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24 hours of culture!

Every day, we all enjoy arts and culture in many ways, and sometimes without even realising. Here’s your chance to play a part in a major survey, which will take a snapshot of what activities people love to do across South East Wales, over any given 24 hour period. You’ll be asked what cultural activities you took part in during one 24-hour period, from noon on Friday, 21 October to noon on Saturday, October 22.
Did you read a new or favourite book? Watch a great film? Attend a dance class? Make something with art materials? Play video games or write poetry? Sing in a band or listen to the radio? …maybe all of the above, or something completely different!
The short questionnaire will go live at www.24hourculture.wales and is set to celebrate events, venues, organised activities and clubs that respondents might have attended.  The survey is also interested in hearing about interests that people undertake, sometimes without even consciously identifying them as cultural, which might include reading a book or watching a film, hearing music, singing or writing poetry.
The initiative is commissioned by What Next? Cardiff and What Next? Valleys, a collective of key arts organisations and individuals in Wales, which has members ranging from large national bodies to independent practitioners.
Laura Drane, Co-founder of What Next? Cardiff said:
“This is a chance for everyone right across ten local authorities to share what they enjoy doing.  We know how important arts and culture can be, and so, we are looking to highlight the what, where and why from individuals, to shine the spotlight on the impact and value that activities have on people’s lives.  We are looking to capture story-rich responses, as well numerical data to paint a picture.”
Over twenty partners are behind the event, which stretch across a whole range of organisations involved in the arts, from city councils, broadcasters and venues to community organisations, festivals and freelancers.
The ambition is for thousands of people aged 16+ who live in, or engage in arts and cultural activity based in the survey area to take a few moments of their time during and just after the 24 hour period to complete the survey at www.24hourculture.wales, where responses are anonymous.
Organisers Good Thing Creative are also putting a call out for 24 volunteers to have their 24 hours of arts and culture choices profiled in a little more detail for an online gallery. The website has more details of how to sign up.  There is also still time for professionals and organisations to get involved with the promotion of the event via their networks, or by contributing resources including funding.
Please contact organisers via www.24hourculture.wales.
For updates, follow @24HrCulture on Twitter and see Facebook.com/24HourCulture.  The official website also features a whole selection of events and activities for inspiration, taking place across South East Wales, which reaches areas including Merthyr and Monmouth to Bridgend and Blaenau Gwent.
24 Hour Culture: Read, Watch, Dance, Make, Play, Sing  – What do you do?