Save Womanby Street – march on City Hall

Gah. Well I don’t know about you, but it feels like this is a time of chaos and uncertainty – where you’ve got to fight tooth and nail for the things that are important to you.

If you’ve ever been to a gig on / been drunk on / sat around at midnight on / enjoyed a festival on WOMANBY STREET, then you owe it to the alternative cultural scene of the city to JOIN THE CAMPAIGN TO SAVE IT! If you’re not into chain bars, Cardiff’s night time economy is a pretty small slice for you: don’t let them take it away from us.

So what’s going on? In brief, a request for planning permission has gone in for residential to be built on Womanby Street. The Sprout have a pretty good precis of the situation, so rather than me rewording it, just go over there and read it: Save Womanby Street (The Sprout).


The Full Moon will also be re-opening this weekend and will be part of the Save Womanby Street festivities

Millennium Walk graffiti wall is gone. The Full Moon was going … it’s been rebooted … but it’s important we try and support these local independent businesses, and celebrate the Cardiffians behind them.


Good luck to everyone going on the march on Saturday. We’ll see you down the front.




RIP Cardiff’s Millennium Walk graffiti wall

I’ve been writing a column for the wonderful Caught By The River project, and my latest piece for them was about the Millennium Walk graffiti wall, doomed by Cardiff’s impending UEFA Champions League football fest.

Where can you find existential ponderings about mathematical logic, sharing wall space with messages about Mother’s Day, paedo ring cover ups in the BBC, and a sketch of Marge Simpson with a massive spliff in her mouth? In other cities, perhaps this sort of thing is omnipresent, but in Cardiff, there’s only one place: on the banks of the River Taff, at the graffiti wall on Millennium Walk.

Read the full article and see the photos here: Wandering the River Taff: Millennium Walk and the Doomed Graffiti Wall

To be honest, it’s kind of amazing the graffiti wall has lasted as long as it has, given its PRIME LOCATION (and like the song says, dollar bill y’all, dollar dollar bill). It’s just a shame that seemingly every nice public space in the city has to celebrate alternative community has to be sacrificed for profit (see also: the Abacus, but hopefully NOT Womanby Street).

I just read this morning that a new space has been secured for the wall: in Callaghan Square, on the southern outskirts of the city. Oner Signs will still be co-ordinating, so if you’re desperate to paint please contact them rather than just rocking up and tagging!

If you’ve never heard of Callaghan Square, well, that’s because it’s basically just a bit of a strange nomansland of a place – a walkway across the middle of a massive roundabout that hugs the edge of the city between Butetown and the city centre (go to the north end of Bute Street – it’s there). Ie – a bit of a shit spot.

I know the artists will be happy they’ve been given somewhere by the council – anywhere is better than nowhere, after all. Graffiti is still a bit ‘cutting edge’ I guess for the majority of people who make planning decisions in the city (Cardiff council planning department – step forward and prove me wrong!), so I suppose just any space seems like enough in their eyes.

Callaghan Square is by no means a like-for-like location. Millennium Walk was a wonderful place, because it brought massive amounts of exposure for the artists and the art form itself to people who probably would never go and seek that out. And yes, the new space is used by skaters, so it’s nice in that sense, but it feels a bit like ghettoising the art form. Get it back in the centre! Make it visible!

How nice it was … to be able to amble down the river and enjoy (or be confused by – reactions are irrelevant guys, it’s ART) the murals on those walls.

Anyway, there have been a bunch of things published about the wall, so I thought I’d do a bit of a round up here:

If I’ve missed anything, please leave links to more pieces you’ve seen in the comments. And RIP this quirky, wonderful little segment of the beating heart of our city centre.

Photography by Lorna Cabble



Out of Cardiff: Mini adventures in Mwnt, west Wales

Just to mix things up, this is a new addition to our ‘Out of Cardiff’ section. There are so many beautiful places to visit within driving distance of Cardiff, and Mwnt is definitely one of them.

When I mentioned to friends that we were heading to West Wales, so many people told us to go to Mwnt that I knew we had to head there.

It’s a stunning location. It wasn’t a great day in terms of weather when we visited, but the dark skies and whipping wind only added to the drama and romance of the place.


Mwnt is also an ancient holy site. You can sit and contemplate higher meanings in the beautiful and tiny Church of the Holy Cross (Eglwys y Grog). It was probably built around the 14th century, and served as a medieval sailors’ chapel of ease (where you could pop in and worship when you were away from home). Wikipedia says it was a welcome refuge for medieval pilgrims en route to the patron saint of Wales’ shrine at St Davids, mystical Strata Florida Abbey or Bardsey Island in North Wales (all places on my list to visit!).


If you’re into your wildlife, Mwnt is located within the Cardigan Bay Special Area of Conservation, protected for the diversity of its the fauna here. Mwnt is an ideal place to spot bottlenose dolphins, basking sharks and porpoises. If these aren’t quite exotic for you, you can even see the sunfish here (aka – mola mola … see below!)

It was pretty cold while we were there, but we had a nice walk up the Wales Coast Path here. There are fields of horses lining the cliffs, while you look out on a seemingly endless sea.

