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Learn mad skillz from your elders at Grandfest!

Ever wanted to learn how to bake bread from someone who has been doing it for over half a century? Or how about learning crochet from a total pro?

Well this weekend you can! GrandFest Cymru is a free one day festival celebrating the heritage skills of talented older people. The family friendly event will take place at St Fagans National Museum of History in Cardiff, with a series of workshops from quilting, rag rugging and embroidery to bread making and international dance. The classes will be hosted by the GrandMakers, who are all over 70. So if you want to get your make on, get down there! 

The Masterclasses will be held at different times throughout the day and will aim to inspire younger generations to discover and learn new skills. There will also be a performance in Welsh and English by Cowbridge Male Voice Choir.

To find out more about GrandFest or to book a place on a Masterclass, please visit the GrandFest website.


DATE: Sunday 9 July 2017

TIME: 11.00– 16.00

VENUE: St Fagans National History Museum, Cardiff, CF5 6XB



“floorboards creak out a secret or two” – Ivy




worms drill, silent in the wood
floorboards creak out a secret or two

this bench needs another polish
a neighbour exchanges a pointed word
to the woman next to her
who smoothes her old wool skirt and nods

at the couple glimpsed in the lower floor—
the wife goes through the little door
her husband holds open for her
her new hat trembles as she sits
he slips the latch closed behind them

when the priest speaks, the shuffles hush
everyone’s here for the word of God
he rests his Bible on a cushion
it’s still all true, last year’s sermon

out the windows, houses climb the hill
rooves of soot, limned with sunset

Ivy Alvarez is the author of Mortal (Red Morning Press, 2006), her first book of poems. While finishing her second book, she wrote poems at St Fagans National History Museum, which will be included in her third book (thanks to a bursary from Academi). She arrived in Cardiff in 2004 and, after jumping the appropriate hoops, swore allegiance to the Queen a second time and became a British citizen in 2010. She lives in Canton.

Ivy was photographed at St Fagans by Robert Bell