empty Walls Street Art Festival 2014

empty walls street art festival 2014

Last year, I left the country for about five months. When I came back, Cardiff was covered in beautiful, huge murals all over some previously pretty ugly buildings. I’d missed when it happened, but it was the doing of the lovely Modern Alchemists, through a project they organised called the Empty Walls Street Art project.

They’re running another Empty Walls festival this year! They’ve got a Kickstarter, and YOU can help them make it happen. I’ve pledged fifty quid towards it, because frankly Cardiff is streets behind other cities when it comes to street art and murals (like Bristol!) and I love looking at them around the city.

“Our aim is to bring colour, culture and vibrancy to the city of Cardiff by creating an outdoor gallery of public murals,” they say. The money is going towards the hire of cherry pickers, scaffold and ladders. The more they can fundraise, the bigger they can go!

PLEDGE SOME CASH TOWARDS THE EMPTY WALLS FESTIVAL HERE. In exchange for pledges of £5 or more, you’ll get stickers, tote bags and other merch in return. And help prettify our city! What’s not to love?

If you need convincing, have a look at what they did last time…

They’re planning something pretty ambitious this time too…

“We are proposing to have access to the Museum’s collection of artworks that draw upon British/Welsh folklore and heritage.

“We feel that the artists that come here to participate in the festival should receive a sense of place by being given an opportunity to be influenced by the rich heritage and stories that lie beneath the surface of British culture. We’d like the artists to submerge themselves in the National Museum’s collection, enabling them to create inspired works that reflect the stories once told by inhibitors of the welsh landscape. By selecting specific works to re-interpret or by drawing on conceptual or aesthetic elements they will translate their ideas into art works in the streets of Cardiff, allowing a riot of communication through old and new existing art forms. These layers of paint will tell the story of this unique form of expression and will echo the cultures past and stories forgotten.”

Eh? TELL ME THAT DOESN’T SOUND GOOD! Oh wait, you can’t.


The Abacus opening party: Solve et Coagula

On Friday night, we sent Jodie Ashdown along to the opening of a new gallery in the old Cardiff Bus ticket office. The place is now called The Abacus, and is currently hosting the Modern Alchemists’ exhibition, Solve et Coagula.

solve coagula 4

Friday 20 June 2014 was the opening night of the latest Modern Alchemists exhibition in their new space named The Abacus, which is just over the road from Cardiff Central Bus Station. Being the old bus ticket office, it looked pretty grim when they first got it (believe me, I helped rip up the carpets) but they’ve made the place their own and turned it into a perfect exhibition space.

And their first event? Solve et Coagula.

But this isn’t just any old art show, the guys at the Modern Alchemists decided to put a call out for writers to create a piece of ekphrastic writing (this is a fancy word I learnt at uni, it just means to be inspired by art) based on artwork created by local artists. The idea was simple, selected writers would be sent a piece of submitted art anonymously and were asked to come up with a poem, play, rap, composition or story inspired by it. I myself was sent an amazing comic which included a minotaur, a women on a flying lion, cookies and a vomiting eagle by the very talented Borja Perez Mielgo.

I found it a challenge to produce a piece of writing which did the piece justice, but also represented me as a writer but was happy with how it came out. The experience was a unusual yet creatively stimulating one, and I really enjoyed it. The artists hadn’t read any of the written work before the exhibition, so it was interesting to see their reactions as they engaged with the words, and as there were over 30 artists and 50 writers, there was a lot going on.

solve coagula 01 solve coagula 3

As well as the artwork and written pieces, there were live poetry readings by some of the writers, a play, music, a DJ, beers and a contraption which smushes your newly painted face onto a piece of blank paper. There’s also visual instalments, including a piece in a little room under the stairs which I can only describe as a David Lynch-esque-Vulcan-mind-meld. Make sure you close the door after yourself, to get the full effect. The exhibition also included work by We Are Cardiff’s very own Helia which took roots in the sad demise of Cardiff’s Coal Exchange.

The exhibition is open for another few weeks so get yourself down there to check out some local talent (the creative type, rather than those queuing up outside O’Neill’s) and experience some originality.

Modern Alchemists are a pretty interesting group as well – they’re a voluntary, not-for-profit social enterprise, so plenty more interesting projects coming up from them in the near future….

solve coagula 2

solve et coagula flyer