HUB Festival 2015 – Cardiff’s August Bank holiday live music blow out!

If you can squeeze this in beside the Butetown Carnival also taking place over the Bank Holiday weekend, HUB Festival is once again taking over Womanby Street with a BILLION bands, loads of beers, and more boogying than you can possibly manage!


Here are the deets:

HUB FESTIVAL CARDIFF 2015 Facebook event
Womanby Street | Cardiff | CF10 1BR
Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th August 2015

<<< 200 Acts – 12 Stages – 2 Days – 1 Wristband >>>

£10 Day-Tickets / £15 Weekend-Tickets: Buy tickets

HUB Festival returns this August Bank Holiday Weekend with a whole host of great music and performers!

===== LATEST LINE UP =====


Josephine and the Artizans – Tree House Fire – Kookamunga – Grand Tradition – Public Order Act

SPECIAL GUESTS – JaJa OK – Baby Brave – Rainbow Maniac – Love Bazaar – Tarsiers – Recluse

Fingertrap – King Tut’s Revenge – Hipicat – The D Teez – Kinky Wizzards – Paint Happy – Milpool – Ukulele Nights

Tides Of Sulfur – Vails – Gung Ho – Haast’s Eagled – Buff – Mind Factory – Clarity As Arson – Your Protected

Quiet Marauder – Harri Davies Band – The Gentle Good – Mike Dennis – The Migrant – Matthew Frederick – FUR – Dot’N Bang

Mixalydia – Homes – Denim Snakes – Ofelia – Local Enemy – Willo Wonder

A Girl Called Ruth – Owain Whatley – Dead In The Water – Grace Hartery – Lee Blackmore

Captain Accident (Solo) – Aled Rheon – Arfur Bone – Joe Kelly – Kirk Morgan

Cotton Wolf – Nico Reuben – Will Ford – Mike Johnson & Maddy Read – Ingrid Lagounel – Fara Allibhai – Nightmares From The Discotheque – Fritz O’Skennick 0 Mark Curtis – Des Mannay – Johnny Giles – Terry Hoskins – Ceri Sian – Julie Croad – Maggie Nash – Dave Daggers – Nia David – Laz Lazarus – Martha Shitpeas – Ade Jones – Lee Prosser – Christina Thatcher – Ffion Wyn – Aisling Tempony

DJ Jaffa – DJ JB – Double Cee – DJ Alkemy – Turna Phrase – Sythe & Jomez – Culture Vultures – Conrad Lott – Inner City Cypher – Skunkadelic – Rob Wax – Ill Lit – Chew & Dex


Johhny Cage & The Voodoo Groove – Smokey Bastard – Railroad Bill – Screamin’ Miss Jackson & The Slap Yo Mama Big Band – Featherjaw – The Brwmys

Howl – Lacertilia – Thorun – Wight – Morass of Molasses – Attercopus – Tradish – Wall

Junior Bill – Poor Old Dogs – Third Party – Iron Eye – Maddie Jones Band – Shop Girls – Ohhimark – Tomos Lewis – Sean O’Brien

Hogslayer – Chaos Trigger – Ten Cent Toy – Intensive Square – Bismuth – Water – Mwstard

Jnr Hacksaw – The Lash – The Johnstown Flood – Rhodri Brooks Band – Them Deadbeats – Bella Collins – The Higher Bells

SPECIAL GUESTS – Baby Queens – Lionface – Why We Love

Skunk-Boy Project – Calling All Heroes – Eleri Angharad – Tobias Robertson – Jaymee Summers – Danny Saben – Kim Campbell & Sam Griffiths

Howlin’ Lord – Jack Cookson – Doozer McDooze – Brooks, McManus & Capper – Siobhan McCrudden – Josh Evans – Eady Crawford

Sion Russell Jones – 5th Spear – Rye Milligan – Andrew Paul Regan – Zac White – Glocal Now – Luke Bennett – Jacob Nico

DJ Killer Tom – DJ Brave Toaster – Joe Dirt & Ral Duke – Chubbs & Jpegg – DJ Veto – Dope Biscuits – Project – Magi – DJ Jaffa

On the street over the weekend you will also find:
Street Food Warehouse
The Busker’s Revenge
Art & Visuals from The Abacus
Lindy Hop Cardiff
Hub Radio with Big Scott

With still a load more to announce …





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B – active, social, and experimental artists’ book fair, Cardiff Saturday 29 August

Given how close We Are Cardiff Press is to publishing OUR first book of short stories (November, people, NOVEMBER!!!), we thought we’d get you in the mood for some alternative literature with g39‘s first artist book fair.

They are looking to connect DIY self publishing, small artist book publishers, and innovators in the book form. Through exhibition, sales, performance, and discussion, they plan to explore the form of artists’ books today.

