Cardiff street life – photos of the city, February 2016

Every month, I hand over the We Are Cardiff Instagram feed to a keen local, who snaps away, chronicling their month in our fine city. That’s what normally happens … until it got to February and I realised I hadn’t asked anyone to manage the feed. So, unluckily for you, you’ve got a month’s worth of my nonsense instead.

February_instagram_photos_helia_phoenix - 17

During February, I mostly:

  • started a new job which requires some train travel (hence the multiple pictures of Cardiff Central Station);
  • visited the Indoor Market;
  • yomped around Cardiff Bay and the wetlands a lot;
  • saw some nice sunsets;
  • djed at an anti-Valentine’s party (the Mary Bijou show, pictured above)
  • learned that Keith the fish has a degree. First class, no less!


Hope your Februaries were as fun as mine,


PS do you fancy taking over the Instagram for a month? Email We Are Cardiff and tell us why we should give it to you. Do it!


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2 thoughts on “Cardiff street life – photos of the city, February 2016”

  1. Love the images!

    If you ever need more pictures, you can get some great ones from Flickr, where some of the images are allowed to be shared on your website as long as you give credit to the original author. (I normally like to link back to them too, but I don’t think that’s a must.)

    Anyway, keep up the good work, I’m new ish to Cardiff, so love seeing what’s out there!


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