How can we improve Cardiff?

Our pal Neil Cocker asked Twitter a question about Cardiff yesterday. We want to help him get some answers. So here’s the question. Please leave your answers in the comments!

What one problem solved, small change made, or grand vision for Cardiff would improve the quality of life for its inhabitants? Think big!

There you go! I’m sure you guys can all think of something. Traffic? Education? Potholes? Lost landmarks? Tarting up derelict buildings? Guided tours by volunteers? Better signs? Cycle routes? Guerilla gardening? WHAT!

Please leave your answers in the comments! Or reply directly to Neil on Twitter.

22 thoughts on “How can we improve Cardiff?”

  1. Get rid of the unsightly unnecessary black and green bins that blight our beautiful Edwardian neighbourhood.


  2. better branding! New York has I Heart NY, Berlin has the bears and everything about Berlin is cool, London is a bit all over the place but even they’re more together than we are. what have we got? All that I loves the Diff stuff is so naff. Sort out a better brand!


  3. Free bus travel for all. Anyone who’s listened to pensioners on the bus will realise how happy they are with free bus passes – spreading a bit of that joy would do wonders for any city. Obviously the council/government=taxpayer would have to pick up the cost but the benefits would make it more than worthwhile. As buses would no longer be seen as running at a loss routes could also be expanded.


  4. Have extra refuse collection staff on duty during and after major events, especially in the Bay. Often disgraceful next day.


  5. safer cycle routes and/or better road conditions. And a skate rink for us to call home, of course!


  6. Better public transport, less cars. Give town centre good clean. Regulate landlords to get rid of slums.


  7. not wanting to put anyone out of a job but the pink hat/rose sales in town really does nothing for the city.


  8. Make St Mary St and High St a central feature once more. Get rid of all the tat


  9. Like

  10. More independent shops and food outlets instead of boring high street chains, more markets, get people to support local businesses and produce.


  11. Improve cycle lanes throughout the centre. Dedicated cycle lanes instead of lanes which can be parked in by vehicles, for example. Nor shared with pedestrians.


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