We also made friends with this cheeky little dog in the car park, who smelt us cooking sausages!



Wales Coast Path – Ceredigion

Mwnt – facilities information

All photos my own apart from the first, which is from Discover Ceredigion


Big Love Festival 2017 – bank holiday shenanigans in glorious surroundings

We’ve got a special message for you, direct from Gladys, aka the Big Love Entertainment Co-ordinator …

Hi-de-Hi Campers! 

The smell of summer is in the air and it’s only 2 weeks until we welcome you back to Baskerville Hall.

Now the warmer weather’s here, it looks like we’re going to sell out very soon, so don’t leave it too late to buy tickets if you haven’t got them already….
We’ve listened to everyone’s feedback and managed to reduce the ticket price to £75 while still keeping the weekend at 1000 capacity and an amazing, varied line up. And there’s loads of new stuff for 2017 too – the woodland disco carries on into the night, there’s a new stage, and even a micro cinema!

The team have been busy preparing the grounds, polishing the brass, mowing the front lawn ready for a spot of croquet, a G&T and disco yoga. The Head Gardener has been trimming my bush all week and it’s looking rather fine. The swimming pool has been cleaned and everything is looking jolly splendid for your arrival.

As head of entertainment I am thrilled to be bringing you over 100 of the finest musical acts on 7 stages (3 indoor, 6 covered); we’ve hip hop legend KRS-One, those naughty boys Horse Meat Disco, the trippy Flamingods, and a whole host of splendid party people. Just have a look at who’s playing.

My team and I have organised plenty of fun and games across the whole weekend, and if you don’t fancy anything by our cordenbluggggh hotel chef, we have delicious street food, a coffee truck and cocktail lounge on site with plenty of spaces to relax and enjoy the countryside.

I will as usual be walking the site, so please come and say Hi-de-Hi… and give me a Big Hug after all this is ♥ Big Love ♥


Gladys Pugh

Entertainments Co-ordinator
The Big Love Club House

P.S. a message to the couple we found naked swimming in the pool at 1am: We still have your trunks.

Big Love Festival 2017
Baskerville Hall, Hay-on-Wye, Wales
Early May bank holiday weekend
28.04.17 – 01.05.17


Reboot The Full Moon!

If you were as sad about The Moons closing as we were, then fear not – you can take the future into your own hands and help the Creative Republic of Cardiff take over the bar themselves!

Creative Republic of Cardiff is a new, non-profit organisation that plans to re-open the beloved Full Moon and rejuvenate Cardiff’s live music and creative culture. It has been set up by former staff and friends of The Full Moon.

They plan to take on the building’s lease within the next month and re-open as a community-led, non-profit venue and arts space. The Full Moon has always been the people’s venue.


The Full Moon doorway, Cardiff

Womanby Street and Cardiff’s live music scene is under threat, with the loss of three venues in four months. The closure of The Full Moon was the last straw.

Creative Republic of Cardiff is made up of former staff and friends of The Full Moon. They believe that the venue and the cultural heartbeat it adds to our city, are worth saving and developing.

They plan to take on the lease of The Full Moon and not let it die – it’s viable, it’s vital. But they need your help and this is just the beginning!

SUPPORT THE CAMPAIGN – donate whatever you can!

They are in positive talks with the landlord and need to show him the support they have from the community. There are obviously other offers, but none of them will be able to support and develop the artistic community like this.

You contribution will go towards the lease, licensing, legal fees, and various costs associated with reopening as a fully functioning venue, as soon as possible.

The previous venue was viable, however it became clear that it needs to be a non-profit, community-focused music and arts space, in order to realise its full potential.

Additional funds will allow the group to improve the venue, carry out maintenance and provide them with basic working capitol.

Creative Republic of Cardiff will use the venue to establish an environment of collaboration, networking and knowledge sharing. It will nurture, develop, organise and showcase talent from Cardiff and beyond.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of the campaign in more detail please email

Your donation will also secure some goodies! Like a badge, t-shirt, giant print, framed gig poster or even booking the place out for a gig of your own!!

We Are Cardiff have donated £50. We enjoyed plenty of nights out in The Full Moon – so I guess we’re looking at it as back-payment for all those times we got let in for free and danced our socks off all night.


Reboot The Moon



Cardiff Music Awards 2017 – photoblog

In true better late than never style, welcome to our photoblog about this year’s awards! Congrats to all the winners … and by winners, we mean everyone making, breaking and championing the arts in our fine city. You’re ALL winners to us!

The awards were compered by Thomas Evans (Made In Cardiff TV presenter) and held in Tramshed. Big love to local music hero Ed Townend who brain-birthed the awards, putting them on in conjunction with Cardiff PR firm agency River and Bear.

All photos by Stephen Meredith – read on for the list of winners!


