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The Homeless Period in Cardiff – Eagle Eye Vintage need your donations

Cardiff based second-hand and vintage outlet Eagle Eye Vintage (EEV) have recently launched an appeal for Cardiff people to donate sanitary products for local homeless ladies.

Owner Linzie Elliott has put a suitcase in EEV, asking people to donate sanitary goods which can be given to homeless women as part of The Homeless Period campaign.

What’s that, you say? Watch this video on YouTube, and it will tell you …

Linzie says:

“I read about the Homeless Period on the Vice website and it really struck a cord with me. Couldn’t believe it had never crossed my mind before and felt really cross with myself! So decided that I’d try and help in some way. Having a period is rubbish enough, I can’t imagine how hard it would be on the streets.”

To this end, if you find yourself in town with a couple of pounds spare, why not buy some sanitary products and drop them into EEV, who will distribute them to women’s shelters in Cardiff.

Eagle Eye Vintage is based in the Castle Emporium, Womanby Street.┬áLinzie will be dropping off the first batch next week, but wants to extend the operation. Please support your local women’s shelters, and also local independent businesses!

A sign that says there's never a good time to have your period but this has to be the worst


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