Trade School Cardiff is back! Barter for knowledge…

Good news for Trade School supporters, fans, and friends! The Trade School Cardiff (TSC) team have started hatching plans for this year – Trade School Cardiff will be BACK in June 2016!


They will be running classes between 1 – 12 June, to coincide with the UK-wide Volunteer Week. Little Man Coffee in central Cardiff have kindly offered to host the classes. Hooray!

There are confirmed dates and time slots added to the Trade School Cardiff website, so you can start booking yourself in to teach! Just fill in the form and one of the team will get back to you. More info is on this Teacher Info page.

There are also regular meet-ups at Little Man Coffee leading up to the June sessions – these will take place at 7pm every 1st Tuesday of the month, so do come over on Tuesday 5th April which is the next one.

Come meet TSC, hang out, drink some excellent coffee (or other beverages), and see how you can take part. TSC need all kinds of people to get involved – teachers and students of course, but also volunteers and people who can help us spread the word. If you don’t already know them, they’re a friendly bunch, so just come say hi!

If you have a potential idea of something you might want to teach, but you’re not sure, come and use us as a sounding board!

There is also a new FB group for Trade School teachers, so you can also join that and post / ask questions / discuss ideas online. Check out the FB group here. It’s still a new group so it is a small, select, and friendly group of people who have taught before and who are enthusiastic about sharing support and ideas. Ask anything you like.

For more information, you can follow the Trade School Cardiff team (Angharad, Laura, Lynsey and Noreen) at the following places:


Twitter @TradeschoolCDF

Facebook TradeSchoolCardiff

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