Standing Still photography exhibition, Abacus Cardiff 22 Feb – 8 March 2015

For those who like their photography exhibitions with a taste of human rights, this weekend is the opening of The Kickplate Project’s ‘Standing Still’.

kickplate project

Standing Still
22 Feb – 8 March 2015
The Abacus, St David’s House, Wood Street, Cardiff

Opening on the anniversary of Victor Yanukovych’s impeachment and escape, Kickplate will be presenting an exhibition of work by two Ukrainian fine art photographers, Sergiy Lebedynskyy and Alexey Ostrovskiy.

Sergiy’s lith prints taken during Euromaidan last year evoke the emotions, movement and chaos that place the viewer in the midst of Kiev protests, giving us a unique account of the events unlike the sterile, lifeless and detached digital images that we see in the media.

Alexey’s photographs created with a homemade large format camera on photographic paper that cover classical still life, portrait, and experimental, rendering an intimate and quiet universe.

Pairing these images together, Kickplate hope to show a fuller and more nuanced vision of Ukraine that can sometimes get lost amongst the stereotypes and grey reality presented to us.

Over a year on from the beginning of the protests and despite the continuous conflict, events in Ukraine are only now once again present in the British news due to recent escalations. With this exhibition, Kickplate want to remind the audience of the situation that the people in the country are facing.

More information about the artists: learn more about Alexey Ostrovskiy

Standing Still – Facebook event page

The Kickplate Project website



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