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On the sesh

Today we’ve got a mini feature, around the work of photojournalist Aiyush Pachnanda. Aiyush is focusing on Cardiff and its vibrant night scene for a current project …  



“I am from London but moved to Cardiff to study photojournalism at the University of South Wales,” says Aiyush. “I chose to study this because I want more than just a photo, I want to portray the story behind the photo.”

“My favourite thing about Cardiff has to be how compact everything is, coming from London everything is just so far away from each other and just having the ability to walk from one end of the city to the other is great. I also love the nightlife of course. I fell in love with night life culture, ever since I arrived and as photojournalism student I just wanted to document that, photograph what I see and the people I come across.”


aiyush_pachnanda_on_the_sesh-13  aiyush_pachnanda_on_the_sesh-11  aiyush_pachnanda_on_the_sesh-09  aiyush_pachnanda_on_the_sesh-07 aiyush_pachnanda_on_the_sesh-06

To see more of Aiyush’s work, visit YoSnaps.