B book fair

Working with Landfill Editions they have curated a programme of local and national artists, publishers, printers and performers.

The day will include:

Tertulia – The in-conversation series #1
An experimental in-conversation between Tertulia co-founder Phil Owen, and conceptual composer Luke Nickel.

Yellow back books will host a conversation between Eleanor Vonne Brown, founder of X Marks The Bökship, book designer Fraser Muggeridge, andartist/designer Alex Rich.

Mark Pilkington (Strange Attractor) will be Tarot Reading in collaboration with Suzanne Treister.

Stall Holders include:

Landfill Editions
Strange Attractor
Hazard Press
Book Works
yellow back books with X-Marks The Bökship and Good Press
Tender Books
Hard Mag
Artist Self Publishing Fair
Arnolfini book archive
Spike Island/Spike Associates
Eastside Projects

Check the B Facebook event for more information

And this new book by Tim Etchells free for all attending the bookfair…



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Butetown Carnival 2015 – get involved!

butetown carnival

This week has so far held a host of free events and workshops leading up to a packed programme of activities on Canal Park on Sunday 30th and Bank Holiday Monday 31st!

Today and tomorrow there are CARNIVAL WORKSHOPS being held at the Wales Millennium Centre. 11.00-17.00 daily – ALL WELCOME!

Sat 29th: Dominos Dance

Sun 30th: Butetown Mile Run / Carnival Parade / Family Fun Day


Check the Butetown Carnival Facebook Event for more details

There are some lovely pictures of Butetown Carnivals from years gone by here on Wales Online: Cardiff Carnival




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Green Man 2015 … in four minutes

Over the past few days, We Are Cardiff teleported to Crickhowell and morphed once again into the We Are Green Man collective, gathering photo portraits and a punter’s eye view of the festival for your enjoyment.

Did we meet you this year?? Head over to our We Are Green Man Facebook page to tag yourself in photos, which will be up imminently …

In the meantime, our cameraman James put together this very short film of the festival. Enjoy!

Interested in more WAGM stuff?

Here are all the revellers we met last year: We Are Green Wo/Men 2014

Here’s our festival review from last year: We Are Green Man 2014

More info about this year’s festival will be posted SOON!






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Visiting The Boardroom – a new Cardiff cafe

Jodie Ashdown has been wandering the arcades of Cardiff … and uncovered a new gem of a cafe. Welcome to The Boardroom!

the boardwalk cafw

Tucked away in Duke Street Arcade is a new lifestyle café which wants to bring the surf, skate and snowboard culture into the centre of Cardiff.

From the outset, it’s plain to see that The Boardroom is inspired by extreme sports: from the seats made of used skateboards (courtesy of Spit and Sawdust Skate Park) and the deck bunting, to the surfboard table and the mounted snowboards; a lot of love, care and attention has gone into the details.

the boardwalk cafw the boardwalk cafw

The owner, Caroline Nieuwenhuis, is a Cardiff local who has returned to her hometown after a stint in Newquay studying Surf Science and Technology and working as a surf instructor. At just 24, she has managed fulfil her dream of opening a café off her own back, with help from a Welsh Government grant, and she hopes to supply a place where people can meet, chat and hang out.

caroline the boardwalk cafw

And she has big plans. A TV set has just been installed to play back-to-back surf, skate and snowboard movies, and surf club socials and meetings are being organised. Extreme film premières and other events are also being discussed.

But to be honest even without all that extra stuff, it’s just a nice spot to grab a coffee or a smoothie and have a break from work, shopping or whatever else you are doing in town. Food is kept simple with bagels (including gluten free) on offer, along with brownies and cakes. It’s a way to unite the subcultures of Cardiff which are ever present but a little disconnected.

the boardwalk cafw the boardwalk cafw

Without trying to sound too League of Gentlemen, is a local café owned by a local girl, so why wouldn’t you check it out?

I can recommend the Green Reviver. It’s bloody lovely.


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We Are Cardiff gets a sister site … meet We Are Chester!

Does this look a little bit familiar?

We Are Chester

It should do – it’s our first official sister site, over the border and up north, in Chester!

I met Angela Ferguson, who runs the blog, at a hyperlocal blogger / online journo event up in Wrexham a few months back. She’s a big fan of her hometown Chester, and felt like there wasn’t an online place that pulled together all the nice things that go on there.

This is Angela. Say hello!

Angela Ferguson, We Are Chester

And thus, We Are Chester was born!

Here’s what Angela says about setting up the site:
“I have always loved writing and meeting new people and was looking for an outlet to do that in the city that I am proud to call home – Chester. Through my day job as a journalism lecturer, I met the inspiring Helia from We Are Cardiff at a hyperlocal journalism workshop in Wrexham. At that point, I had been thinking about setting up a hyperlocal site looking at culture in and around Chester and meeting Helia and taking part in the workshop was a catalyst.

