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100 days in Cardiff – The Doors of St Mary’s

We Are Cardiff contributor Jeremy Rees is recording his days in and around Cardiff with 100 photographs of local points of interest. We’ll be publishing some of them here on We Are Cardiff – and make sure you tune in to Jeremy as he presents the Saturday Soulful Breakfast on Radio Cardiff!

The doors of St Marys

st marys by jeremy rees

“The magnificent St Mary The Virgin Church in Bute Street is one of the areas most iconic landmarks, but I’d often wondered why its massive front doors had been closed off and why the entrance is actually at the back. I was there recently and asked the Vicar what the story was, I was surprised to hear that those doors have actually never been opened. In fact they are a facade with a stone wall behind them. Apparently at the time it was built the Anglican Church had a strict rule about fonts having to face the east and so the building was designed with the entrance at the rear, however the Marquess of Bute – whose money had paid for the construction – was most displeased that there was not a grand entrance on Bute Street – so the false doors were added to appease him.”

Thanks Jeremy! Catch you next time…