Rose Street Flea Market part two – Steptoe on steroids!

Last week Philip Jenkins went along to Rose Street Flea Market to have a poke around. After I posted that story, Paddy Faulkner contacted me with a link to this lovely little video that he made about Frank from the market. Frank also goes by the name of Steptoe on steroids, by the way!

If you missed Philip’s photoblog, have a look here: Cardiff’s hidden gem – Rose Street Flea Market

And you can watch Paddy’s film below. Enjoy!

Steptoe on Steroids from paddyfaulknerpanopticphotography on Vimeo.


2 thoughts on “Rose Street Flea Market part two – Steptoe on steroids!”

    1. Hey Victoria, there isn’t any info online – hence the charm and allure of the place! I can only suggest you pop down there and have a look, I think it is meant to be open on Saturdays and random days during the week …


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