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Save Womanby Street – march on City Hall

Gah. Well I don’t know about you, but it feels like this is a time of chaos and uncertainty – where you’ve got to fight tooth and nail for the things that are important to you.

If you’ve ever been to a gig on / been drunk on / sat around at midnight on / enjoyed a festival on WOMANBY STREET, then you owe it to the alternative cultural scene of the city to JOIN THE CAMPAIGN TO SAVE IT! If you’re not into chain bars, Cardiff’s night time economy is a pretty small slice for you: don’t let them take it away from us.

So what’s going on? In brief, a request for planning permission has gone in for residential to be built on Womanby Street. The Sprout have a pretty good precis of the situation, so rather than me rewording it, just go over there and read it: Save Womanby Street (The Sprout).


The Full Moon will also be re-opening this weekend and will be part of the Save Womanby Street festivities

Millennium Walk graffiti wall is gone. The Full Moon was going … it’s been rebooted … but it’s important we try and support these local independent businesses, and celebrate the Cardiffians behind them.


Good luck to everyone going on the march on Saturday. We’ll see you down the front.




Reboot The Full Moon!

If you were as sad about The Moons closing as we were, then fear not – you can take the future into your own hands and help the Creative Republic of Cardiff take over the bar themselves!

Creative Republic of Cardiff is a new, non-profit organisation that plans to re-open the beloved Full Moon and rejuvenate Cardiff’s live music and creative culture. It has been set up by former staff and friends of The Full Moon.

They plan to take on the building’s lease within the next month and re-open as a community-led, non-profit venue and arts space. The Full Moon has always been the people’s venue.


The Full Moon doorway, Cardiff

Womanby Street and Cardiff’s live music scene is under threat, with the loss of three venues in four months. The closure of The Full Moon was the last straw.

Creative Republic of Cardiff is made up of former staff and friends of The Full Moon. They believe that the venue and the cultural heartbeat it adds to our city, are worth saving and developing.

They plan to take on the lease of The Full Moon and not let it die – it’s viable, it’s vital. But they need your help and this is just the beginning!

SUPPORT THE CAMPAIGN – donate whatever you can!

They are in positive talks with the landlord and need to show him the support they have from the community. There are obviously other offers, but none of them will be able to support and develop the artistic community like this.

You contribution will go towards the lease, licensing, legal fees, and various costs associated with reopening as a fully functioning venue, as soon as possible.

The previous venue was viable, however it became clear that it needs to be a non-profit, community-focused music and arts space, in order to realise its full potential.

Additional funds will allow the group to improve the venue, carry out maintenance and provide them with basic working capitol.

Creative Republic of Cardiff will use the venue to establish an environment of collaboration, networking and knowledge sharing. It will nurture, develop, organise and showcase talent from Cardiff and beyond.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of the campaign in more detail please email lizhunt1980@gmail.com

Your donation will also secure some goodies! Like a badge, t-shirt, giant print, framed gig poster or even booking the place out for a gig of your own!!

We Are Cardiff have donated £50. We enjoyed plenty of nights out in The Full Moon – so I guess we’re looking at it as back-payment for all those times we got let in for free and danced our socks off all night.


Reboot The Moon



Save Womanby Street!

In case ya hadn’t heard, here’s the deal. The Gatekeeper has put in an application to convert some of the building to be Cardiff’s first Wetherspoons hotel. Unfortunately, it happens to be located right in the heart of the alternative musical heart of the city: Womanby Street, a place we’ve spent many hours stumbling around, weaving from venue to venue, smoking, eating burgers, drinking pints, putting the world to rights. Whether you’re a boozehound or not, late alcohol licensing is totally vital to this epicentre of alternative music, and venues are worried about the implications of having the hotel there.

To try and safeguard the venues on this street, there’s a “Save Womanby Street Campaign”. Do your thing, join up, get educated, lobby those that represent you.*


Here’s the vibes:

Save Womanby Street

Backed by Cardiff’s grassroots music venues, the Save Womanby Street campaign is lobbying the council to recognise the street as an area of cultural significance for music and performance arts.

Home to live music venues Clwb Ifor Bach, The Full Moon, Fuel Rock Club and Bootlegger, Womanby Street has been described as “the epicentre of Cardiff for grassroots music” and “the heartbeat of live music”

According to campaign organisers, late alcohol licensing and live music is vital to the venues’ survival.

The addition of a hotel will benefit the area but current systems of law could threaten the unique nature of the street.

As a result the group are calling on Cardiff Council to designate Womanby Street a cultural night time economy. This will protect the street and allow businesses to continue to flourish.

The decision under the current systems of law has been met with widespread objection, with folk singer Frank Turner joining nearly 7,000 others to petition against the move.

However, Save Womanby Street organisers have stressed that the wider issue lies with planning permission policy and not the pub in question.

Under current regulations any  complaints regarding noise pollution would threaten the livelihood of the street’s venues.

In addition to the local planning changes, the campaign will lobby the Welsh Assembly to adopt the agent of change principle in relation  to planning permission, making it the responsibility of the developers of any new premises, commercial or residential, to find solutions to noise from nearby pre-existing business.


What can you do?

Lobby your councillors (see above)

Join the Save Womanby Street Facebook

Peace out


* (if any of you live in Butetown, like I do, good luck trying to lobby our councillor Ali Ahmed for anything, all he ever does is reply saying what’s happening and that there’s no way of changing anything, not once have I ever experienced him actually representing the views of local people – especially on the crazy bonanza of flat building that’s going on around Hamadryad Park. Although I just read he hasn’t been reselected to stand in May, and to be honest, good riddance. How can you live in Penylan and represent Butetown?)