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We Are Cardiff: our most popular posts of 2016

Hey you guys. So I meant to do this post an actual month ago, but the last six months have just taken it all out of me. Let’s not dwell on crazy world events that we have seemingly no control over though, right? Have a flick through this lovely list for some of our favourite stories of 2016.

Things an English person learns on moving to Wales

The wonderful Ellie Philpotts ruminates on rugby, lushness, the warm Welsh welcome, and why we gotta stick a dragon on everything.

welsh dragon

The history of Tyndall Street – and the lost community of Newtown, Little Ireland

Newtown (or “Little Ireland”) sprung up in the early 1830s to house the multitudes of Irish immigrants who had come over to work on the docks. When the estate was demolished in the 1970s, the inhabitants were scattered across the city.


Should I move to Cardiff?

Yes. Yes you should.

Big wheel in Cardiff Bay

The winner of Cardiff’s worst cycle path …

It has since been resurfaced! A tiny win, in the face of global doom.


Running real fast … Cardiff Half Marathon 2016

A photo-essay on the best costumes of this year’s race.


Attention cheese lovers … Penylan Pantry to open Cheese Pantry

The Pantry opens its second location, turning Cardiff Indoor Market into a foodie destination.


Wales: a good place for tribes to thrive

Talking music, entrepreneurship and everything in between with local legend Lucy Squire.


Exploring Cardiff’s Printhaus

Ben Newman heads down to Cardiff’s Printhaus to explore the alternative arts scene.


A guide to Creative Cardiff

We joined forces with I Loves The Diff to put together a city guide for the lovely Creative Cardiff project. Co-working, education, coffee shops, architecture – we cover it all!