Cardiff, United Kingdom. 30th March 2017. Johnny Cage and the Voodoo Groove play live during the Cardiff Music Awards hosted at Cardiff’s Tramshed venue © Stephen Meredith


Best Music Video: Novo Amor & Ed Tullett – Alps (Storm & Shelter)

Best Production: MusicBox Studios

Best Music Publication: Roath Rocks

Best Radio Show: Showcase Wales on GTFM

Best EP/Single: Rebecca Hurn – Lifeline

Best Producer: Gethin Pearson

Best Album: Cakehole Presley – In The Used To Be

Best Local Promoter: Lloyd Griffiths (Gwdihw/Cosmogramma/All My Friends/Juxtaposed)

Best Regional Promoter: Llio Angharad (Dydd Miwsig Cymru/Welsh Language Music Day)

Best Venue: Gwdihw

Best Club NightTwisted By Design

Line Up Of The YearHub Festival

Best Breakthrough ActChroma

Best Live ActThe Moon Birds

Best FestivalFestival Of Voice

Promoter Of The Year: Lloyd Griffiths (Gwdihw/Cosmogramma/All My Friends/Juxtaposed)

Best DJ: Ransom

Best Solo Act: Jack Ellis

Best Group: Astroid Boys

Person Of The Year: Justin Evans (read Justin’s We Are Cardiff piece)

More: Cardiff Music Awards website



Cardiff Bay 10k … run Cardiff, run!

A photo essay of this year’s spring Cardiff Bay 10k. Well done to all you runners! All photos by photojournalist Kerry Elsworth.

Cardiff Bay, Wales. 2nd April 2017. Athletes take on the Cardiff Bay 10k run.

Cardiff Bay, Wales. 2nd April 2017. Athletes take on the Cardiff Bay 10k run.Cardiff Bay, Wales. 2nd April 2017. Athletes take on the Cardiff Bay 10k run.Kerry_Elsworth_Cardiff_10k_ - 03Cardiff Bay, Wales. 2nd April 2017. Athletes take on the Cardiff Bay 10k run.Cardiff Bay, Wales. 2nd April 2017. Athletes take on the Cardiff Bay 10k run.Kerry_Elsworth_Cardiff_10k_ - 07Kerry_Elsworth_Cardiff_10k_ - 08Cardiff Bay, Wales. 2nd April 2017. Athletes take on the Cardiff Bay 10k run.Cardiff Bay, Wales. 2nd April 2017. Athletes take on the Cardiff Bay 10k run.Cardiff Bay, Wales. 2nd April 2017. Athletes take on the Cardiff Bay 10k run.Kerry_Elsworth_Cardiff_10k_ - 12Cardiff Bay, Wales. 2nd April 2017. Athletes take on the Cardiff Bay 10k run.


The Taff Trail – a Cardiff story, by Kerri Webster

What makes a city a home? That’s the question I’m asking myself today as I ride back to my flat. There’s an intermittent, gentle precipitation, rays of sunlight pierce through a cool breeze, reviving the senses. In mere minutes, I have shifted from a bustling city centre, to a garden oasis.

The Taff Trail, it’s a place I frequent, in fact I’ve rode this path hundreds of times and yet, just when I think I know every bend, every bump, every fissure in the tarmac, I am reminded that each season will leave its stain, meaning no two days can be the same.

Today, I’m riding home from the centre of town, a total of six miles, hardly strenuous. I can afford to take my time and breathe it in, or maybe just rejoice for the early spring. Starting at the castle gates I follow the river north. The path stretches an impressive and mostly traffic free 55 miles into the heart of the Brecon Beacons.

In the Bute Park section alone, you’ll find a rich ecosystem, hundreds of plant species surrounding quaint cafes, the perfect setting for a picnic, or perhaps you’ll just want to admire the sculptures that hide shyly amongst the thick shrubbery. I pass by numerous joggers, dog walkers, meditators, conservationists, and of course my fellow cyclists. We all benefit so greatly from this space, or might I say, this escape. Though I have to wonder, how many people come here to work, or to study, and then leave, all the while staying completely oblivious to the fact there’s this gateway to rural freedom, right on their very doorstep!

The idyllic Taff Trail makes Cardiff a utopia for us cyclists. And as we all know, the benefits of cycling are indisputable, save the environment, save money, save yourself! In our city, cycling is generously facilitated. So, if you’re fortunate enough to live within the vicinity of an access point to the trail, why not consider leaving the car at home and instead taking the scenic route?

Four miles into my ride and without haste I’m pedalling through shallow puddles, with plenty of time to admire the daffodils standing triumphantly and in ubiquity, the soft sounds of a distant weir reverberating and the enticing aroma of wild garlic, in less than a month these flowers will blossom, transforming this setting yet again.

Not to worry though if foraging is your game, you’ll not miss out as edible plants grow in abundance along the entirety of the trail! I find a quiet spot on the bank of the river, the sun reflecting upon its surface warms me, awe inspired I bask in its glow. As I watch its ripples swirl before me, I ponder, and suddenly it becomes clear, what makes this city a home, that is. Home is not necessarily some formation of brick and cement to return to after a long day. Nor is it a hefty storage box to which we apply fickle sentiment. Though the very definition is subjective, I believe that home is simply a place where peace is found, because ultimately where there is peace, there is belonging. You see, although I wasn’t born or bred in Cardiff, somewhere within this tranquility, I belong.

Kerri Webster is a cycling enthusiast and professional tree hugger. Follow her on Instagram @dankmusings