“I contacted Helia and she was extremely helpful and supportive, giving me her blessing to set up a sister site for We Are Cardiff, inspired by the great work it does. And so, We Are Chester was born! It gives me the perfect excuse to meet even more lovely people in and around Chester. I am thoroughly enjoying running the site and also writing for it.

“Chester is a beautiful city with an incredible heritage and a growing number of cultural events and activities. There are so many dedicated and passionate people and organisations working hard to make sure that culture thrives in our city. Through We Are Chester, I have met many lovely and truly inspiring people. We have everything from the nationally renowned Grosvenor Park Open Air Theatre organised by theChester Performs organisation to open mic nights for musicians, poets and writers. A new cultural centre is also set to open in autumn 2016.

“These are exciting times for the city. Indeed, there is so much going on that I hope to get more people on board to write for We Are Chester in the future, so that we can spread the word about this great work. I’d like to develop the site by hopefully recruiting some keen photographers to record cultural events in the city and more writers keen to go out and dig out stories about what is happening. I’d also love to feature examples of people’s work, eg writing, poetry, short films, music. We’ve got so much to shout about and celebrate in Chester. If We Are Chester can play a small part in that then it’s all worthwhile.”

In addition to raising three children and running We Are Chester, Angela Ferguson is a journalist, writer, guest blogger for Chester arts organisation Chester Performs, programme leader and lecturer in journalism and media communications at Glyndwr University in Wrexham and a communications and PR consultant. She currently lives in Chester.


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Cardiff A–Z: X Marks the Spot!

Back from her summer holidays, Katie Hamer continues her A–Z series of Cardiff. She’s here to update you with her most recent adventures from around the capital…


I can’t believe that I’m now at ‘X’ in my series! Where did that time go? It’s been quite a journey, and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading so far.

‘X’ was always going to be a tricky one. I mean, there aren’t many words in English, let alone Welsh, that start with an ‘X’. I actually felt stumped for the first time while researching this. Then Helia, who is the brains behind this site, made a wonderful suggestion: how about doing ‘X marks the spot?’

First view of Penarth Pier Pavilion

Well that immediately got me thinking of treasure hunts. But where in Cardiff would I find my hidden trove? The answer turned out to be Penarth Beach and I’ll tell you why!

Growing up, I dreamed of becoming an archaeologist, but perhaps without the drama of those Indiana Jones films. Although I never realised this dream, I still experience a sense of awe in learning about different centuries and from visiting ancient landmarks.

Panoramic sweep of the Pier

My enthusiasm has so far led me to St. Fagans and also to the dig at the Caerau Hillfort. Due to time constraints, I never got to experience the dig at Caerau first-hand, so you can imagine my excitement upon hearing about Penarth Beach’s abundance of fossils. This is amazing in itself, but then I read about the discovery of an early Jurassic dinosaur at nearby Lavernock Beach, and that really captured my imagination. What if I were to discover an actual Tyrannosaurus Rex? Well, I decided, there’s only one way to find out…

And so I hopped on the next train with my bucket and spade, determined to make at least one discovery of a fossilised nature. That Penarth Beach is home to many fossil remains certainly isn’t what you’d call a well-kept secret. Over-collection could be an issue. But I’d also heard that it’s still possible to find at least one good example per visit. Feeling particularly optimistic, I decided to put this theory to the test.

Penarth Beach looking South towards Flat Holm

The Pier is the defining landmark. To the right of the Pier you have the flower-decked Esplanade leading to Lavernock Beach. To the left are the cliffs, which lead up to the Barrage and this is where I decided to explore.

Looking North at the cliffs

Upon arrival in Penarth, I decided to survey this particular territory from the safety of the Pier. I have to say, the stretch of stone-laden beech didn’t look the most inviting, but I’d arrived so I remained resolute in my mission.


Once on the beach, I had to watch my footing. The loose stones and boulders make it a challenge. I also felt nervous of getting near the bottom of the cliffs, because I could see evidence of recent rock falls. All in all, I felt like a complete amateur and wished I had sought advice from someone ‘in the know’ beforehand. My problem lay in determining what kind of rock would bear fruit, as there are so many different varieties on this beach.


What surprised me about this stretch of coast is the hint of more recent historical periods. There are the foundations of what look like nineteenth or early twentieth century buildings. It certainly got me thinking about what the purpose of these now ruined buildings had been and how they had reached their current state. To think in centuries to come, archaeologists could be exploring these sites for clues as to how we live now.


My mission to find a precious artefact seemed to be going nowhere, however. After a couple of hours of searching I decided to head for the Pier for my cod and chips.

The remains of a brick with socket-holes that almost look skeletal


Could this be the impression of a beetle or a crab?

