Just a reminder. Today is the General Election. You get the chance to pick who represents you in Westminster, in the laws that are made and the government that puts together policies to carry out those laws.

You should probably care about that, and you should definitely vote.

If you’re registered to vote, FIND YOUR LOCAL CARDIFF POLLING STATION (Cardiff Council’s website isn’t great, but the info is there) and GET THERE BEFORE 10PM to put a cross in a box.

YOU DON’T NEED YOUR POLLING CARD, so don’t freak out if you can’t find it. You don’t even need ID. So no excuses. Get out there and vote.

Wales dwellers – don’t forget laws about things like health and education are made by the National Assembly for Wales. About My Vote have a good explanation page of how things are divvied up: About My Vote – the National Assembly for Wales.

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