Cardiff’s first bike-powered veg delivery service launches!

Penylan Pantry is taking orders for the first pedal-powered, vegetable box delivery service in Cardiff!

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The personalised, affordable vegetable boxes will be delivered by bicycle for residents within the Cardiff area. The boxes will be full of organic seasonal vegetables sourced from as many local producers possible including; Riverside Market Garden, Blaencamel, and The Organic Fresh Food Company, occasionally we have some produce from local allotments.

Pantry co-owner Mel says: “We feel passionate about creating personalised veg boxes because we hate food waste. So our thinking is that if you order what you like then you will waste less food. We encourage you to text us on a Monday, as to inform us of anything you have left over from the week before. We will then not include this in your veg box, so you don’t end up with a glut, which in turn you end up wasting. We are delivering by bicycle to try and cut our C02 emissions and because we love cycling too.”

Veg boxes will be personalised to tastes and requirements.  All you have to do is fill in the form and email it over to

The list changes with the season, but there are some staples that will be included all year round. Typically there are seven to nine items in a £13 box, and twelve to fourteen items in a £18 box.

All the fruit and veg will be priced competitively with the organic produce in the big supermarkets, plus there is no contract: you can have a weekly veg box, a fortnightly one, or just a one off. Veg boxes will cost between £10 and £30 depending on what, and how much fruit and veg you have.

You will find a free weekly seasonal recipe in your veg box. Keep them in a folder and create your own Penylan Pantry cookbook at home.

This service is available in and around Cardiff and Cardiff Bay. Deliveries will take place between 4 – 7.30pm every Wednesday, and you pay for your veg box on delivery, cash only. You can also collect your veg box from Penylan Pantry between 5 – 6pm every Wednesday or all day Thursday 10 – 6pm.

Penylan Pantry have enlisted two bike couriers to help with deliveries across the city.

“Cycling is something I’m passionate about,” says Mel. “I don’t own a car and I try to cycle everywhere.  It’s partly supporting our environment and reducing our C02 emissions, partly supporting local suppliers and it saves the business having to buy a van and find a driver!”

Cardiff veg lovers: sign up to the scheme by joining the Facebook event:

or by emailing your completed form, address and specifying your preferred delivery time to: or pop into the shop to discuss your needs.

Penylan Pantry: 72 Kimberley Road, Penylan, Cardiff, CF23 5DN





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