Nature reserve with a large bay behind, on a sunny day, blue skies

Letters from Cardiff in lockdown: contribute to our new series!

Well hello there.

Nature reserve with a large bay behind, on a sunny day, blue skies

There’s almost so much to say, I don’t quite know where to start. Firstly, just quickly, there’s a new series of posts coming here on We Are Cardiff, and we’re looking for contributors. It’s called Letters from Cardiff in lockdown, which hopefully is a fairly self explanatory thing. We’re looking for anyone (really, anyone at all) to send us short pieces about your experiences in lockdown.

If anyone says the word unpr*c*d*nt*d again I’m going to eat my laptop. But genuinely, this is a pretty unusual situation. Most of us (if we are lucky) would never have been through anything like this before. The city of Cardiff certainly hasn’t experienced anything like this, not in my lifetime.

If you’re interested, we’d love your contributions:

  • 500-1500 words on your experiences of being in lockdown;
  • some photos if you can (they don’t have to be of you, they could be of whatever you’ve been doing during this time, or what your post is talking about);
  • feel free to write whatever you like, but if you need some prompts, you could think about these aspects:
    • What’s your lockdown situation in terms of work, health, relationships, friends, family, pets…?
    • How are things in your neighbourhood, your local area?
    • What were you doing before, what are you doing now?
    • Have you found it difficult to transition to lockdown life, what is the hardest thing for you, what do you miss the most about your “normal” life?
    • Is there anything you’ve been surprised by in terms of not finding it as bad as you had thought?
    • Any tips for other people struggling with lockdown for whatever reason? Your hopes for the future? Anything you’d like to take from this time into future life?
And that’s it. We’ll accept and publish everything we receive (but only things that are real, obviously, so please don’t troll us, as ain’t no-one got time for that). We’d love to document your experiences.
Please send your pieces to
Peas, and don’t forget to wash your hands

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