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Empty Walls Festival 2014: the murals so far… photo blog by David Allen

So, we’re about halfway through the Empty Walls festival … and so we sent photographer David Allen out and about in Cardiff to track the progress of the murals newly adorning our streets. Read on for his experiences, and also to see his ace pics.

Artist: JOY

joy 2 empty walls 2014

joy empty walls 2014

The experience of following the Empty Walls project across the city was very exciting, as I had no idea what to expect from each mural. Walking from one side of the city to the other was worth finding these amazing pieces of art. It was made even better trying to pin point exactly where the art was, looking left and right, then turning a corner to find this giant piece of amazing art so different from the last.


dan green empty walls 2014

dan green 2 empty walls 2014

Artist: KERA1

kera 2 empty walls 2014

kera empty walls 2014


le super demon empty walls 2014

le super demon 2 empty walls 2014

Artist: PHLEGM

Phelgm empty walls 2014

Phelgm 2 empty walls 2014

I was born in Cardiff. When I was three my family moved to Dubai, and moved back to Cardiff when I was eight, lived here ever since. Didn’t get into photography until I was eighteen, having just finished college and not knowing where I wanted my future to be, I picked up a camera and started taking photos. It started as a hobby, I spent a year teaching myself how to work a camera and started getting better and better.


phil morgan empty walls 2014

phil morgan 2 empty walls 2014

Artist: ZED

Zed 1 empty walls 2014

Zed 2 empty walls 2014

After teaching myself to use a camera, I was determined that my future was in photography, because I thought why not make a living in what you love doing. So then I took a course in Foundation Art and Design focusing on photography at the University of South Wales Treforest campus. After receiving a merit for that course I’ve started my first year in photojournalism at University of South Wales Cardiff campus, so I can learn everything there is to know about being a photographer. So far I am loving every moment of it!

Artist: RUSS

russ empty walls 2014

russ 2 empty walls 2014

Dale Grimshaw and Ekstraterneks’ works are not completed yet, so I got a progress shot of each. David de la Mano’s work was completed but there were road works in the way and I couldn’t get a clear shot of it. All the other artists have yet to start their work. Keep your eyes on We Are Cardiff for when the festival has completed…


ekstraternek empty walls 2014


David de la Mano empty walls 2014


Dale Grimshaw empty walls 2014

Visit David Allen’s blog or catch him on Twitter @Dai_PhotoJ_USW
Empty Walls Project website


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Empty Walls Street Art Festival 2014

empty walls street art festival 2014

Last year, I left the country for about five months. When I came back, Cardiff was covered in beautiful, huge murals all over some previously pretty ugly buildings. I’d missed when it happened, but it was the doing of the lovely Modern Alchemists, through a project they organised called the Empty Walls Street Art project.

They’re running another Empty Walls festival this year! They’ve got a Kickstarter, and YOU can help them make it happen. I’ve pledged fifty quid towards it, because frankly Cardiff is streets behind other cities when it comes to street art and murals (like Bristol!) and I love looking at them around the city.

“Our aim is to bring colour, culture and vibrancy to the city of Cardiff by creating an outdoor gallery of public murals,” they say. The money is going towards the hire of cherry pickers, scaffold and ladders. The more they can fundraise, the bigger they can go!

PLEDGE SOME CASH TOWARDS THE EMPTY WALLS FESTIVAL HERE. In exchange for pledges of £5 or more, you’ll get stickers, tote bags and other merch in return. And help prettify our city! What’s not to love?

If you need convincing, have a look at what they did last time…

They’re planning something pretty ambitious this time too…

“We are proposing to have access to the Museum’s collection of artworks that draw upon British/Welsh folklore and heritage.

“We feel that the artists that come here to participate in the festival should receive a sense of place by being given an opportunity to be influenced by the rich heritage and stories that lie beneath the surface of British culture. We’d like the artists to submerge themselves in the National Museum’s collection, enabling them to create inspired works that reflect the stories once told by inhibitors of the welsh landscape. By selecting specific works to re-interpret or by drawing on conceptual or aesthetic elements they will translate their ideas into art works in the streets of Cardiff, allowing a riot of communication through old and new existing art forms. These layers of paint will tell the story of this unique form of expression and will echo the cultures past and stories forgotten.”

Eh? TELL ME THAT DOESN’T SOUND GOOD! Oh wait, you can’t.