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Vote for We Are Cardiff in the 2011 Wales Blog Awards!

You heard us. You’ve enjoyed reading the stories on the site. If you’d be so kind, we’d very much like you to vote for us in the People’s Choice bit of the Wales Blog Awards 2011. You’ve got until October 21st to do it. If you REALLY want us to win, why not vote, clear the cookies from your browser, then vote again?? Ok, it’s not really in the spirit of the thing, I suppose….!

Anyway. We’ve made it through to the final for best community blog, and we also want to congratulate the other two blogs that made it through to the final of that category:

http://photonicanglesey.blogspot.com/ – by The Photon

http://rhuthun.blogspot.com – by Non Liquet

(they make for very interesting reading – I especially enjoyed the lively comments on the Ruthun blog)

So, make sure you vote for us. But don’t worry if we don’t win, we’re not sore losers. We’ll be carrying on much as normal. So stay tuned!