Cardiff Royal Infirmary … are you scared yet?

Following our spooked-out exploration of haunted Cardiff last week, I thought I’d share a bit of the research I did into Cardiff Royal Infirmary before heading there.

There are lots of reports of CRI being haunted; this article from Wales Online is a pretty good round up.

But what about the actual buildings? I went and wandered around (in the daytime) to see if there looked like any easy ways to get access into the closed-off parts of the building (without breaking any windows or anything). Didn’t seem like there was any easy way in. Later on, back in the warmth of an advanced Google search, I found a couple of amazing photosets from urban explorers back in the late 2000s – people less scared than me, who’d got access to the CRI and taken some amazing pictures of the inside of the closed-off hospital.

CRI_1 Cardiff Royal Infirmary
(all photos from this post on 28 Days Later)

There are also a couple more amazing photos, taken from this post:

Brrr! Gives me the willies just looking at these old rooms!

Scared yet? You should be… listen to the radio program Helia presented to find out about the ghosts that haunt Cardiff Royal Infirmary…


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