I made my most interesting discovery upon leaving the beach for the Pier. I found a stone with what looks like the impression of a hard-shelled creature. Could it be the markings of a beetle or a crab? Whatever the origin, the shape looks too symmetrical to be accidental.

One thing for certain is that this ‘find’ has certainly wetted my appetite and I shall return. Maybe I’ll see you there?

You can find more information about fossil hunting at Penarth Beach here:

U.K. Fossils Network Website

And here’s more information about the Penarth Beach dinosaur discovery:

Penarth Times website

Thanks for reading. I hope you will enjoy my photo gallery. Until next time!


Penarth Pier on a ‘sunny’ August day
Underneath the Pier






Some of my ‘finds’

Cardiff Carnival 2015 – SWICA smashes it! Photo essay by Lorna Cabble

On the 8 August, photographer Lorna Cabble wandered into the centre of Cardiff’s Carnival and let her camera rip. The carnival is organised by SWICA, and was a riotous burst of sunshine and joy on our streets!



SWICA_Cardiff_Carnival_2015_ - 18

SWICA_Cardiff_Carnival_2015_ - 41SWICA_Cardiff_Carnival_2015_ - 01SWICA_Cardiff_Carnival_2015_ - 02 SWICA_Cardiff_Carnival_2015_ - 03 SWICA_Cardiff_Carnival_2015_ - 04 SWICA_Cardiff_Carnival_2015_ - 05 SWICA_Cardiff_Carnival_2015_ - 06 SWICA_Cardiff_Carnival_2015_ - 07 SWICA_Cardiff_Carnival_2015_ - 08 SWICA_Cardiff_Carnival_2015_ - 09 SWICA_Cardiff_Carnival_2015_ - 10 SWICA_Cardiff_Carnival_2015_ - 11 SWICA_Cardiff_Carnival_2015_ - 12  SWICA_Cardiff_Carnival_2015_ - 14 SWICA_Cardiff_Carnival_2015_ - 15 SWICA_Cardiff_Carnival_2015_ - 16 SWICA_Cardiff_Carnival_2015_ - 17  SWICA_Cardiff_Carnival_2015_ - 19 SWICA_Cardiff_Carnival_2015_ - 20   SWICA_Cardiff_Carnival_2015_ - 23 SWICA_Cardiff_Carnival_2015_ - 24 SWICA_Cardiff_Carnival_2015_ - 25 SWICA_Cardiff_Carnival_2015_ - 26 SWICA_Cardiff_Carnival_2015_ - 27 SWICA_Cardiff_Carnival_2015_ - 28 SWICA_Cardiff_Carnival_2015_ - 29 SWICA_Cardiff_Carnival_2015_ - 30 SWICA_Cardiff_Carnival_2015_ - 31 SWICA_Cardiff_Carnival_2015_ - 32

SWICA_Cardiff_Carnival_2015_ - 13SWICA_Cardiff_Carnival_2015_ - 33 SWICA_Cardiff_Carnival_2015_ - 34 SWICA_Cardiff_Carnival_2015_ - 35

SWICA_Cardiff_Carnival_2015_ - 22SWICA_Cardiff_Carnival_2015_ - 36 SWICA_Cardiff_Carnival_2015_ - 37 SWICA_Cardiff_Carnival_2015_ - 38 SWICA_Cardiff_Carnival_2015_ - 39 SWICA_Cardiff_Carnival_2015_ - 40  SWICA_Cardiff_Carnival_2015_ - 42 SWICA_Cardiff_Carnival_2015_ - 43 SWICA_Cardiff_Carnival_2015_ - 44 SWICA_Cardiff_Carnival_2015_ - 45 SWICA_Cardiff_Carnival_2015_ - 46 SWICA_Cardiff_Carnival_2015_ - 47 SWICA_Cardiff_Carnival_2015_ - 48 SWICA_Cardiff_Carnival_2015_ - 49 SWICA_Cardiff_Carnival_2015_ - 50 SWICA_Cardiff_Carnival_2015_ - 51 SWICA_Cardiff_Carnival_2015_ - 52 SWICA_Cardiff_Carnival_2015_ - 53 SWICA_Cardiff_Carnival_2015_ - 54 SWICA_Cardiff_Carnival_2015_ - 55


More about SWICA: they are Wales’ leading Carnival Arts experts – feathered flamboyance and sequined splendour on the move!

Carnival is a powerful mix of making, movement and music which benefits individuals and communities alike.

SWICA Carnival’s unique approach is both intercultural and intergenerational and always innovative family friendly fun.

They are a not for profit voluntary organisation with their own board of management, they organise the annual Cardiff Carnival  and their flagship performance group the Carnival Crew perform regularly throughout Wales. They can can offer a tailor made range of performances andworkshops.


Learn more about SWICA: SWICA website / SWICA facebook



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